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Welcome to this eBook portal for the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors.
If you have any questions regarding this site or the publications please contact the publishing team at ces@cices.org


I can’t see the digital publications – do I need any special software?

The digital publications use Flash 10, but are compatible with older versions of Flash. If you don’t have Flash Player installed on your machine you can download it free from Adobe: http://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/

If you are on a corporate network and are not permitted to install Flash Player please inform your IT department. We also welcome feedback from readers who encounter viewing problems as it helps us make sure we are using the best products to reach you, so do please let us know contact us

I can see publications, but the videos don’t play...

The most common cause of this is when people view publications from their corporate business address. Some IT departments do block incoming videos – usually because there is a corporate policy that movies should not be viewed at work, or they want to make sure people don’t play video games. Please contact your IT department and ask them to permit video content that comes from this domain.

How do I save digital publications to read offline?

The eBooks are not intended to be read offline. Many of the features, including video files and ‘call back’ functions are built to work online only. However, we are always interested in your feedback and would like to hear from you if there are features we do not currently offer but which you would find valuable in future developments. Please contact us