CES - June 2011

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors June 2011 Mapping Partnering Expert Witnesses New ICES President... Read more
Leica Viva TS15 Your vision of the Fastest Imaging Total Station ... let us s inspire you Leica Viva TS15 – doesn’t T get Quicker t It doesn’ g Leica Viva TS15 adds an advanced imag sensor to the imag... Read more
CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR Step forward Mr Smith: Introducing the new ICES president, Jason Smith. Read the full interview on pp 4-6. 04 23 Where do buses go? 30 Trading places: Things that go bump in... Read more
President’s Interview Things that go bump in the night Introducing Jason Smith, new ICES president Aged 41, Jason Smith has risen through the contractor ranks to become commercial director at Balfour ... Read more
President’s Interview Does you work take you abroad at all? No. We have an office in Chertsey and I cover the whole of the south of England. At the moment, most of the jobs are central London, with th... Read more
President’s Interview why they should do it and a lot of that is about getting the management involved in pushing them through. Steve Jackson, a past president of ICES, coordinates the institution’s a... Read more
Accredited Courses Accreditation of degrees and diplomas by ICES is a mark of assurance that the programmes meet the standards set by industry; producing graduates with enough knowledge and background... Read more
ICES Regions North West & North Wales Congratulations Jennii Congratulations to ICES NWNW secretary Jennii Chadwick for gaining her MSc in construction law. 23 June 2011: HS2, Pinsent Masons, Manchest... Read more
ICES Regions UAE PPPs and other independent projects in the Gulf Almost 30 members and guest listened at the American University of Dubai on 11 April to Emma O’Brien and Ben Cowling of Clyde and Co im... Read more
News Roundup Satellite imagery provider DigitalGlobe has joined the Extreme Ice Survey project. Satellite imagery will now be combined with the project’s ground photography to monitor the changing sha... Read more
News Roundup Kent County Council has received around 4,000km2 of digital terrain and elevation data for use in 3D models in the council’s planning and development works. Bluewater, but not as you know... Read more
Institution News EC risk guide goes online The Engineering Council has launched a webpage dedicated to the issue of risk. The page complements the council’s guidance that was released earlier this yea... Read more
Institution News Utility Avoidance Forum The inaugural meeting of the Utility Avoidance Forum was held on 28 March at ICES HQ in Sale. Organised and chaired by Pete Bevils, MD of subsurface equipment ... Read more
Letters to the Editor Bone idle architects and designers! Some years ago when CAD was introduced, I was pleased at the prospect of not having my precious site time encroached upon by having to rotate ... Read more
Legal Corner What did you think? Instructions PREVIOUSLY in Civil Engineering Surveyor, the institution’s review numerous contracts, for the purpose of the current question ICE 6th edition (re-measure... Read more
Cartography Simplifying the world River transit maps Daniel Huffman, Lecturer in Cartography, University of Wisconsin-Madison RIVERS have been a key part of urban life for centuries. They have provide... Read more
Cartography Jefferson-Red Rock, eliminating the part of the Mississippi that goes up into the Midwest, since it’s shorter. For this project, I looked for the longest stretch of river I could piece tog... Read more
Cartography it simple, I went with the main name of the flowing water feature, not its type, which is usually pretty arbitrary. I liked the way the names came out by dealing with it in this way — Kana... Read more
Cartography needed. It wasn’t possible to label everything clearly and have all the network connections unambiguous, whilst keeping the river lines and settlement locations in approximately the right ... Read more
Structural Engineering Ready for the earthquake, but not the waves Why Japan's earthquake-ready homes failed to withstand the tsunami Professor Brian Hobbs, Technical Support Service Expert, RedR, and... Read more
Meet the Membership Enjoying the ride Name: Ian Smith Occupation: Consultant Age: 45 ICES grade: Member Job title: Executive director Employer: Hill International industry and appreciate its needs, ke... Read more
Involved in contract administration? Update your knowledge with RICS’ one day Contract Administration course. • Guidance on post contract administration • Practical insight into current practice • Foc... Read more
Cartography Where do the buses go? Mapping for public transport services Dr Gareth Evans, Researcher in Public Transport Systems, Transport Operations Research Group, School of Civil Engineering and G... Read more
Cartography not obliged to do so. This oversight of who should provide bus information is now considered as one of the main flaws in the 1985 act, which was subsequently rectified in the Transport Act... Read more
Cartography overview of their whole journey, but en route the user requires a range of supporting information at a more detailed level to confirm they are heading in the right direction. This idea of ... Read more
NEC From Crossrail and the Olympics to the Far East The NEC Users’ Group Annual Seminar 2011 David Loosemore CEng FICE FCInstCES MCIArb FDBF THE NEC Users' Group consists of over management, and full ... Read more
NEC between NEC theory and practice. The HealthCheck is a half-day proactive review of a live project by an NEC consultant. Designed around a sample audit, the consultant asks the project team key que... Read more
Data Surveying, surviving and supporting the data wave James Cutler, CEO, emapsite WE LIVE in a veritable data tsunami. Digital data capture has in providing some form of data cataloguing and graduall... Read more
Data Data as a service Location content curators and platforms exist, and they cater as much for the modern mobile worker — the surveyor in the field on the multi-assignment day who needs site backdro... Read more
Ordnance Survey Trading places Ordnance Survey’s new home Abigail Tomkins, Deputy Editor The brick accoustic buffer that sits at the entrance to Explorer House and shields the building from noise from... Read more
Ordnance Survey be learned from a visit to Ordnance Survey, but to a girl from Bolton, this one was akin to sailing to the edge of the horizon and not dropping off. No place like home OS has had four ... Read more
Expert Witnesses Immunity lost The fall of the expert’s aegis Gordon Lees FCInstCES Methinks, by most, 'twill be confess'd That Death is never quite a welcome guest Faust, Part 1, Johann Wolfgang von ... Read more
Expert Witnesses considering the public policy issue of such importance, the judge allowed an appeal direct to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court considered that there was nothing vexatious about th... Read more
Geotechnical Engineering Reducing the impact and costs of flood protection Ian Fraser, Director Application Technology, Tensar International The Dibba mountain road in Dubai withstands sudden raging t... Read more
Geotechnical Engineering replaced the threatened 2m high existing defences. Meeting the Environment Agency’s 1 in 100 year storm event standards, the embankments were constructed with face angles of b... Read more
Delay Delay claims City Inn v Shepherd Construction — A turning point Hamish Lal FCInstCES, Partner and Head of Construction, Jones Day DELAY CLAIMS leave many lawyers deliberating long into the early... Read more
Delay The judge did not award loss/expense because: The approach would allow delay to be measured against the contract completion date as opposed to the actual/projected date. “By contrast, the contra... Read more
Advertorial varying from 40m underneath Hobson Bay up to 95m below the Orakei Ridge. The initial design suggested a TBM driven tunnel lined with precast concrete segments reinforced with conventional ... Read more
Partnering Standard forms of partnering contracts The ultimate contractual commitment? Part 4 Partneriing Team ICES partnering team THIS is the fourth in a series of articles being published in CES co... Read more
Partnering and/or time effects, it gives a notice of dispute within a further 20 days, failing which the agreed maximum price and date for completion are adjusted in line with the client’s representat... Read more
Partnering subcontractors plus the cost of components in the schedule of cost components, less disallowed cost. The fee is added to the defined cost to arrive at the price of work done to date (PWDD).... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Workshops Workshop Calendar 2011 6 June 2011 3.30pm Manchester 7 June 2011 3.30pm London 9 June 2011 3.30pm York 27 June 2011 6pm Dublin Are you thinking of upgradin... Read more
Partnering setting out the effect that the relief event shall have on the cost of performing the services and/or the date or dates for completion. The purchaser and the supplier shall use reasonable e... Read more
Classifieds Adjudication Modelling and Software rockmate technical services ltd dXmQ a low cost, high quality, easy to use software contours… cross sections… volumes… photogrammetry... 3D views... Adv... Read more
Classifieds Surveys Survey Equipment Rugby Ground Info Ltd trading as RGI Surveys The Old Stables 70a Oxford Street RUGBY CV21 3NE MIKE WORBY SURVEY CONSULTANCY Chartered Land/Engineering Surveyors Du... Read more
Profiles Leica Geosystems has released the Viva TS12 performance robotic package. The system provides everything needed for efficient daily surveying; comprising the Viva TS12 total station, the CS10 ... Read more
SURCO Training The information business of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors SURCO Training is a division of the Chartered Instuon of Civil Engineering Surveyors' trading compan... Read more