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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors English Heritage Project Controls Remote Survey NEC3 November 2014... Read more
November Contents 06.ICES near you 11.Events 12. News 19.Legal Q&A 20.Social network 53.Profiles 54.Classifieds/Where to buy 55.Subscriptions 56.Recruitment 57. Training diary Regulars Features 21. Le... Read more
shaping the future www.korecgroup.com info@korecgroup.com tel UK: 0845 603 1214 IRE: 01 456 4702 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover Capture now, measure later, avoid site rework and benefit from increased qua... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀒􀀶􀀳􀀛􀀸􀀰􀀣􀀹􀀸􀀬􀀫􀀅􀀥The times they are a-changin’CEO Bill Pryke on changes afoot at ICES It promises to be a very unique and memorable event — make a note in your diary.Cambridge L... Read more
􀀚􀀝􀀬􀀫􀀪􀀸􀀟􀀹􀀦􀀶􀀸􀀉􀀳􀀱􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶12 NOV 14: Mobile mapping Forth Crossing Bridge Constructors, Rosyth Mark Hudson, Coastway, will give a presentation foc... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀝􀀬􀀫􀀪􀀸􀀟􀀹􀀦􀀶􀀸􀀉􀀳􀀱􀀙provides an opportunity to discuss how ICES, and in particular the region, can continue to grow and to hear members’views. Complimentary buffet.31 MAR 15: Wha... Read more
BIM for the civil engineering surveyor 31 March 2015, London Featuring Peter Hansford UK Government Chief Construction Adviser David Philp Head of BIM Implementation, UK Cabinet Office Mervyn Richards... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀝􀀷􀀧􀀰􀀺􀀰􀀱􀀰􀀺􀀳􀀷􀀸􀀟􀀹􀀞􀀧􀀗Alison Watson wins Richard Carter Prize Alison Watson, the founder and managing director of Class of Your Own, has been awarded the institution’s Richar... Read more
􀀵􀀩􀀝􀀷􀀧􀀰􀀺􀀰􀀱􀀰􀀺􀀳􀀷􀀸􀀟􀀹􀀞􀀧􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶Changes at ICES HQ Paul Brown, the institution’s professional development and membership manager, is to take on ... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀅􀀍􀀺􀀰􀀱􀀦􀀶􀀨􀀕􀀫􀀲􀀹􀀷􀀰􀀧􀀵􀀵Trimble Dimensions User Conference 03-05 November 2014, Las Vegas, USA www.trimbledimensions.com GeoDATA 04 November 2014: Glasgow, UK 20 November 2014:... Read more
􀀵􀀮􀀟􀀹􀀞􀀧􀀸􀀢􀀳􀀱􀀷􀀠􀀱􀀓􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶Nobel Prize for supreme positioning system The Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine has been awarded to three people ... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀟􀀹􀀞􀀧􀀸􀀢􀀳􀀱􀀷􀀠􀀱􀀓􀀵􀀤New addition to Bell Rock A LiDAR wind sensor has been installed on the Bell Rock lighthouse, 11 miles off the Angus coast in the North Sea. A ZephIR 300 unit... Read more
Authorised Distribution & Service Partner SCCS have been sup inception in 1992. As L d t b t pplying and supporting Leica Leica Geosystems largest Eu d ith h a equipment since its uropean distributor ... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀟􀀹􀀞􀀧􀀸􀀢􀀳􀀱􀀷􀀠􀀱􀀓􀀵􀀥A new face for DC H IGH PRECISION GNSS has been used to map out an artist’s installation in Washington DC’s National Mall. ‘Out of Many, One’ by Jorge Rodrígu... Read more
􀀵􀀚􀀝􀀬􀀫􀀪􀀸􀀑􀀺􀀷􀀷􀀹􀀶􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶C HATEAU IMPNEY — an ode to heartbreak. And thank goodness it is. If the beautiful French governess Hannah Eliza O’Meara h... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀝􀀬􀀫􀀪􀀸􀀑􀀺􀀷􀀷􀀹􀀶􀀵􀀙committees — a Big Society if you like (if only someone hadn’t thought of that first...); and to promote the importance of standards and continuing professional... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀖􀀹􀀴􀀦􀀭􀀸􀀆􀀋􀀏􀀵􀀗D ESPITE best efforts, sometimes a contract will not reflect what the parties agreed. The parties may have been incorrectly described, a typographical or drafting e... Read more
􀀮􀀩􀀖􀀹􀀴􀀦􀀭􀀸􀀆􀀋􀀏􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶The party wanting rectification must provide cogent evidence that due to a mistake, made by one or both parties at the time of... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀝􀀷􀀰􀀹􀀶􀀲􀀺􀀹􀀞􀀮􀀵How has your career led you here?I didn’t want to be a surveyor, I wanted to be a mining engineer. I had a very switched-on headmaster at Congleton Grammar School,w... Read more
􀀮􀀮􀀝􀀷􀀰􀀹􀀶􀀲􀀺􀀹􀀞􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶just two years after the gas explosion there. That experience helped me to gain a Commonwealth Association scholarship,which t... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: ICES Publishing Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors +44 (0)161 972 3110 mmhw@cice... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀝􀀷􀀰􀀹􀀶􀀲􀀺􀀹􀀞􀀮􀀥We’ve set up hubs in South Africa, Kenya and Ghana — by focusing on these three, we hope our influence and assistance will spread to neighbouring countries. We sign... Read more
􀀮􀀚􀀜􀀶􀀳􀀔􀀹􀀡􀀰􀀸􀀬􀀳􀀷􀀰􀀶􀀳􀀭􀀧􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶H OW is a successful investment defined and how is it assured? In the construction industry, success on projects... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀜􀀶􀀳􀀔􀀹􀀡􀀰􀀸􀀬􀀳􀀷􀀰􀀶􀀳􀀭􀀧􀀮􀀙projects, including phasing and levelling of resources and budgets.•Improving performance through progressively raised benchmarks.•Effective managemen... Read more
􀀮􀀎􀀜􀀶􀀳􀀔􀀹􀀡􀀰􀀸􀀬􀀳􀀷􀀰􀀶􀀳􀀭􀀧􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶The project controls cycle Figure 1 illustrates the cycle whereby information on progress on site is combined wi... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀜􀀶􀀳􀀔􀀹􀀡􀀰􀀸􀀬􀀳􀀷􀀰􀀶􀀳􀀭􀀧􀀮􀀗8 ways to ensure a successful project control system 1. Work breakdown structures The consistent and compatible coding of cost and schedule informatio... Read more
Incorporating an international trade exhibition, a cutting edge conference and a programme of live commercial workshop sessions, featuring the technology and services used by those working with spatia... Read more
Conference Topics The Conference Technical Committee is seeking papers and work-in-progress reports on all aspects of geospatial technology and applications.ABSTRACT DEADLINE:17th Dec 2014 Submit onli... Read more
􀀤􀀮􀀢􀀹􀀛􀀳􀀰􀀹􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶F EW market sectors provide surveyors with a more difficult and demanding environment than working for the rail indust... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀢􀀹􀀛􀀳􀀰􀀹􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀤􀀤station surveys using tripod or trolley mounted systems, static and mobile laser scanning and the use of Network Rail measurement trains.This has resulted i... Read more
􀀤􀀯􀀢􀀹􀀛􀀳􀀰􀀹􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶and/or ground truthing survey sites, but generally this order of accuracy should be expected using this technology.Hel... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀢􀀹􀀛􀀳􀀰􀀹􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀤􀀥The RILA system comprises a GNSS antenna (5Hz), IMU (300Hz)two SICK lasers that generate a laser beam across the two railheads and two recording high defini... Read more
Graduate Membership Complete the ICES upgrade form,attach a passport sized photograph and evidence of the appropriate qualification and return to ICES by post or email to development@cices.org The Cha... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀭􀀺􀀧􀀣􀀸􀀘􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀰􀀦􀀴􀀹􀀤􀀙S OMETHING OLD, something new, something borrowed and something blue — the surveying techniques and equipment under consideration at English Heritage.... Read more
􀀤􀀎􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀭􀀺􀀧􀀣􀀸􀀘􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀰􀀦􀀴􀀹􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶and has lessened bureaucracy for what is still, until the creation of the new charity, a government department. ... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀭􀀺􀀧􀀣􀀸􀀘􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀰􀀦􀀴􀀹􀀤􀀗Various software filters have been applied to the scan data to try and digitally remove the lichen to reveal what is underneath. It has had some succe... Read more
􀀯􀀩􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀭􀀺􀀧􀀣􀀸􀀘􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀰􀀦􀀴􀀹􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶For an organisation whose business is with the past, English Heritage sums up what it is to be the modern survey... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀟􀀫􀀬􀀤􀀯􀀵T HIS article considers the compensation event mechanism under the New Engineering Contract third edition short contract, comparing and contrasting this with how compensation... Read more
􀀯􀀮􀀟􀀫􀀬􀀤􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶between the two forms. Under the short contract the employer has to make such a decision within one week in order to comply with sub-cla... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀟􀀫􀀬􀀤􀀯􀀤clearly that the assessment is based upon the actual defined cost that the contractor has incurred.This raises the prospect, as existed under NEC2, of the employer choosing t... Read more
􀀯􀀯􀀒􀀱􀀷􀀠􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶A S confidence returns to the UK economy, land surveying and associated civil engineering firms can finally start looking to the f... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀒􀀱􀀷􀀠􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀯􀀥aware of any potential ROI new equipment may generate and therefore be more likely to provide approval. In certain cases, the equipment will be in place before the borr... Read more
􀀯􀀚􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶S URVEYING is playing a major part for some of the most important highways contracts in the UK today i... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀯􀀙Trimble’s xFill technology. In the event of the connection to the base station or VRS network being temporarily lost, the technology allows ... Read more
􀀯􀀎􀀐􀀹􀀊􀀣􀀺􀀭􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀳􀀸􀀘􀀦􀀧􀀰􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀧􀀸􀀖􀀺􀀷􀀄􀀸􀀢􀀳􀀦􀀠􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶T HE first section of the Bexhill to Hastings link road opened on 29 September 2014 as... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀐􀀹􀀊􀀣􀀺􀀭􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀳􀀸􀀘􀀦􀀧􀀰􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀧􀀸􀀖􀀺􀀷􀀄􀀸􀀢􀀳􀀦􀀠􀀯􀀗SeaChange roundabout and complementary highway improvement programme (CHIP).As development commenced soon after the contract... Read more
􀀥􀀩􀀬􀀶􀀺􀀰􀀺􀀡􀀦􀀭􀀸􀀜􀀦􀀰􀀣􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶W HAT is the critical path? What does it show and how do I show it? Sound familiar? Let’s begin with a typical scenari... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀬􀀶􀀺􀀰􀀺􀀡􀀦􀀭􀀸􀀜􀀦􀀰􀀣􀀥􀀵How to alter the critical path Now you have a critical path shown on your programme, you may want to make changes to it. To shorten the critical path i.e. t... Read more
Do you support the vital work of civil engineering surveyors?Are you ready to start the path to professional recognition? Do you know someone who would benefit from joining ICES as an Affiliate?ICES  ... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀏􀀠􀀲􀀹􀀶􀀰􀀳􀀶􀀺􀀦􀀭􀀕􀀜􀀶􀀳􀀌􀀺􀀭􀀹􀀧􀀥􀀤W HEN Bellway Homes came to develop a 3.4 hectare site overlooking the River Tay near Perth, Scotland, it brought in specialist groundworks an... Read more
􀀥􀀯􀀬􀀭􀀦􀀧􀀧􀀺􀀌􀀺􀀹􀀠􀀧􀀬􀀺􀀲􀀺􀀭􀀸􀀫􀀷􀀴􀀺􀀷􀀹􀀹􀀶􀀺􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀹􀀨􀀳􀀶Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Professional Development Mapping, S... Read more
􀀵􀀵􀀸􀀮􀀩􀀵􀀯􀀈􀀣􀀹􀀶􀀹􀀸􀀰􀀳􀀸􀀐􀀱􀀨􀀕􀀪􀀱􀀍􀀧􀀡􀀶􀀺􀀓􀀰􀀺􀀳􀀷􀀧􀀥􀀥Suppliers Survey Accessories NavCom Technology 20780 Madrona Avenue Torrance, CA 90503, USA +1 310 381 2000 www.navcomtech.com G... Read more
􀀂􀀃􀀆􀀔􀀈􀀒􀀍􀀓􀀎􀀊􀀔􀀑􀀎􀀄􀀓􀀌􀀓􀀉􀀐􀀅􀀑􀀏􀀓􀀑􀀔􀀔􀀒􀀓􀀑􀀏􀀐􀀇􀀍􀀒􀀌􀀔􀀁􀀋􀀒£ 25,000 • National role, based in Leeds We’re a new charity, entrusted with the care of 2,000 miles of historic waterways... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’ wal... Read more
􀀁􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀁 First f 􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂􀀂Annou from Am unce Another mberg 􀀳􀀜􀀨􀀟􀀜􀀮􀀭􀀣􀀩􀀬􀀮􀀨􀀩􀀮􀀤􀀞􀀠􀀅􀀭􀀡􀀩􀀬􀀮􀀬􀀜􀀞􀀥􀀢􀀠􀀩􀀧􀀠􀀮􀀬􀀳􀀩􀀋􀀇... Read more
50 iconic years getting it right in the UK The Shard London’s skyline is changing dramatically. From 1710 to 1962 St Paul’s Cathedral was London’s tallest building standing at 365ft high. Canary Wharf... Read more