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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors New ICES President Variations Guarantees Laser Scanning October 2014... Read more
Authorised Distribution & Service Partner SCCS have been sup inception in 1992. As L d t b t pplying and supporting Leica Leica Geosystems largest Eu d ith h a equipment since its uropean distributor ... Read more
October Contents 10.ICES regions 12. News 15.Events 19.Legal Q&A 47.Social network 51.Classifieds/Where to buy 52.Subscriptions 53.Profiles 53.Recruitment 54. Training dates Regulars Features 05.Life’... Read more
CAPTURE E EVERYTH HING NOW, ME EASURE LA E ATER.HING the property of their respective owners. PN GEO-01 registered in the United States and in other countrie © 2014, Trimble Navigation Limited. All r... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀵􀀡􀀥􀀤􀀨􀀵􀀒􀀴􀀷􀀯􀀸􀀛􀀷􀀶􀀭􀀠How did your career lead you here?Via a very circuitous route! I originally trained in cartography and surveying, and spent a year in industry at th... Read more
􀀙􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀵􀀡􀀥􀀤􀀨􀀵􀀒􀀴􀀷􀀯􀀸􀀛􀀷􀀶􀀭􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴such as Liberia, Libya, Oman, Saint Lucia,and Syria. I finally hung up my boots in 1989, when I joined Black &... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀵􀀡􀀥􀀤􀀨􀀵􀀒􀀴􀀷􀀯􀀸􀀛􀀷􀀶􀀭􀀔You were heavily involved in the creation of PAS 128, how important are standards in the industry? Should ICES be pushing their adoption more?Specif... Read more
􀀉􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀵􀀡􀀥􀀤􀀨􀀵􀀒􀀴􀀷􀀯􀀸􀀛􀀷􀀶􀀭􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴Can you tell us about the new President’s Pilots scheme?It’s a new scheme I have launched to encourage an unde... Read more
Graduate Membership Complete the ICES upgrade form,attach a passport sized photograph and evidence of the appropriate qualification and return to ICES by post or email to development@cices.org The Cha... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀡􀀥􀀤􀀨􀀵􀀘􀀷􀀱􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀯􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴20 JAN 15: Volume data capture ICES HQ, Sale 6pm for 6.30pm Bookings: www.cices.org/north-west-north-wales/Paul Burrows,... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀡􀀥􀀤􀀨􀀵􀀘􀀷􀀱􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀯􀀳􀀳04 NOV 14: Concurrent delay Weightmans, Glasgow, 6pm for 6.30pm Bookings: www.cices.org/scotland/Stuart Macfarlane will address wide and narrow definitions of... Read more
􀀳􀀬􀀡􀀶􀀯􀀭􀀸􀀭􀀪􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀵􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀯􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴High turnout for CDM consultation The Health and Safety Executive received 1,427 responses on its consultation o... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀡􀀶􀀯􀀭􀀸􀀭􀀪􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀵􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀯􀀳􀀢C&DR looks for international input The institution’s Contracts and Dispute Resolution Panel is looking for overseas members to join as corresponding m... Read more
􀀳􀀫􀀜􀀷􀀟􀀯􀀵􀀘􀀰􀀪􀀶􀀛􀀪􀀎􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴M6 link underway Piling works are underway on the Heysham to M6 link road in Lancashire.The project involves the constru... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀤􀀮􀀷􀀶􀀭􀀯􀀳􀀠Bentley LEARNing Conferences 06-07 October 2014: Mainz, Germany 08-09 October 2014: Mainz, Germany www.bentley.com/en-US/Training Cambridge Lecture 08 October 2014: Cambr... Read more
􀀳􀀙􀀊􀀡􀀌􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴O NE of the ways in which ICES operates in the international surveying arena is through its membership of the International Federation of ... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀝􀀷􀀷􀀭􀀵􀀭􀀞􀀷􀀵􀀝􀀷􀀐􀀆􀀷􀀴􀀯􀀞􀀸􀀎􀀳􀀔What encouraged you to join the construction industry?At 16, I was in the last week of comprehensive school and had already enrolled to do a bui... Read more
Do you support the vital work of civil engineering surveyors?Are you ready to start the path to professional recognition? Do you know someone who would benefit from joining ICES as an Affiliate?ICES  ... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀏􀀷􀀱􀀧􀀩􀀵􀀃􀀁􀀋􀀳􀀇W HEN there is a contract between a consultant and another party, the consultant will owe a duty of care to that other party. The standard of that duty will be dete... Read more
Leica Geosystems Ltd Hexagon House, Michigan Drive, Tongwell,Milton Keynes, MK15 8HT Tel: 01908 513400 uk.sales@leica-geosystems.com www.leica-geosystems.co.uk Leica Pegasus:Two Next Generation of Mo... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀗􀀨􀀬􀀬􀀳O UTSIDE of commuting, the vast majority of people in the UK today don’t use the railway that often — if at all. ‘Is it the transport of last resort or the transport of choice?... Read more
􀀬􀀬􀀗􀀨􀀬􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴anywhere on the platform, but to guide them to the place where the door of the train nearest their allocated seat will be when it stops. A... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀗􀀨􀀬􀀬􀀢Global view Last year, the Central Japan Railway Company introduced its N700 advanced high-speed train, which included a form of automatic train operation allowing the network ... Read more
􀀬􀀫􀀑􀀧􀀴􀀸􀀧􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀯􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴V ARIATIONS are one of the most common causes of dispute on a construction project. Sometimes the issue between the parties ... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀑􀀧􀀴􀀸􀀧􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀯􀀬􀀠contracts contain variation mechanisms to cater for the fact that there will inevitably be changes to the agreed scope of works.These mechanisms almost always sti... Read more
􀀬􀀙􀀑􀀸􀀯􀀪􀀧􀀩􀀸􀀯􀀧􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴Adding a new dimension Matt Wills CGeog (GIS) FRGS MEng, GIS Analyst, Landmark Information Group Matt Wills on the dev... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀑􀀸􀀯􀀪􀀧􀀩􀀸􀀯􀀧􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀬􀀔geospatial data provide contextual information related to the physical surroundings of any given project. Increased awareness of flood risk and the availabi... Read more
8-10 December 2014 Passenger Terminal Amsterdam Amsterdam, The Netherlands Two Conferences, One Registration Fee SPAR Europe and ELMF require only one registration and are held under one roof, which g... Read more
􀀢􀀲􀀌􀀪􀀧􀀴􀀧􀀶􀀭􀀷􀀷􀀯􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴C OLLATERAL WARRANTIES, performance bonds and parent company guarantees... Getting them all sorted out can be a bit of a ker... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀌􀀪􀀧􀀴􀀧􀀶􀀭􀀷􀀷􀀯􀀢􀀳hold of the collateral warranty from Quantum. The answer is that there seemed to be a professional indemnity insurance policy which would pay out in the event of ... Read more
shaping the future www.korecgroup.com info@korecgroup.com tel UK: 0845 603 1214 IRE: 01 456 4702 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover Capture now, measure later, avoid site rework and benefit from increased qua... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀏􀀧􀀯􀀷􀀴􀀵􀀨􀀣􀀧􀀶􀀶􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀢􀀢R ECENTLY voted the third best place in the UK to bring up a child, the best place to be a student and crowned the best place for a bargain break, Sheffie... Read more
􀀢􀀫􀀏􀀧􀀯􀀷􀀴􀀵􀀨􀀣􀀧􀀶􀀶􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴work challenging and made the use of large amounts of equipment impractical.It was therefore decided to employ a ZEB... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀏􀀧􀀯􀀷􀀴􀀵􀀨􀀣􀀧􀀶􀀶􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀢􀀠captured within an hour and the data downloaded from the data logger to a USB storage device. Utilising a free local WiFi network, the data was uploaded a... Read more
􀀢􀀙􀀖􀀷􀀯􀀸􀀱􀀶􀀵􀀖􀀷􀀚􀀸􀀣􀀸􀀷􀀶􀀣􀀸􀀷􀀯􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴I FC — how can such a small abbreviation cause so much delay and disruption in building projects? It stand... Read more
􀀉􀀈􀀇􀀁􀀈􀀉􀀃􀀊􀀎􀀍􀀏􀀆􀀌􀀇􀀊􀀎􀀅􀀏􀀋􀀏􀀎􀀌􀀋􀀏􀀎􀀍􀀂􀀄by increasing the detail of the design activities in the WBS and by defining more accurately the links to the associated procurement and constru... Read more
􀀢􀀉􀀖􀀷􀀯􀀸􀀱􀀶􀀵􀀖􀀷􀀚􀀸􀀣􀀸􀀷􀀶􀀣􀀸􀀷􀀯􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴design deficiencies. It is a crude tool with the primary purpose of blocking elements of the design that d... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀫􀀲􀀝􀀸􀀩􀀸􀀭􀀧􀀴􀀦􀀵􀀗􀀸􀀯􀀭􀀰􀀴􀀦􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴I F the First and Second World Wars had never happened, the forts would have come to the end of their natural ex... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀝􀀸􀀩􀀸􀀭􀀧􀀴􀀦􀀵􀀗􀀸􀀯􀀭􀀰􀀴􀀦􀀫􀀳road was tarmacked over the stones and Lister 5kW generators were provided. Two gun emplacements were built on a semi–circular concrete platform with ... Read more
􀀫􀀬􀀝􀀸􀀩􀀸􀀭􀀧􀀴􀀦􀀵􀀗􀀸􀀯􀀭􀀰􀀴􀀦􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴structures in a layer about two inches thick or formed in equally thick sections on a half inch thick steel plat... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀋􀀸􀀴􀀎􀀰􀀴􀀭􀀵􀀅􀀧􀀩􀀷􀀯􀀫􀀢cargo aircraft who operate under slightly different criteria (they carry less fuel).The pressure was always on when working at Heathrow.We were at the stage... Read more
􀀫􀀫􀀥􀀰􀀶􀀯􀀭􀀴􀀪􀀣􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴F OR those of us working in construction, the recession appears to be over and in London the skyline is once again domin... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀥􀀰􀀶􀀯􀀭􀀴􀀪􀀣􀀭􀀸􀀰􀀶􀀕􀀓􀀰􀀰􀀈􀀯􀀞􀀷􀀩􀀚􀀫􀀠in turn, developers requiring advance payment bonds and guarantees, as well as deeds vesting in them the legal ownership for such material... Read more
􀀫􀀙􀀓􀀡􀀝􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴W E know of BIM as building information modelling and recognise the function of the 3D model and the importance of information management.... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀓􀀡􀀝􀀕􀀨􀀰􀀣􀀸􀀧􀀩􀀵􀀜􀀷􀀭􀀟􀀰􀀴􀀈􀀫􀀔the as-built data. It is all a long way from a chain, an invar tape, a dumpy level and a 20" theodolite. We now have a point cloud with RGB colour... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Cambridge Lecture NEC3 Benefits and Pitfalls 8 October 2014, Cambridge Tickets: £ 67.50 (inc VAT)Lunch and ... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀊􀀧􀀴􀀶􀀞􀀧􀀐􀀵􀀘􀀧􀀩􀀩􀀦􀀫􀀇W E all love the idea of taking part in a Top Gear type challenge, so when the opportunity arose to be part of the Farnham Banger Rally, I jumped at it. The... Read more
􀀠􀀲􀀊􀀧􀀴􀀶􀀞􀀧􀀐􀀵􀀘􀀧􀀩􀀩􀀦􀀕􀀋􀀛􀀮􀀷􀀴􀀭􀀰􀀴􀀸􀀧􀀩􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴which luckily corrected itself later in the day without needing any intervention from us.On da... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀥􀀩􀀧􀀯􀀯􀀸􀀚􀀸􀀷􀀛􀀯􀀕􀀍􀀞􀀷􀀴􀀷􀀵􀀭􀀰􀀵􀀓􀀪􀀦􀀠􀀳Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Professional Development Mapping, Software & Da... Read more
􀀠􀀬􀀍􀀞􀀷􀀴􀀷􀀵􀀭􀀰􀀵􀀓􀀪􀀦􀀥􀀸􀀮􀀸􀀩􀀵􀀤􀀶􀀱􀀸􀀶􀀷􀀷􀀴􀀸􀀶􀀱􀀵􀀨􀀪􀀴􀀮􀀷􀀦􀀰􀀴Suppliers Survey Accessories NavCom Technology 20780 Madrona Avenue Torrance, CA 90503, USA +1 310 381 2000 www.navcom... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀵􀀬􀀲􀀳􀀫􀀒􀀴􀀰􀀚􀀸􀀩􀀷􀀯􀀕􀀘􀀷􀀣􀀴􀀪􀀸􀀭􀀐􀀷􀀶􀀭􀀠􀀢An important use for Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd’s Denso paste has been found to be its regular application to the anchored chain links of Clift... Read more
Training Diary Courses take place in a modern and spacious training suite at ICES HQ in Sale. The suite has excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks and five ... Read more
WITH GR REAT PO WER CO WITH OMES GR REAT REAT VE OWER,ERSATIL ITY M)Building Construction (Topcon’s n without co and a simp accurate 3 industry-le new GLS-2000 is equipped w ompromising accuracy.With ... Read more