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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Responsible Procurement PFI Monitoring Crossrail September 2014... Read more
Yo TOPICS INCLUDE:C management and more.modelling, coastal zone ma ter LiDAR used to support t clouds for airborne, terrestr on data acquisition, fusion, is a technical conference & European LiDAR Ma ... Read more
September Contents 05.President’s Foreword 07.ICES regions 13.News 19.Legal Q&A 40.Events 44.Social network 46.Profiles 47.Classifieds/Where to buy 48.Subscriptions 49.Recruitment 50.Training dates Re... Read more
shaping the future www.korecgroup.com info@korecgroup.com tel UK: 0845 603 1214 IRE: 01 456 4702 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover Capture now, measure later, avoid site rework and benefit from increased qua... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀟􀀲􀀶􀀨􀀵􀀘􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀅􀀨􀀳􀀥􀀱􀀧􀀬􀀡􀀴􀀖Leaving ICES in a leading global position I N my last column, I spoke of the success of the GEO Business conference and exhibition in London, where ... Read more
􀀓􀀟􀀲􀀶􀀨􀀵􀀘􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀅􀀨􀀳􀀥􀀱􀀧􀀬􀀡􀀴􀀊􀀋􀀝􀀮􀀶􀀧􀀢􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Gethin Roberts. So, quite apart from lobbying governments and being a voice for surveying all ov... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀕􀀥􀀤􀀣􀀳􀀜􀀶􀀰􀀵􀀱􀀴􀀨􀀒fault; and retrospective and prospective approaches in delay analysis. A light buffet will be served.21 OCT 14: Good faith Pinsent Masons, Manchester, 6pm for 6... Read more
􀀉􀀅􀀎􀀏􀀘􀀜􀀄􀀚􀀗􀀛􀀖􀀙􀀔􀀎􀀛􀀑􀀛􀀁􀀜􀀏􀀙􀀗􀀛􀀙􀀚􀀚􀀕􀀛􀀙􀀗􀀜􀀘􀀓􀀕􀀑􀀚􀀍􀀖􀀕in the lean management thinking (LMT)programme. LMT is now one of Scottish Enterprise’s most successful offerings; more th... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Cambridge Lecture NEC3 Benefits and Pitfalls 8 October 2014, Cambridge Tickets: £ 67.50 (inc VAT)Lunch and ... Read more
􀀩􀀯􀀋􀀶􀀮􀀮􀀶􀀲􀀳􀀮􀀱􀀳􀀮􀀚􀀶􀀳􀀤􀀘􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Health and safety overkill: Too much is unhealthy Just as the UK has become increasingly deluged in EU-l... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀕􀀴􀀨􀀮􀀵􀀮􀀬􀀮􀀵􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀏􀀶􀀔􀀨􀀩􀀩Congratulations George The ICES built environment student prize for civil engineering surveying has been presented to George Marriott who has complete... Read more
􀀩􀀭􀀕􀀴􀀨􀀮􀀵􀀮􀀬􀀮􀀵􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀏􀀶􀀔􀀨􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲New President’s Pilots scheme Incoming ICES president Ian Bush is launching a new scheme aimed at opening up the... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀏􀀶􀀔􀀨􀀳􀀜􀀱􀀬􀀴􀀘􀀬􀀙􀀩􀀞Digital aerial mapping for London Underground Atkins is working with Transport for London to supply high accuracy aerial mapping data of the above ground Jubi... Read more
ICES Dinner 2014 Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa 6.45pm, 19 September 2014 Tickets: £ 75.00*Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Chateau Impney, one of the finest, most authentic e... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀏􀀶􀀔􀀨􀀳􀀜􀀱􀀬􀀴􀀘􀀬􀀙􀀩􀀖Crossrail restores derelict Victorian rail tunnel Connaught Tunnel, a disused rail tunnel in Docklands, has been brought back to life as part of the Crossrail... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀠􀀶􀀶􀀮􀀳􀀮􀀚􀀶􀀳􀀠􀀶􀀡􀀗􀀶􀀲􀀨􀀚􀀵􀀙􀀩􀀒What encouraged you to join the construction industry?Geography was always my favourite subject at school so choosing a university course was fa... Read more
􀀩􀀑􀀠􀀶􀀶􀀮􀀳􀀮􀀚􀀶􀀳􀀠􀀶􀀡􀀗􀀶􀀲􀀨􀀚􀀵􀀙􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲problem solving. You get to see some beautiful places and no two weeks are the same. It’s not for everyone... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀋􀀶􀀰􀀝􀀧􀀳􀀃􀀁􀀉􀀩􀀦E SCALATION clauses, also known as multi-tiered clauses, are a type of dispute resolution clause. They have become more popular in recent years and can be found in ... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: ICES Publishing Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors +44 (0)161 972 3110 mmhw@cice... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀜􀀶􀀨􀀙􀀱􀀴􀀨􀀵􀀗􀀧􀀶􀀳􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀛􀀬􀀲􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀭􀀩C IVIL ENGINEERING is all around us. It helps create the arena in which we live our everyday lives. Through its incredible ingenuity and... Read more
􀀭􀀭􀀜􀀶􀀨􀀙􀀱􀀴􀀨􀀵􀀗􀀧􀀶􀀳􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀛􀀬􀀲􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲stakeholders and a level of transparency within the supply chain that is open to sharing and worki... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀜􀀶􀀨􀀙􀀱􀀴􀀨􀀵􀀗􀀧􀀶􀀳􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀛􀀬􀀲􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀭􀀞client being able to clarify exactly what the requirements are and ‘what good looks like’ how do we (or indeed the client) know that we ... Read more
􀀭􀀪􀀜􀀶􀀨􀀙􀀱􀀴􀀨􀀵􀀗􀀧􀀶􀀳􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀛􀀬􀀲􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲This way, we can all benefit from accelerating towards knowing how to do things differently and be... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀎􀀶􀀛􀀮􀀳􀀠􀀝􀀴􀀝􀀰􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀭􀀖I N 1970, Montreal was awarded the 1976 Olympics, beating bids from Moscow and Los Angeles. World politics had been in Montreal’s favour1 — there ... Read more
􀀭􀀓􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀎􀀶􀀛􀀮􀀳􀀠􀀝􀀴􀀝􀀰􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Velodrome The contract for the velodrome construction was won by Charles Duranceau at a bid value of $12m. ... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀎􀀶􀀛􀀮􀀳􀀠􀀝􀀴􀀝􀀰􀀶􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀭􀀒increased productivity by 25% because of crane congestion. With mounting time pressure and fear of embarrassment at missing the opening of the Oly... Read more
􀀭􀀑􀀠􀀱􀀴􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲I N July 2011, Costain and Skanska working as a joint venture (CSJV)were awarded Crossrail contract C405 to complete the mai... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀠􀀱􀀴􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀭􀀦The biggest challenges have been simple communications failures, with broadband outages or the upgrades of cellular communications masts causing non communication... Read more
􀀞􀀯􀀠􀀱􀀴􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲problems at the data collection end. System uptime is 100%, as it is a manual task, and unless the point to be levelled is o... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀠􀀱􀀴􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀞􀀩As the age of the data increases, the importance and reliability/quality of the information is downgraded by the system until the data is deemed too old to be use... Read more
􀀞􀀭􀀠􀀱􀀴􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲2. The data shows the breach of a trigger which needs to be validated. The monitoring management team is informed that valid... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀠􀀱􀀴􀀵􀀮􀀱􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀞􀀞movement trends are noted and analysed,and ground deformation mitigated by construction methodology controls.Crossrail’s motto is ‘moving London forward’. Within ... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀟􀀍􀀭􀀞􀀖P F2: The Aggregator. Sounds a bit like the title for a Hollywood blockbuster doesn’t it? Sadly, this isn’t Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest offering. It’s actually the brainchil... Read more
􀀞􀀓􀀟􀀍􀀭􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Judgement day It will be interesting to see how the Aggregator model works out, but it is certainly a step in the right direction in terms... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀐􀀕􀀠􀀞􀀒I N building information modelling, at same time we engage with the supply chain, we should commence the internal change process. It is perhaps a more difficult task that that ... Read more
􀀞􀀑􀀐􀀕􀀠􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Drive internally or get help There is a lot of discussion about whether to drive BIM implementation internally, with home grown enthusiast... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀟􀀞􀀞􀀦U NITED States jurisdictions are increasingly authorising public-private partnerships as a way to deliver value and new infrastructure to the American public. As multiple success... Read more
􀀪􀀯􀀟􀀞􀀊􀀤􀀫􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀨􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲level, which can significantly limit your ability to seek legal recourse against them.Additionally, you should consider any li... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀰􀀲􀀝􀀡􀀡􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀪􀀩O VER the years I’ve heard many individuals say ‘don’t give the client too much detail, it will only come back to bite you... you’ll see... give them a vague hi... Read more
􀀪􀀭􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀰􀀲􀀝􀀡􀀡􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲gives the client confidence that it has a competent contractor and a well thought-out programme.Scope A review of the cont... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀜􀀵􀀨􀀈􀀪􀀞I N research carried out on behalf of Weightmans LLP earlier this year the overwhelming response from those working as professionals in the construction industry was that the... Read more
􀀪􀀪􀀜􀀵􀀨􀀈􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Transfer and limit risk The economic upturn will lead to an increase in the use of collateral warranties and other contractual mechanism... Read more
􀀒􀀈􀀜􀀋􀀒􀀌􀀐􀀃􀀘􀀇􀀜􀀆􀀖􀀂􀀓􀀔􀀐􀀊M ALE dominance in surveying has been a historic issue for the industry. However, although traditionally that was the case, recently things have begun to change and... Read more
􀀪􀀓􀀟􀀲􀀱􀀇􀀵􀀧􀀶􀀨􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲On one of its latest projects, Universal Heat Transfer Ltd had to manufacture header boxes and channel heads for the refurbishme... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀥􀀧􀀝􀀨􀀨􀀵􀀇􀀵􀀶􀀘􀀨􀀊􀀌􀀚􀀶􀀲􀀶􀀳􀀮􀀱􀀳􀀐􀀬􀀢􀀪􀀒Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Professional Development Mapping, Software & Da... Read more
􀀪􀀑􀀌􀀚􀀶􀀲􀀶􀀳􀀮􀀱􀀳􀀐􀀬􀀢􀀥􀀵􀀫􀀵􀀧􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀵􀀴􀀶􀀶􀀲􀀵􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣􀀬􀀲􀀫􀀶􀀢􀀱􀀲Suppliers Survey Accessories Nikon-Trimble Co 16-2, Minamikamata 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035,Japan +1 3 5710 2592 ww... Read more
􀀯􀀦􀀳􀀭􀀯􀀩􀀪􀀜􀀶􀀛􀀲􀀬􀀵􀀮􀀡􀀶􀀴􀀮􀀪􀀦Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd is an owner-managed,multidisciplinary contractor providing a range of stand-alone or fully integrated services in building, civ... Read more
Training Diary Courses take place in a modern and spacious training suite at ICES HQ in Sale. The suite has excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks and five ... Read more