CES - Geospatial Engineering 2014

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GEOSPATIAL ENGINEERING Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors 2014... Read more
Authorised Distribution & Service Partner SCCS have been s inception in 1992 A supplying and supporting Le As Leica Geosystems largest eica equipment since its inception in 1992. European distributor ... Read more
Geospatial Engineering Contents 05. The people business Anne Kemp talks to Darrell Smart and Abigail Tomkins 09. The rise of the concrete dragon Professor Gethin Wyn Roberts FCInstCES,University of No... Read more
SUPERCHARGE YOUR SETTIN CHARGE NG OUT E LN-100 | 3D Layout Navigator • Revolutionary ne • Set up in 20 seco •One-button oper • TS Shield theft p ew concept onds ration rotection www.topcon-posit... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀈􀀮􀀮􀀯􀀩􀀊􀀯􀀝􀀪􀀘How has you career led you to your current role at Atkins?If I go right back to the beginning, I was going to be a contralto opera singer, but it didn’t go to plan. I didn’... Read more
􀀗􀀈􀀮􀀮􀀯􀀩􀀊􀀯􀀝􀀪􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Being able to harvest big data and perform analytics is going to be a major part of our future — but we have to get used to managing all... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀈􀀮􀀮􀀯􀀩􀀊􀀯􀀝􀀪􀀐There still needs to be a lowering of the bars between disciplines.Each has their own standards, their own successful ways of working, but we can’t assume that what we are ... Read more
ICES is the leading chartered professional body for civil engineering surveyors worldwide. We have relevant and meaningful competencies which support geospatial engineers in developing and demonstrati... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀒􀀔􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀨􀀯􀀩􀀒􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀭􀀧􀀞􀀥􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀏I have been involved with research investigating the use of global navigation satellite systems for measuring the deflections of bridges for almost 20... Read more
􀀢􀀜􀀒􀀔􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀨􀀯􀀩􀀒􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀭􀀧􀀞􀀥􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦to travel from Ningbo to Shanghai, either by car or on the train. This was partly due to the route having to go ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀒􀀔􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀨􀀯􀀩􀀒􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀭􀀧􀀞􀀥􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀢􀀢growing expansion of super-structures.Currently, the world’s second tallest building has just been completed in Shanghai, at 632m. This lies second ... Read more
􀀢􀀡􀀒􀀔􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀨􀀯􀀩􀀒􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀭􀀧􀀞􀀥􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦However, in June 2014 it was reported that the regulations flying such devices in the USA deemed this approach t... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀎􀀰􀀨􀀭􀀫􀀧􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀠􀀞􀀧􀀑􀀯􀀕􀀰􀀮􀀦􀀢􀀖“In the endeavors of mathematical surveying, China’s accomplishments exceeded those realised in the West by about one thousand years.”Frank Swetz Th... Read more
􀀢􀀣􀀎􀀰􀀨􀀭􀀫􀀧􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀠􀀞􀀧􀀑􀀯􀀕􀀰􀀮􀀦􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦(569-475BC), so the level and extent of mathematical knowledge and accomplishment of the Chinese is truly remark... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀎􀀰􀀨􀀭􀀫􀀧􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀠􀀞􀀧􀀑􀀯􀀕􀀰􀀮􀀦􀀢􀀘3. Supervision of public works such as roads, aqueducts and canals.4. Warfare reconnaissance and target assessment.Such considerations are elements ... Read more
􀀢􀀗􀀎􀀰􀀨􀀭􀀫􀀧􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀠􀀞􀀧􀀑􀀯􀀕􀀰􀀮􀀦􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦sea and ensures no flooding or drowning. This is made possible because of the Gougu right triangle theorem.” Dur... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀎􀀰􀀨􀀭􀀫􀀧􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀠􀀞􀀧􀀑􀀯􀀕􀀰􀀮􀀦􀀢􀀐areas where slopes became too inclined.This roadway was to be crenellated for protection while under assault, as well as being punctuated with forts... Read more
􀀢􀀍􀀎􀀰􀀨􀀭􀀫􀀧􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀠􀀞􀀧􀀑􀀯􀀕􀀰􀀮􀀦􀀩􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦presented to the emperor in 1718. He was most pleased that “the mountain ranges and waterways were all in acco... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀠􀀯􀀮􀀨􀀫􀀧􀀨􀀢􀀏A N intelligent wireless sensor system has been deployed in sprayed concrete lining (SCL)tunnel construction, in a partially sealed adit complex on the Crossrail project. At ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀠􀀯􀀮􀀨􀀫􀀧􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦on-board calculations to derive force,speed, movement and direction of tunnel wall displacement, all in real time without human interventi... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀠􀀯􀀮􀀨􀀫􀀧􀀨􀀡􀀢consequences of asset failure, and denial of service are well understood. When using sensors, the three components for FMEA analysis can be derived as:a) Detectability of fai... Read more
􀀡􀀡􀀌􀀔􀀫􀀭􀀫􀀦􀀧􀀬􀀝􀀝􀀯􀀭􀀧􀀕􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦F OR many decades the surveyor captured 3D data but supplied 2D information in the form of topographic survey drawings, buil... Read more
􀀡􀀣􀀌􀀔􀀫􀀭􀀫􀀦􀀧􀀬􀀝􀀝􀀯􀀭􀀧􀀕􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Reality capture: Direct capture of 3D data Capture by direct measurement techniques is the predominant survey method for rea... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀌􀀔􀀫􀀭􀀫􀀦􀀧􀀬􀀝􀀝􀀯􀀭􀀧􀀕􀀡􀀘needs of the archaeologists and indeed provided evidence for past structures on the site not previously identified.A LLAP survey can generate more data than can... Read more
TRAINING MENTORING COMPETENCIES APPRAISAL FEEDBACK Competencies Commercial management and geospatial competencies The ICES competencies are essential for membership and help demonstrate you are a qual... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀌􀀔􀀫􀀭􀀫􀀦􀀧􀀬􀀝􀀝􀀯􀀭􀀧􀀕􀀡􀀐photogrammetry in that the geometry of the scene, camera positions and orientations are solved simultaneously without the need for previously surveyed control. ... Read more
􀀡􀀍􀀆􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀋􀀧􀀯􀀯􀀩􀀉􀀬􀀪􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦E ARLIER this year, the first National Tree Map revealed just how green and pleasant different areas of England and Wa... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀆􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀋􀀧􀀯􀀯􀀩􀀉􀀬􀀪􀀡􀀏and height points, as well as an attribute table including identification for each crown feature, height attributes and area calculations. The NTM details... Read more
􀀖􀀜􀀆􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀋􀀧􀀯􀀯􀀩􀀉􀀬􀀪􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦repeatable; this gave justification for its use as well as accountability and traceability for the full project method... Read more
􀀖􀀡􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Total Stations Manufacturer 2LS Leica Geosystems Instrument CYGNUS BUILDER 200 SET BUILDER 300 SET BUILD... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀖􀀖Total Stations Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument TS09 Plus TS12A Viva TS11 Viva TS11i Viva TS12P Viva TS15M Viva TS15A Viva TS15G Viv... Read more
􀀖􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Total Stations Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Nikon Instrument Nova TS50i Nova MS50 Nova TM50 Nova TM50i ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀖􀀘Total Stations Manufacturer Nikon Sokkia Instrument NIVO 3C NIVO 5C DTM-322 CX Series FX Series DX Series SX Series NET05AX II NET1AX II GYR... Read more
􀀖􀀗􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Total Stations Manufacturer Spectra Precision Topcon Instrument FOCUS 30 FOCUS 6 (2")FOCUS 6 (5")FOCUS 8... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀖􀀐Total Stations Manufacturer Topcon Trimble Instrument QS-3M MS05AX MS1AX M1 M3-2 M3-3 M3-5 S3 S3 S6 Angular accuracy MSE (")3 (IP54)0.5 (IP6... Read more
􀀖􀀍􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Total Stations Manufacturer Trimble Instrument S8 S8 VX SPS930 SPS730 Angular accuracy MSE (")0.5/1 2 1 ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀖􀀏GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Carlson Javad Instrument Surveyor+ Supervisor+BRx5 TRIUMPH-VS TRIUMPH-NT TRIUMPH-1 TRIUMPH-4X Alpha Delta Sigma ... Read more
􀀣􀀜􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Javad Leica Geosystems Instrument TRE-G2T TRE-G3T TRE-G3TAJT DUO-G2 DUO-G2D ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀣􀀢GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument Uno 10 Uno 15 iCG60 Vehicle iCG60 Base iCG60 Network iCG60 Performance iCG60 Advance... Read more
􀀣􀀡􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument GS10 Professional GS12 GS14 Single Freq GS14 Per... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀣􀀖GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Navcom Sokkia Spectra Precision Instrument GR10 Ref Station GR25 Ref Station GR25 Ref Station U... Read more
􀀣􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Spectra Precision Topcon Trimble Instrument ProMark 700 ProMark 220 ProMark ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀣􀀘GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Trimble Instrument R7 GNSS R6 GPS R5 GPS R4 GPS GeoExplorer XR SPS985 SPS 852 SPS 751 SPS 882 SPS 781 Geoexplore... Read more
􀀣􀀗􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanners Manufacturer Faro I-Site Maptek Leica Geosystems Optech Instrument Focus3D... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀣􀀐Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanners Manufacturer Riegl SiteMonitor Topcon Trimble Instrument VZ-400 VZ-1000 VZ-4000 VZ-6000 SiteMonitor GLS-2000 G... Read more
􀀣􀀍􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanners Manufacturer Zoller+Frohlich Instrument Imager 5006h Imager 5006EX Imager ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀣􀀏Electronic and Digital Levels Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Sokkia Topcon Trimble Instrument DNA03 DNA10 Sprinter 50 Sprinter 150M Sprinter ... Read more
􀀘􀀜􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Manufacturer Carlson Juniper Sys Leica Geosystems Instrument MINI2 Surveyor Surveyor+Surpervisor Mesa Ar... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀘􀀢Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Sokkia Spectra P Instrument CS25 CS25 LRBT iCON CC55 iCON CC65 iCON CC66 LRBT SHC336 Mesa ProMark 120 DC Dedic... Read more
􀀘􀀡􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Manufacturer Spectra Precision Topcon Trimble Instrument MM10 DC T41 FC-500 Tesla GRS-1 FC-336 TSC3 TCU ... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀘􀀖Manufacturer Trimble Instrument Slate Trimble Tablet Dedicated/open (d/o)d/o o Keyboard/Screen Alphanumeric (y/n)y y QWERTY (y/n)y y Numeric... Read more
􀀘􀀣􀀤􀀙􀀞􀀰􀀪􀀝􀀯􀀮􀀭􀀩􀀠􀀪􀀯􀀥􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀥􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀫􀀮􀀨􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Nikon Sokkia Topcon Instrument 106 109 T02 NE-100 NE-101 NE-102 NE-103 DT2... Read more
SOFTWARE... Read more
􀀘􀀗􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Applications in CADD Phil Langrishe, 21 Britannia Street, Shepshed,Leicestershire LE12 9AE, UK +44 (0)1509 504501 enquiries@appsincadd.c... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀘􀀐real time linking the boat’s position with the echo sounding. Lag effects and spikes can be corrected before leaving the site. The operator manoeuvres the boat using radio ... Read more
􀀘􀀍􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦GeoMoS is an open, scalable and customisable software suitable for a wide range of monitoring applications. The software comprises two m... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀘􀀏streets, roads and intersections. Automatic generation of 3D terrain surfaces allows investigation of line-of-sight issues and witness perspectives. 3D Reshaper transforms ... Read more
􀀗􀀜􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Maptek 3 Darnaway Street, Edinburgh EH3 6DW, UK +44 131 225 8447 info@maptek.co.uk www.maptek.com Maptek is a provider of software, hard... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀗􀀢LSS Solo will download from and upload to EDM and GPS equipment (including Leica, Trimble, Topcon and Sokkia), produce a 3D contoured survey or building elevation with edit... Read more
􀀗􀀡􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦RiSOLVE continues the one-touch workflow of the RIEGL V-Line terrestrial laser scanners by enabling fully automatic registration and col... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀗􀀖profiles and surface simulations. Data can be exported in a variety of formats including Topcon’s TN3. The exported files can be sent to Topcon’s System Five-3D control box... Read more
􀀗􀀣􀀠􀀫􀀛􀀭􀀓􀀬􀀧􀀯􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦and lines that are used as a guide to simplify and expedite the modeling process. Automated plane extraction tools increase modelling ef... Read more
􀀡􀀜􀀢􀀣􀀒􀀟􀀬􀀨􀀨􀀰􀀛􀀰􀀯􀀄􀀨􀀂􀀇􀀔􀀯􀀧􀀯􀀩􀀭􀀫􀀩􀀅􀀞􀀕􀀗􀀘Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Professional Development Mapping, Software & Data Sur... Read more
􀀗􀀗􀀇􀀔􀀯􀀧􀀯􀀩􀀭􀀫􀀩􀀅􀀞􀀕􀀚􀀯􀀫􀀨􀀪􀀬􀀭􀀰􀀬􀀟􀀩􀀤􀀮􀀦􀀰􀀮􀀯􀀯􀀧􀀰􀀮􀀦Suppliers Survey Accessories Nikon-Trimble Co 16-2, Minamikamata 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035,Japan +1 3 5710 2592 www.nikon-... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
shaping the future www.korecgroup.com info@korecgroup.com tel UK: 0845 603 1214 IRE: 01 456 4702 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover Capture now, measure later, avoid site rework and benefit from increased qua... Read more