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CONSTRUCTION LAW REVIEW Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors 2014... Read more
2014 Contents 05.Green shoots or full blown recovery?Richard Bailey, Society of Construction Law 07.FIDIC: Red, Yellow and Silver — The treatment of unforeseen physical conditions Jonathan Hosie, Maye... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Cambridge Lecture NEC3 Benefits and Pitfalls 8 October 2014, Cambridge Tickets: £ 67.50 (inc VAT)Lunch and ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀐􀁁􀀽􀁃􀀶􀁁􀀽􀀻􀀣I T was a great pleasure for me to be asked to write this introduction to the 2014 Construction Law Review. This is the second time I have written the introduction for this e... Read more
􀀠􀀐􀁁􀀽􀁃􀀶􀁁􀀽􀀻􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶We also run the Hudson Prize, open to any member — no matter what their professional capacity. We have just published the essay written ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀗􀀽􀁁􀀷􀀿􀀻􀁄􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀻􀁀􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀛A N important feature of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers’ (FIDIC) Red, Yellow and Silver Books is the degree to which risks are allocat... Read more
􀀔􀀗􀀽􀁁􀀷􀀿􀀻􀁄􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀻􀁀􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶expects the contractor to read around the subject and use its own experience and common sense. What should the reason... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀗􀀽􀁁􀀷􀀿􀀻􀁄􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀻􀁀􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀑soon as practicable, and not later than 28 days after the contractor became aware, or should have become aware, of the event or circumstances.”Clause 20.1 g... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀫􀁀􀀘􀀷􀁀􀀻􀀾􀁂􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀖􀀾􀀳􀀾􀀲􀁃􀀼􀀬􀀬N EXT year will mark the tenth anniversary of the Joint Contracts Tribunal dropping the term ‘liquidated and ascertained damages’ from its suite of cont... Read more
􀀬􀀮􀀫􀁀􀀘􀀷􀁀􀀻􀀾􀁂􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀖􀀾􀀳􀀾􀀲􀁃􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶on breach with the loss that might be sustained. Following Dunlop, it has been traditionally understood that if th... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀫􀁀􀀘􀀷􀁀􀀻􀀾􀁂􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀖􀀾􀀳􀀾􀀲􀁃􀀼􀀬􀀜party. As a result, an apparent dichotomy exists in that the courts require parties to draft clauses accurately, but have less stringent requirements in... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀬􀀣C ONSTRUCTION arbitrations often involve complex technical issues. Tribunals may contain one or more members from a technical background, an advantage in we... Read more
􀀬􀀠􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶AAA, and LCIA are exceptions to this),although only the DIAC rules expressly require the terms of appointment to have ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀬􀀛discussions is how the party appointees become increasingly reluctant to be out on a limb where the tribunal expert and counterpart expert agree a contrary ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀝􀀙􀀍􀀬􀀑A BOUT seven years ago, I excitedly said to my partners that I saw the ever increasing importance of digital technologies to the construction design and maintenance process as a revo... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀝􀀙􀀍􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶to be called ‘intelligent’, has now been met in 20143.To reach its potential BIM is dependent upon using big data and information transfers betw... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀝􀀙􀀍􀀮􀀬maturity index. At this stage of our knowledge of the BIM process, it is possible to propose simple contractual amendments that are comprehensive and cover all stages of BIM developm... Read more
􀀮􀀮􀀝􀀙􀀍􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶NEC3 contract, others argue that the protocol should be a standalone amendment to the contract and should have priority over other contract docu... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀝􀀙􀀍􀀮􀀜appoints the model manager? How is the manager to be replaced? And who bears the costs, if any, arising from this role? The powers and responsibilities of the model manager should be... Read more
􀀮􀀭􀀕􀀽􀀰􀁀􀁂􀀽􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶A DJUDICATION remains overwhelmingly the dispute resolution procedure of choice for domestic construction disputes, whether unde... Read more
􀀮􀀠􀀕􀀽􀀰􀁀􀁂􀀽􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶Witnesses (expert or factual) are more likely to be called to a hearing to be cross examined in fast-track arbitration, albeit i... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀕􀀽􀀰􀁀􀁂􀀽􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀮􀀛adjudication, the winning party will have the majority of its costs paid. This is a key factor weighing in favour of using this procedure where a party is confident i... Read more
􀀮􀀔􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀵􀀷􀁂􀁃􀁄􀀝􀁁􀀾􀀽􀀻􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶C ONTRACTS are, in the main, drafted on the basis that everyone plays their role; each of the players involved having thei... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀵􀀷􀁂􀁃􀁄􀀝􀁁􀀾􀀽􀀻􀀼􀀮􀀑disapproval and detailed comments. He may request further particulars, but shall nevertheless give his response on the principles of the claim within the above ... Read more
􀀜􀀨􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀵􀀷􀁂􀁃􀁄􀀝􀁁􀀾􀀽􀀻􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶determination, instruction, opinion, or valuation of the engineer.” What if there is no determination? The engineer’s fail... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀽􀀷􀀵􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀜􀀬T HIS article is not intended to provide definitive answers to these two issues because until further legal authority is available it is unlikely that such a propositio... Read more
􀀜􀀮􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀽􀀷􀀵􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶elements of the work, usually by reference to a programme. For example, if a non-critical activity is delayed and that activity or... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀽􀀷􀀵􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀜􀀜manager in the Engineering and Construction Contract (Black Book) context.Assessment In the context of disruption, our experience suggests that three fundamental issues... Read more
􀀜􀀭􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀽􀀷􀀵􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶Figure 2a shows the situation which transpires where the project manager gives an instruction or one of the other listed events oc... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀖􀁀􀀼􀀽􀀷􀀵􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀜􀀣PM requests quotation is bound by the provisions of clause 65.2.In other words, the forecast cannot be revised if later recorded information is proved to be wrong. Let ... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: ICES Publishing Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors +44 (0)161 972 3110 mmhw@cice... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀗􀀸􀁁􀀰􀀾􀀸􀁄􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀜􀀛L ORD DRUMMOND YOUNG explained1 that normally,for a loss and expense claim under a construction contract to succeed, the contractor must aver and prove three matt... Read more
􀀜􀀔􀀗􀀸􀁁􀀰􀀾􀀸􀁄􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶‘global’ and ‘total costs claims’. He explained that just because all the costs claimed and not paid are sought, does not au... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀗􀀸􀁁􀀰􀀾􀀸􀁄􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀜􀀑were reasonable. Further, Mr Justice Akenhead13 clearly considered it relevant that the quantity surveyor had not considered the tender to be under priced, but ra... Read more
􀀭􀀨􀀗􀀸􀁁􀀰􀀾􀀸􀁄􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶“It appears to me that the possibility of apportionment as between different causative factors, contemplated as legitimate i... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀙􀀯􀀹􀁃􀀳􀀥􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀝􀁁􀁁􀀡􀀭􀀬I N 1968 the Institution of Chemical Engineers drafted a groundbreaking publication, the Model Form of Conditions of Contract for Process Plants Suitable for ... Read more
􀀭􀀮􀀙􀀯􀀹􀁃􀀳􀀥􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀝􀁁􀁁􀀡􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶The helpful and often neglected guidance notes included with each form of contract seek to highlight the need to provide... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀙􀀯􀀹􀁃􀀳􀀥􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀝􀁁􀁁􀀡􀀭􀀜of the responsibilities of the purchaser, contractor, subcontractors and supplier clearly allocated. Sections should be included on qualification activities w... Read more
􀀭􀀭􀀙􀀯􀀹􀁃􀀳􀀥􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀝􀁁􀁁􀀡􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶broad field and the contractor may be called upon to provide basic training on various aspects of plant operation, healt... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀙􀀯􀀹􀁃􀀳􀀥􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀝􀁁􀁁􀀡􀀭􀀣those included in other related agreements with the licensor and any key suppliers to ensure that the number of tests is limited, thus minimising disruption t... Read more
􀀭􀀠􀀙􀀯􀀹􀁃􀀳􀀥􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀻􀁄􀀝􀁁􀁁􀀡􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶is not practicable here to make detailed recommendations, the following is a useful aide-mémoire.a) Raw material consump... Read more
􀀭􀀔􀀕􀀻􀀚􀀷􀀻􀁀􀀺􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶I F you asked anyone familiar with the adjudication process what its singular benefit was, the response would most likely be t... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀕􀀻􀀚􀀷􀀻􀁀􀀺􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀭􀀑Twintec also argued that Volkerfitzpatrick’s decision to commence the adjudication process at Christmas amounted to unreasonable and oppressive conduct.The court di... Read more
􀀣􀀨􀀕􀀻􀀚􀀷􀀻􀁀􀀺􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶I don’t play by the rules.”1 This statement was borne out by his conduct, which included issuing eight referrals in a nine-mon... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀕􀀻􀀚􀀷􀀻􀁀􀀺􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀣􀀬b) Adjudicators’ decisions are intended to be enforced summarily and the successful party in the adjudication is not kept out of its money.c) In an application to s... Read more
􀀣􀀮􀀥􀀻􀀷􀀺􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶A S a busy year of teaching comes to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to reflect on some of the themes and developments... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀥􀀻􀀷􀀺􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀣􀀜management. The Association of Consultant Architects’ Project Partnering Contract (PPC 2000) is the only example of this in its multi-party contract. BIM collaboration an... Read more
􀀣􀀭􀀗􀁁􀁁􀀻􀁄􀀐􀀾􀁀􀁂􀀹􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶F OLLOWING a flurry of cases dealing with good faith in contracts,can it still be said that there is no general principle of good ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀗􀁁􀁁􀀻􀁄􀀐􀀾􀁀􀁂􀀹􀀣􀀣manner in assessing the contractor’s performance. However, it reiterated that “there is no general doctrine of good faith in English contract law... If the parties wish... Read more
􀀣􀀠􀀗􀁁􀁁􀀻􀁄􀀐􀀾􀁀􀁂􀀹􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶deal with each other in good faith, the court looked at two more specific terms; a duty not to give false information, which could... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀗􀀽􀁁􀀷􀀿􀀻􀁄􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀻􀁀􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀣􀀛C ONSTRUCTION contracts will set out the respective rights and obligations of the parties to the contract and will also allocate risk between them. It is ... Read more
􀀣􀀔􀀗􀀽􀁁􀀷􀀿􀀻􀁄􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀻􀁀􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶An employer may provide site information and not cut across the underlying position that a contractor is obliged to ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀣􀀑O VER the years, we have seen a rise in the demand for expert witnesses, and while the market for these services gains more traction and prospects remain st... Read more
􀀠􀀨􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶gained either by formal study and/or by virtue of experience in a specialist trade, to provide that assistance. In the... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀠􀀬greater expert partisanship in the US.Nevertheless, there appears to be little enthusiasm for any change in the FRE to deal with this and the US appears to ... Read more
􀀠􀀮􀀥􀀦􀀵􀁃􀀽􀁂􀁄􀀏􀁀􀁂􀀿􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁃􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶cost of appointing experts was becoming disproportionate.20 The report highlighted the need for greater control of jud... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’ wal... Read more
􀀠􀀭􀀯􀁁􀀿􀁂􀀽􀀾􀀺􀁂􀁁􀀽􀁄􀀌􀀰􀀸􀁀􀀲􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶I N his judgment of 15 April 2014, Mr Justice Edwards-Stuart considered a detailed technical dispute that ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀯􀁁􀀿􀁂􀀽􀀾􀀺􀁂􀁁􀀽􀁄􀀌􀀰􀀸􀁀􀀲􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀠􀀣The inadequacy of the employer’s requirement did not relieve MTH of the ultimately more demanding obligations.was not up to the task. The inadeq... Read more
􀀠􀀠􀀯􀁁􀀿􀁂􀀽􀀾􀀺􀁂􀁁􀀽􀁄􀀌􀀰􀀸􀁀􀀲􀀾􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶those measures would be factored into the price. But I consider that if the employer is prepared to pay fo... Read more
Continuing Professional Development The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: Professional Development Coordinator Chartered Institution of ... Read more
􀀠􀀔􀀢􀀽􀀾􀀿􀀼􀀴􀁃􀀽􀁄􀁁􀀴􀁄􀀢􀁀􀁂􀀸􀁃􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶I T is common for construction contracts to contain provisions for the transfer of title in the goods and materials ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀢􀀽􀀾􀀿􀀼􀀴􀁃􀀽􀁄􀁁􀀴􀁄􀀢􀁀􀁂􀀸􀁃􀀠􀀑seller or his agent, the seller is prima facie to be taken to reserve the right of disposal. (3) Where the seller of goods draws on the buyer for the pric... Read more
􀀛􀀨􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶EC HARRIS’ Global Construction Disputes Report 2013 cites incomplete and/or unsubstantiated claims as the number one cause of construction... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀛􀀬effect of the event is usually a little more complicated to establish and to link directly to the cause, because this is sometimes a subjective matter, which requires to be bot... Read more
􀀛􀀮􀀯􀀸􀀾􀁀􀀳􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶claim document that may result in a substantial amount of onerous work. If the claimant makes this person’s job even more difficult, then ... Read more
Index of Construction Law Professionals 2014... Read more
􀀛􀀭􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶Blue Sky ADR Limited 30-32 Howard Business Park Howard Close Waltham Abbey Essex EX9 1XE U... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀛􀀣surveying, the measurement and valuation of work done,variations, terminations costs and claims for prolongation,acceleration an... Read more
􀀛􀀠􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶has been appointed as a sole arbitrator in the UAE. Lee has both construction and construc... Read more
Do you support the vital work of civil engineering surveyors?Are you ready to start the path to professional recognition? Do you know someone who would benefit from joining ICES as an Affiliate?ICES  ... Read more
􀀛􀀔􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶Carl Morris carl.morris@drivertrett.com A dual qualified chartered quantity surveyor with ... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀛􀀑141 Cecil Street #05-01 Tung Ann Association Building Singapore 069541 +65 6226 4317 www.drivertrett.com Alastair Farr alastair.... Read more
􀀔􀀨􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶and the resolution of commercial and contractual issues on major building, infrastructure,... Read more
􀀮􀀨􀀬􀀭􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀔􀀬Chris Larkin BEng (Hons) LLB (Hons) FCIArb MCIHT MICE chris.larkin@fticonsulting.com Senior managing director. With over 22 year... Read more
􀀔􀀮􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀓􀀽􀁁􀀴􀁃􀀼􀀼􀁀􀁁􀀿􀀾􀀸􀀼􀀯􀁁􀀿􀀼􀁂􀀽􀀷􀀺􀁂􀁀􀁁􀀿􀁄􀀫􀀾􀀶􀁄􀀩􀁃􀀱􀁀􀁃􀀶expense. This includes the provision of expert services in the fields of quantum and delay... Read more