CES - July/August 2014

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Marine Survey Adjudication LiDAR Z Clauses July/August 2014... Read more
you can trust oring, setting out, trust names SCCS are the UK’s leading supplier of surveying equipment with i mapping, surveying and survey eq Tel:01480 404888 www.scc supplied and supported by the ... Read more
July-August Contents 05.President’s Foreword 06.ICES regions 09.Events 12.Social network 14. News 21.Legal Q&A 49.Profiles 50.Classifieds/Where to buy 51.Subscriptions 52.Recruitment 54. Training date... Read more
shaping the future www.korecgroup.com info@korecgroup.com tel UK: 0845 603 1214 IRE: 01 456 4702 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover Capture now, measure later, avoid site rework and benefit from increased qua... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀅􀀶􀀸􀀦􀀹􀀘􀀸􀀵􀀬􀀁􀀦􀀷􀀩􀀰􀀧􀀱􀀓􀀵􀀚T HAT was the message that came across loud and clear from the GEO Business conference and exhibition at the end of May. Your institution, the... Read more
􀀒􀀝􀀩􀀪􀀫􀀷􀀟􀀸􀀳􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀦􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶fault; and retrospective and prospective approaches in delay analysis. A light buffet will be served.21 OCT 14: Good faith... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Cambridge Lecture NEC3 Benefits and Pitfalls 8 October 2014, Cambridge Tickets: £ 67.50 (inc VAT)Lunch and ... Read more
􀀤􀀝􀀩􀀪􀀫􀀷􀀟􀀸􀀳􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀦􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶and coffee on arrival. Wine, nibbles and networking afterwards.16 SEP 14: Public sector property asset management EC Harri... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀝􀀩􀀪􀀫􀀷􀀟􀀸􀀳􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀦􀀋􀀪􀀲􀀸􀀵􀀬􀀦􀀐talk gives an overview of the difficulties with flood prediction and risk assessment and the pertinent factors at work.A buffet will be serv... Read more
􀀭􀀴􀀝􀀵􀀦􀀬􀀹􀀬􀀱􀀬􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀷􀀙􀀸􀀗􀀦􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶Autumn date for Cambridge Lecture The institution is holding its Cambridge Lecture on 8 October 2014 at the Menz... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀝􀀵􀀦􀀬􀀹􀀬􀀱􀀬􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀷􀀙􀀸􀀗􀀦􀀭􀀭ICES at GEO Business The institution had a strong presence at the inaugural GEO Business conference and exhibition held in London’s Business Des... Read more
􀀃􀀄􀀇􀀗􀀎􀀕􀀙􀀕􀀍􀀕􀀙􀀓􀀗􀀖􀀒􀀘􀀋􀀎􀀂􀀑􀀓􀀉􀀙􀀈􀀏􀀖􀀒􀀘􀀕􀀋􀀓􀀔􀀊􀀅􀀙􀀌􀀙􀀏􀀖􀀆􀀗􀀐􀀙􀀗􀀘􀀘􀀔􀀙􀀗􀀐􀀖􀀑􀀍􀀔􀀌􀀘􀀁􀀓􀀔Last month saw a literally groundbreaking specification achievement in the detecti... Read more
ICES Dinner 2014 Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa 6.45pm, 19 September 2014 Tickets: £ 75.00*Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Chateau Impney, one of the finest, most authentic e... Read more
􀀭􀀮􀀙􀀸􀀗􀀦􀀷􀀟􀀰􀀱􀀵􀀘􀀱􀀞􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶UAS in landslide mapping Unmanned aerial systems have been used to aid a geological survey of the landslide that covered... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀙􀀸􀀗􀀦􀀷􀀟􀀰􀀱􀀵􀀘􀀱􀀞􀀭􀀚A new rail bridge has been launched over the Great Western Main Line in Stockley, Hillingdon. The new 1,000 tonne flyover will support Crossrail by free... Read more
􀀭􀀒􀀌􀀪􀀉􀀷􀀖􀀱􀀦􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀦􀀦􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶Kemp, vice-chair of BIM4Infrastructure,spoke of BIM being one shared vision of the truth. Surveyors can deliver that.Mea... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀌􀀪􀀉􀀷􀀖􀀱􀀦􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀦􀀦􀀭􀀥data toes into the Minecraft computer waters — and triggered four times as many downloads in six months than in the whole previous four years of open da... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀡􀀸􀀸􀀬􀀷􀀬􀀜􀀸􀀷􀀡􀀸􀀓􀀎􀀸􀀶􀀦􀀜􀀹􀀞􀀭􀀐What encouraged you to join the construction industry?When I was a child my father operated and maintained heavy plant, and our family liv... Read more
􀀯􀀴􀀡􀀸􀀸􀀬􀀷􀀬􀀜􀀸􀀷􀀡􀀸􀀓􀀎􀀸􀀶􀀦􀀜􀀹􀀞􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶Where would you like to take your career in the future?I would like to continue to progress and develop my... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀔􀀸􀀳􀀢􀀧􀀷􀀄􀀇􀀛􀀯􀀭I T is not uncommon for an employer to seek to insert a ‘fitness for purpose’obligation into consultants’appointments or design and build contracts.Although o... Read more
􀀯􀀯􀀡􀀹􀀧􀀹􀀬􀀢􀀶􀀨􀀷􀀡􀀢􀀞􀀞􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶A LTHOUGH Ordnance Survey has its roots firmly in the military,perhaps its biggest war-time challenge occurred a... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀡􀀹􀀧􀀹􀀬􀀢􀀶􀀨􀀷􀀡􀀢􀀞􀀞􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀯􀀠Mapping the front line Working near the front lines, the Ordnance Survey men routinely exposed themselves to danger. Enemy (and occasionally fri... Read more
􀀯􀀮􀀡􀀢􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶I T’S a stark fact that ocean science is critically underfunded. The ocean covers most of the planet, yet 95% of it st... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀡􀀢􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀯􀀚dive team to record each position exactly, we can load the information to the Internet on the Catlin global reef record website for anyone to view. To... Read more
􀀯􀀒􀀡􀀢􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶approximately 80% of coral coverage in much of the Caribbean has died. As carbon dioxide is built up in the atmosphere... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀡􀀢􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀯􀀥Sydney we are demonstrating that our approach can add significantly to understanding other habitats and how to manage them.As for the future, our eyes... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀑􀀸􀀢􀀬􀀜􀀸􀀶􀀯􀀐T HE winter of 2013-2014 was the wettest on record, according to the UK MET Office, characterised by prolonged periods of heavy rain, high winds and flooding.The ... Read more
􀀠􀀴􀀑􀀸􀀢􀀬􀀜􀀸􀀶􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶year average. In other words, were there to be extremely heavy rain again in the winter of 2014-15, it would not necessarily overc... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀑􀀸􀀢􀀬􀀜􀀸􀀶􀀠􀀭There are various options available to the parties in such circumstances. Where possible to do so, the parties may choose to continue with the works, operating th... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: ICES Publishing Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors +44 (0)161 972 3110 mmhw@cice... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀖􀀝􀀡􀀠􀀠I N May 2011 the UK Cabinet Office published the government’s construction strategy which had the overarching goal of reducing the cost of government construction project... Read more
􀀠􀀮􀀖􀀝􀀡􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶challenges and benefits to broaden understanding. One of the real issues brought to light by the RICS study was the distinct lack of polic... Read more
􀀠􀀒􀀙􀀪􀀩􀀠􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶E MPLOYERS frequently amend the standard New Engineering Contract third edition and draft additional provisions, usually by means of Z c... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀙􀀪􀀩􀀠􀀠􀀥Office of Government Commerce has published a list of optional Z clauses for use in government contracts. These are generally required to deal with the Official Secrets... Read more
􀀠􀀤􀀙􀀪􀀩􀀠􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶the standard NEC3 is intended to be operated. In my opinion it is entirely unacceptable for an employer to expect to have the power to r... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀔􀀹􀀏􀀛􀀟􀀠􀀐F LOATING LIDAR DEVICES (FLD) offer the opportunity for a significant cost reduction in the development of offshore wind power. They can supply a solution that is ord... Read more
􀀮􀀴􀀔􀀹􀀏􀀛􀀟􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶While a step forward from existing masts, Naikun faced its own challenges in terms of both cost (a fixed platform structure faces many... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀔􀀹􀀏􀀛􀀟􀀮􀀭The roadmap The roadmap is important for two reasons. First, it outlines a set of standards which FLDs are expected to meet. These standards include not only those th... Read more
􀀃􀀂􀀈􀀔􀀆􀀄􀀉􀀅􀀔􀀎􀀔􀀍􀀐􀀇􀀑􀀏􀀔􀀑􀀓􀀓􀀒􀀔􀀑􀀏􀀐􀀊􀀋􀀒􀀎􀀓􀀁􀀌􀀒an island 500m away. The result were good, with GL Garrad Hassan stating in a review of the data that the floating sensor agreed to wi... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀛􀀘􀀊􀀱􀀘􀀹􀀕􀀢􀀬􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀮􀀠T HE much-welcome recent growth in the construction sector is underlining the importance of ensuring major projects are kept on track and are not afflic... Read more
􀀮􀀮􀀛􀀘􀀊􀀱􀀘􀀹􀀕􀀢􀀬􀀹􀀰􀀵􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶Brims Construction v A2M Development In Brims Construction Ltd v A2M Development Ltd (2013), the defendant to a dispute ... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀖􀀝􀀡􀀮􀀚W HEN I wrote about the first teetering steps of building information modelling [CES April 2014], there was mention of forming a club. This was part of the engagement wit... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀖􀀝􀀡􀀮􀀥individual requirements are met, and they properly link to the output, then it is self-evident that the project should be considered complete. There appears to be an appe... Read more
O N 8 January 1989, British Midland Flight 92 crashed into the embankment of the M1 motorway near Kegworth in Leicestershire in the UK,killing 47 passengers. 79 people, including seven crew members, s... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀛􀀹􀀶􀀞􀀰􀀶􀀬􀀷􀀍􀀢􀀧􀀸􀀦􀀮􀀐creates a few headaches. We averaged during the currency of the contract, some 2,000 tonnes of asphalt per night; that is the equivalent of 100 return... Read more
􀀚􀀴􀀩􀀧􀀢􀀦􀀦􀀹􀀃􀀹􀀸􀀘􀀦􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Professional Development Mapping, S... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀑􀀜􀀸􀀶􀀸􀀷􀀬􀀰􀀷􀀖􀀱􀀨􀀚􀀭Suppliers Survey Accessories Nikon-Trimble Co 16-2, Minamikamata 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035,Japan +1 3 5710 2592 www.nikon-trimble.com A1 Surve... Read more
􀀚􀀯􀀟􀀸􀀕􀀶􀀱􀀹􀀬􀀓􀀸􀀵􀀬􀀩􀀹􀀲􀀹􀀧􀀷􀀪􀀵􀀳􀀹􀀵􀀸􀀸􀀶􀀹􀀵􀀳􀀷􀀫􀀱􀀶􀀲􀀸􀀨􀀰􀀶GEOMATICS SURVEYORS Atlan c Geoma cs, one of the largest geospa al consultancies in the North of England, are forecas ... Read more
􀀴􀀥􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀷􀀯􀀴􀀭􀀮􀀟􀀸􀀕􀀶􀀱􀀹􀀬􀀓􀀸􀀵􀀬􀀚􀀠Williamson Technical Services Ltd Pensarn Trading Estate, Pensarn, Abergele, Conwy LL22 7SF 01745 832101 www.williamsontechnical.co.uk ENGINEERING SURVEYO... Read more
Training Diary Courses take place in a modern and spacious training suite at ICES HQ in Sale. The suite has excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks and five ... Read more
WITH GR REAT PO WER CO WITH OMES GR REAT REAT VE OWER,ERSATIL ITY M)Building Construction (Topcon’s n without co and a simp accurate 3 industry-le new GLS-2000 is equipped w ompromising accuracy.With ... Read more