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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Mapping GIS Arbitration NEC June 2014... Read more
shaping the future www.korecgroup.com info@korecgroup.com tel UK: 0845 603 1214 IRE: 01 456 4702 Trimble V10 Imaging Rover Capture now, measure later, avoid site rework and benefit from increased qua... Read more
June Contents 05.From the CEO 06.ICES regions 10.Social network 12. News 22.Events 47.Profiles 48.Classifieds/Where to buy 49.Subscriptions 50.Recruitment 51. Training dates Regulars Features 20. Behi... Read more
Do you support the vital work of civil engineering surveyors?Are you ready to start the path to professional recognition? Do you know someone who would benefit from joining ICES as an Affiliate?ICES  ... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀆􀀱􀀮􀀎􀀰􀀢􀀛􀀲􀀰􀀤􀀧􀀅􀀖W HEN asked what the theme of my column would be this month, I responded that I wanted it to tie into the feedback I received from members following my visits t... Read more
􀀡􀀗􀀤􀀧􀀥􀀰􀀓􀀲􀀯􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀠􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱The presentation will explain how to utilise laser scanning to create 3D models for building information modelling project... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀗􀀤􀀧􀀥􀀰􀀓􀀲􀀯􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀠􀀑next committee meeting. The committee would welcome non-members who intend to pursue ICES membership or members of other institutions. 06 JUN 2014: Committee me... Read more
ICES Dinner 2014 Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa 6.45pm, 19 September 2014 Tickets: £ 75.00*Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Chateau Impney, one of the finest, most authentic e... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀗􀀳􀀠􀀢􀀴􀀢􀀩􀀢􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀰􀀘􀀲􀀔􀀠􀀒Nominations for Council of Management The institution is now seeking nominations from corporate members (MCInstCES and FCInstCES) to join its council of... Read more
􀀨􀀭􀀗􀀳􀀠􀀢􀀴􀀢􀀩􀀢􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀰􀀘􀀲􀀔􀀠􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱New accreditation for UWL The institution has accredited five courses at the University of West London. The foun... Read more
The Richard Carter Prize Geospatial Engineer 2014 Nomination Procedures Open to members and non-members of ICES The closing date for nominations is 30 June 2014 Visit the website for full details www.... Read more
􀀌􀀋􀀈􀀖􀀄􀀁􀀓􀀇􀀐􀀑􀀔􀀅􀀑􀀂􀀊􀀕􀀏􀀕􀀃􀀓􀀉􀀔􀀎􀀕􀀔􀀖􀀖􀀒􀀕􀀔􀀎􀀓􀀆􀀑􀀒􀀏􀀖􀀍􀀐􀀒Farewell to Cockcroft’s Follies Decommissioning of the last Windscale chimney at the Sellafield nuclear site has reached... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀘􀀲􀀔􀀠􀀰􀀓􀀮􀀩􀀳􀀕􀀩􀀞􀀨􀀟First aid planned for Bertha Bertha, the tunnel boring machine that broke down on the Alaskan Way viaduct project in Seattle, is to resume digging in March 20... Read more
Same tune, different song Name:Daniel Coates ICES grade:Member Occupation:Project Manager Company:Goodwin Midson, Brisbane Whilst the core principles of surveying remain the same,there are different l... Read more
􀀨􀀡􀀘􀀧􀀤􀀟􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱R UDI KLEIN, president of the NEC Users’ Group, opened the 18th annual seminar on 28 April this year. This seemed a fitting milestone as... Read more
The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: ICES Publishing Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors +44 (0)161 972 3110 mmhw@cice... Read more
􀀨􀀋􀀘􀀧􀀤􀀟􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱The Manchester experience Stephen Williamson, commercial manager of Manchester City Council, has worked as the commercial leader for the... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀜􀀝􀀞􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀨􀀒N OT all maps are geographically accurate. Most of the maps that form part of our cultural heritage are geographically inaccurate; Mappa Mundi, Harry Beck’s Tube map, t... Read more
􀀪􀀭􀀐􀀱􀀴􀀢􀀴􀀠􀀛􀀰􀀌􀀴􀀚􀀱􀀝􀀱􀀣􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱B EAUTIFUL Science is the name of the first exhibition you come across on entering the British Library. It’s a cel... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀐􀀱􀀴􀀢􀀴􀀠􀀛􀀰􀀌􀀴􀀚􀀱􀀝􀀱􀀣􀀪􀀨cringe when he thought that this,amongst all of his life’s work, was part of his lasting testament. But, again, that’s part of the beauty. Sometimes see... Read more
􀀑􀀑􀀃􀀖􀀗􀀍􀀗􀀎􀀊􀀓􀀅􀀗􀀈􀀖􀀇􀀖􀀌􀀁􀀐􀀒􀀕􀀔􀀍􀀎􀀄􀀗􀀒􀀗􀀋􀀓􀀐􀀔􀀏􀀗􀀔􀀕􀀕􀀖􀀗􀀔􀀏􀀓􀀆􀀂􀀖􀀒􀀕􀀌􀀉􀀖proposed new rail line through leafy Tory supporting Buckinghamshire was used to drum support before... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀪􀀫􀀍􀀱􀀚􀀴􀀢􀀱􀀝􀀢􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱Q ATAR is a compelling commercial proposition for the UK construction sector. In turn, arbitration appears to be a necessa... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀍􀀱􀀚􀀴􀀢􀀱􀀝􀀢􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀪􀀖a locally incorporated joint venture between Qatari and foreign companies.The arbitration and the underlying contract were governed by Qatari law. A Doha court ... Read more
􀀪􀀡􀀜􀀮􀀳􀀴􀀢􀀮􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱T HE 2013/2014 winter storms were some of the most severe recorded in southwest England. During this period, Plymouth Univer... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀜􀀮􀀳􀀴􀀢􀀮􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀪􀀑generations and is made difficult by the remoteness and low power availability. Plymouth’s research is led by associate professor Alison Raby and has followed a t... Read more
you can trust oring, setting out, trust names SCCS are the UK’s leading supplier of surveying equipment with mapping, surveying and survey eq Tel:01480 404888 www.scc supplied and supported by the co... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀏􀀗􀀥􀀪􀀒I N March 2010, I came across the historian Scott Doody looking for the grave site of a decorated World War I veteran who was killed in the infamous,but now largely forgotten, ... Read more
􀀟􀀭􀀏􀀗􀀥􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱parcel fabric from known dimensions. It was the conceptual design or ideal layout of the cemetery. Initially it acted as a template for an... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀏􀀗􀀥􀀟􀀨data. This strategy permitted the team to include attributes such as first name, last name and date of death (when these were legible in photographs) back at the lab after proc... Read more
􀀟􀀪􀀏􀀗􀀥􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱While the headstone survey provided information above ground, research of interment records provided information below ground for numerous... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀘􀀮􀀢􀀴􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀟􀀟O NE of the major problems many employers saw in the drafting of the second edition of the New Engineering Contract was that it allowed the contractor to notify a compe... Read more
􀀟􀀫􀀘􀀮􀀢􀀴􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱asbestos surveys that Healthy Buildings was going to carry out could either be by sample or by reference to each individual buildi... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀇􀀩􀀱􀀴􀀠􀀕􀀴􀀙􀀢􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀟􀀖Q UESTIONS of jurisdiction may overlap with determination of the substantive issue, however to resolve that question, there must be an underlying or initial c... Read more
􀀟􀀡􀀇􀀩􀀱􀀴􀀠􀀕􀀴􀀙􀀢􀀴􀀮􀀳􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱separate contracts. The process of appointment and procedure for adjudication being set out in the initial contract, the... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀜􀀝􀀞􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀟􀀑S HOW-STOPPERS on construction sites for civil engineers include finding hidden, unanticipated features that require additional cost and time to investigate and deal wi... Read more
􀀟􀀋􀀜􀀝􀀞􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱utilities searches or even flood or ground stability (for example natural and manmade cavities). Looking specifically at unexplode... Read more
􀀊􀀆􀀁􀀃􀀊􀀂􀀅􀀈􀀎􀀌􀀍􀀎􀀋􀀋􀀉􀀍􀀎􀀌􀀄􀀇C IVIL ENGINEERING is unlike some other professions, for example the law or medicine,because it fundamentally depends upon commerce, in other words businesses o... Read more
􀀫􀀭􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱In the case of the civil engineering profession very little indeed can be done without expensive equipment, large quantiti... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀫􀀨An interesting example is the state of road transport. Horseless carriages were seen as novelty when they were invented. One of their main selling points was th... Read more
􀀫􀀪􀀜􀀮􀀚􀀴􀀦􀀲􀀰􀀜􀀝􀀞􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱M OBILE MAPPING systems are designed and configured to collect highly detailed and commonly geo-referenced LiDAR and... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀜􀀮􀀚􀀴􀀦􀀲􀀰􀀜􀀝􀀞􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀫􀀟productivity rates. The software is configurable to work with most mobile mapping platforms including the Topcon IPS2 Compact+ and Trimble MX8 systems.Thi... Read more
􀀈􀀈􀀉􀀍􀀆􀀓􀀋􀀒􀀐􀀉􀀅􀀌􀀌􀀓􀀑􀀏􀀂􀀓􀀊􀀓􀀋􀀐􀀃􀀑􀀏􀀓􀀑􀀒􀀒􀀎􀀓􀀑􀀏􀀐􀀄􀀇􀀎􀀊􀀒􀀁􀀍􀀎through the map point and click technique. This allows for rapid population of assets into a central spatial reposit... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀊􀀲􀀙􀀛􀀳􀀮􀀦􀀮􀀯􀀣􀀫􀀖by 20%, construction companies and building operators simply cannot afford to waste time with workers left idle due to lack of information. Nor can they risk mist... Read more
􀀫􀀡􀀊􀀲􀀙􀀛􀀳􀀮􀀦􀀮􀀯􀀣􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱require at the point of activity, relevant to their role and the task they are performing, could dramatically improve their ... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀍􀀕􀀬􀀲􀀱􀀢􀀮􀀱􀀴􀀝􀀦􀀂􀀄􀀱􀀮􀀉􀀴􀀦􀀲􀀠􀀫􀀑E ROSION protection and watercourse management specialists,Maccaferri has a free software package available. Macra1 allows users to model and ... Read more
􀀫􀀋􀀤􀀦􀀝􀀠􀀠􀀴􀀉􀀴􀀲􀀕􀀠􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Professional Development Mapping, S... Read more
􀀭􀀡􀀰􀀪􀀭􀀨􀀫􀀈􀀛􀀲􀀱􀀲􀀰􀀢􀀮􀀰􀀐􀀩􀀣􀀫􀀒Suppliers Survey Accessories Nikon-Trimble Co 16-2, Minamikamata 2-chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0035,Japan +1 3 5710 2592 www.nikon-trimble.com A1 Survey Spar... Read more
􀀖􀀭􀀓􀀲􀀙􀀱􀀩􀀴􀀢􀀎􀀲􀀳􀀢􀀤􀀴􀀬􀀴􀀦􀀰􀀧􀀳􀀯􀀴􀀳􀀲􀀲􀀱􀀴􀀳􀀯􀀰􀀥􀀩􀀱􀀬􀀲􀀣􀀮􀀱Dimensional Control Survey Engineer Great opportunity to work with a global company Permanent full time position Competiti... Read more
ICES Training Provider Date+Time Course Cost 15 JUL 2014 10am-2.30pm Civil Engineering Surveyors – Are you complying with the Data Protection Act?A seminar, with buffet lunch included, to help increas... Read more