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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Education Fracking Membership Delay April 2014... Read more
April Contents 05.From the CEO 06.ICES regions 11.News 16.Events 40.Social network 45.Profiles 46.Classifieds/Where to buy 47.Subscriptions 48.Recruitment 50.Training dates Regulars Features 19.Seeing... Read more
u can nam n trust mes you n supplied and supp orted by the company you can trus setting out, st SCCS are the UK’s leading supplier of surveying equipment with innovative solutions in monitoring,mapp... Read more
04 2014 From the CEO 5 I am a great believer that it is only by getting out of head office and meeting members that I can get a real feel of how things are going within our institution. The rewards fo... Read more
6 ICES Regions Civil Engineering Surveyor ICES Anglia & Central ICES A&C held its AGM at Leica Geosystems in Milton Keynes. Thanks go to Leica for its hospitality, to members who attended and ICES HQ ... Read more
04 2014 ICES Regions 7 02 APR 2014: Committee meeting Forthbank Stadium, Stirling 7.30pm Bookings: Serena Ronan +44 (0)161 972 3100 sronan@cices.org www.cices.org/scotland/Refreshments provided. All ... Read more
8 Institution News Civil Engineering Surveyor Changes to ICES commercial management competencies Last year, new format commercial management competencies were introduced for the quantity surveying and... Read more
04 2014 Institution News/Letter to the Editor 9 ICES to work on chain apprenticeships ICES is supporting an initiative by the Construction Industry Council to develop an apprenticeship for the chain p... Read more
The Richard Carter Prize Geospatial Engineer 2014 Nomination Procedures Open to members and non-members of ICES The closing date for nominations is 30 June 2014 Visit the website for full details www.... Read more
04 2014 News Roundup 11 LiDAR alternative LiDAR digital terrain model data has been used in a flood risk assessment and drainage strategy for a 40 acre development project. The data from Landmark Info... Read more
12 News Roundup Civil Engineering Surveyor Lift off for IIF The fifth GPS IIF satellite has been successfully launched. The US Air Force carried the satellite aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV ... Read more
04 2014 BIM Conference 13 B IM. Yes, it’s that word again and I make no apology for mentioning it. In fact, there’s absolutely no way of getting away from it. Put simply,you have two choices; either y... Read more
14 Membership Civil Engineering Surveyor M AKING an application for an institution approved development scheme is straightforward. The trick is to make it work optimally for the benefit of all involve... Read more
04 2014 Membership 15 company can publicly demonstrate its commitment to the learning and development of its surveying staff by using the approved development partner logo.Is it difficult to apply for... Read more
16 Membership/Events Civil Engineering Surveyor The trainee Last, and certainly not least, we have the trainee. However much help and good organisation is provided by the mentor, supervisor and admini... Read more
ICES Dinner 2014 Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa 6.45pm, 19 September 2014 Tickets: £ 75.00*Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Chateau Impney, one of the finest, most authentic e... Read more
When you hear the word hybrid, power does not typically come to mind. Not so with Topcon Hybrid Positioning technology. It gives you added power to complete the most demanding measurement jobs so you ... Read more
04 2014 Alison Watson 19 As a land surveyor, how did you get involved in education?I worked on the Building Schools for the Future programme from 2004 for a number of years. Setting up an instrument i... Read more
20 Alison Watson Civil Engineering Surveyor including the all important land surveyors!They then worked together to produce a sketch scheme and socio-economic case for the project. Because the project... Read more
04 2014 Alison Watson 21 number of barriers were broken down. It was an incredible experience, and one that I will never forget. Accompanying the students from Hull’s Archbishop Sentamu Academy to rec... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
04 2014 Fracking 23 H YDRAULIC fracturing to unlock natural gas trapped in shale formations has brought the water-energy nexus to the fore, but what are the risks and can they be effectively managed?A... Read more
24 Fracking Civil Engineering Surveyor areas where there is a genuine risk to valuable drinking water resources located in groundwater. Groundwater including any local aquifers should be carefully del... Read more
04 2014 Fracking 25 Assessing the impact of the industry Accurate baseline environmental monitoring is essential to assess the impact of shale gas extraction on the environment and any implications fo... Read more
26 Flood Modelling Civil Engineering Surveyor A group of international water experts have teamed up to investigate flood management options for the Orange River in South Africa. Fourth Element Consult... Read more
04 2014 Flood Modelling 27 Flooding would have been part of the agricultural lifecycle on these lands and flood levees were a likely method of flood control. Early records in South Africa’s Department... Read more
28 Flood Modelling Civil Engineering Surveyor along the length of the river in a sensible run time whilst maintaining sufficient detail in the model. The InfoWorks ICM software has been selected for t... Read more
BUSINESS 2014 BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE LONDON 􀃥 UK 28 – 29 MAY A brand new geospatial event for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivering of geospatial information.Incorpor... Read more
30 Space Weather Civil Engineering Surveyor W OULD your life have been different if you could have accessed scientific data from your own authentic scientific instrument in high school? Would you be w... Read more
04 2014 Space Weather 31 have been separated from the nuclei of their atoms, can also be ejected from the sun during a flare event. This bundle of matter is called a coronal mass ejection (CME). CMEs ... Read more
32 Space Weather Civil Engineering Surveyor fairly regularly as solid dark lines. Missing data is charted as bold white lines. Solar flares are indicated by small white occurrences. It is not clear wh... Read more
04 2014 Building Control 33 F OLLOWING a period of consultation with industry stakeholders over recent years,Ireland has published the Building Control (Amendment) Regulations 2014 and related code of... Read more
34 Delay Civil Engineering Surveyor T HE first of the recent storms to hit the UK came in October 2013 and now with British springtime fast approaching, the end must surely be in sight. However, for a... Read more
04 2014 Delay 35 exceptional and adverse any weather has actually been.Notification Under NEC3, the contractor must notify the project manager of the potential compensation event within eight weeks (s... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
04 2014 UAV 37 U NMANNED aerial vehicles have recently been used to map the Czech Republic’s largest cemetery. The project in Brno, the country’s second largest city, has seen information about each g... Read more
38 UAV Civil Engineering Surveyor live view from the UAV. The images were then postprocessed to build an orthophotomap and digital surface model — a process that took about two days. Results The resul... Read more
04 2014 Letter from America 39 Y OU may recall my June 2012 article about the planned project to replace the earthquake-damaged Alaskan Highway viaduct with a tunnel. On 30 July 2013, Big Bertha, the ... Read more
40 Letter from America/Social Network Civil Engineering Surveyor provide a revised timeline and plans to mitigate the delay.In the meantime, routine inspection of the earthquake damaged viaduct has re... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’ wal... Read more
42 Development Civil Engineering Surveyor I was invited by members of the Oasis Off-road Club for a drive to Rub Al Khali — possibly the remotest part of the United Arab Emirates. Rub Al Khali (the ‘e... Read more
04 2014 Development 43 Turning south from Ruwais, I arrive at Ghayathi — and the last petrol station before the meeting point some 68km further south. It is time to fill the car with fuel and a furthe... Read more
04 2014 Advertorial/Profiles 45 R ENOWNED as the world leader in Gabion retaining structures for over 130 years,Maccaferri provides innovative solutions and products to the construction industry, spec... Read more
46 Classifieds/Where to Buy Civil Engineering Surveyor Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Monitoring Surveys Mapping, Software & Data Surveys Suppli... Read more
04 2014 Where to Buy/Subscriptions 47 Suppliers survey accessories NavCom Technology 20780 Madrona Avenue Torrance, CA 90503 USA +1 (310) 381-2000 www.navcomtech.com Nikon-Trimble Co 16-2, Minamik... Read more
48 Recruitment Civil Engineering Surveyor SENIOR SURVEYOR (LAND & MEASURED BUILDING SURVEYS)Due to a substantial increase in workload, the Land Survey Division is looking for a senior surveyor to join... Read more
􀀌􀀏􀀁􀀃􀀌􀀂􀀏􀀅􀀍􀀆􀀊􀀋􀀇􀀎􀀈􀀍􀀉􀀎􀀏􀀄Laser Scanning Sales Manager Due to the continued success of Topcon positioning solutions throughout the UK, we are looking to expand our sales team to help del... Read more
ICES Training Provider Date+Time Course Cost 07 MAY 2014 9am-4.30pm Principles of Construction Contracts (1 Day)This course provides an introduction to construction contracts, how they are formed and ... Read more
Precise, Versatile, R Leica Nova MS50 eliable Leica Nova: a whole new dimension in m capturing and visualising to deciding, acting create a unique solution that covers the co combines total station, i... Read more