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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors May 2011 Rail Tunnelling Partnering Bribery Act... Read more
Luke Jarrey, HDS Technical Representative Unrivalled advice, support & knowledge for all 3D laser scanning applications Contact Luke and the rest of the UK HDS team on 01908 256500 or from our new HDS... Read more
CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR Rail; from early development in the USA to high speed plans in the UK. Image ©Robert Linder robertlinderphoto.com 19 28 Early days of railroad development 40 Protecting the ... Read more
President’s Column So long, adieu, auf wiedersehen, goodbye Iam informed, undoubtedly reliably, that this will be the last column that I will write as your president. While you may be delighted at the... Read more
President’s Column Pictured top: Ken joins ICES fellow and SURCO director Rory Stanbridge on board the SS Great Britain. The captain’s table. Ken and his wife Norma join one of the boat’s permanent pa... Read more
ICES Regions UAE AGM The AGM was held on 20 March 2011 at the American University in Dubai. A summary review of 2010 provided some impressive statistics. With 127 members in the region, 23 events were... Read more
ICES Regions Hong Kong AGM The AGM was held on 17 March 2011 at the Cityview Hotel, Kowloon. Over 100 members and guests attended the AGM and annual dinner. Amongst the VIP guests were Wai Chi Sing, J... Read more
ICES Regions Eastern & Midlands AGM The AGM was held on 15 March 2011 at Nottingham Geospatial Building. ICES E&M committee The committee is now: James Hulme: Chair Stuart Andrew: Treasurer Lukasz Bon... Read more
Approved Development Schemes Recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees Add value to employment packages Ensure employees develop their roles quickly and efficiently Preferred route to get em... Read more
Institution News Tweetastic ICES The institution’s Twitter feed has been included in a list of the top 100 most influential tweeters in the UK built environment. The list was put together by researche... Read more
News Roundup In brief: A Skanska Rados joint venture has won a £340m contract to extend the light rail from Culver City to Santa Monica in Los Angeles County. Work includes 14 miles of track as well a... Read more
News Roundup Metro for Vietnam Funding is being put into place for a £620m metro rail project in Hanoi, Vietnam. The new rail link will run from the city’s main railway station in Hoan Kiem to Nhon, 8... Read more
News Roundup Trimble to buy out Ashtech Survey equipment manufacturer Trimble has announced it is to buy out Ashtech and its affiliates. The acquisition is expected to expand Trimble’s Spectra Precisi... Read more
Letters to the Editor It’s that word I have noticed that the wording of my article (‘It’s that word competence again’, April 2011) misrepresents the position of the client under CDM2007. The client is... Read more
Letters to the Editor level is based on one year in a design office and one year on site. The duty placed on designers under the regulations is that (literally) all their designs must be capable of be... Read more
Legal Corner What did you think? Instructions LAST month, the institution’s Contracts and Dispute Resolution Panel posed a query on road base instructions for readers to have a think about. So, what d... Read more
Accredited Courses Accreditation of degrees and diplomas by ICES is a mark of assurance that the programmes meet the standards set by industry; producing graduates with enough knowledge and background... Read more
Education UNNC Teaching overseas Darrell Smart chats to Professor Gethin Roberts about teaching at the University of Nottingham Ningbo, China IT’S not unusual for universities to have other campuses, ... Read more
Education course to civil engineering students. Until this year, the engineering courses have been running with a format where students complete two years in Ningbo and then go to Nottingham for two y... Read more
Education and we’ve had civil engineering students go to universities in North America and Canada. centre that facilitates and organises CPD. The local government here can see that we are training eng... Read more
Scottish Geomatics Who are you? Scottish Geomatics 2011 Scotland Abigail Tomkins, Deputy Editor WHAT’S the role of a surveyor? Technician, when land surveyors are constantly being asked to revise thei... Read more
Scottish Geomatics 17,000 tonnes of rock salt (although 2010/2011 saw that stock replenished twice). At the moment, there is no standardisation for road asset management data across the country. Howev... Read more
Bribery Act The Bribery Act: The countdown begins Omar Qureshi, Partner, and Joe Smith, Associate, CMS Cameron McKenna LLP AT the end of March, the Ministry of something the previous government, who e... Read more
Bribery Act their investment in or ownership of the joint venture.” However, an agent employed by a participant in a contractual joint venture (i.e. where there is no separate JV entity) will likely b... Read more
Bribery Act advantage in return.” Nevertheless, bribes can also be based on “relatively modest expenditure.” Therefore, while consideration of what is normal or expected in a particular sector or coun... Read more
Bribery Act to address “specific risks associated with specific posts.” Different formats of training may be used in this regard, including e-learning and other web-based tools. Case studies The appen... Read more
Rail Early days of railroad development in the USA Barry Hiscox FCInstCES IN PAST Letters from America, I have discussed and advocated the urgent need for high speed rail development in the USA as an ... Read more
Rail Mexico for $5m under the Gadsden Purchase to facilitate the southern route. However, the ultimate route chosen for the future First Transcontinental Railroad was across the centre of the country.... Read more
Rail Getting a grip on the high-speed rail game Talking recently to a crowd at Philadelphia’s historic 30th Street Station, America’s most famous Amtrak rider, the ever vocal vice president Joe Biden ... Read more
Rail various upgrades, including conversion to burning coal, it changed hands and stayed in active service until it was scrapped for $1,000 in 1909. A 1979 replica can be seen at the Golden Spike Nati... Read more
Contracts A target cost contract for high speed rail? Shy Jackson, Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons HIGH SPEED RAIL has the great potential to transform the way people live and In simple terms, option... Read more
Contracts These categories seem sensible when read in the overall context of the contract and one can see the logic behind disallowing a payment to a subcontractor if there is no contractual basis or ... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Workshops Workshop Calendar 2011 16 May 2011 3.30pm Manchester 17 May 2011 3.30pm Liverpool 24 May 2011 3.30pm Birmingham 6 June 2011 3.30pm Manchester 7 June 2011 3... Read more
Partnering Standard forms of partnering contracts The ultimate contractual commitment? Part 3 Partneriing Team ICES Partnering Team THIS is the third in a series of articles being published in CES com... Read more
Partnering positive reciprocal incentive payment should the constructor achieve completion early. The alternative approach is not to include the achievement of the date of completion as an incentive b... Read more
Partnering use of secondary option X12 will be subject to provisions in core clause 3, which require the preparation and maintenance by means of regular revisions of a programme. The programme so prod... Read more
Partnering the percentage of the effect of any such risk that the supplier is entitled to recover. If the entry has not been completed, then the risk is shared equally between the supplier and the pur... Read more
Partnering Partnering contracts are drafted as part of a plan for success, whereas traditional construction contracts tend to concentrate on how to allocate risks where something goes wrong. completio... Read more
Geotechnics Protecting the Pennine rail line Jeff Laverack, Holmes Media IN the rugged, Pennine hills of South Yorkshire, the Penistone block sizes typically in the range of 200–600mm diameter, there ... Read more
BIM Considering the economies of scale Taking building information modelling underground Eric Westergren, Project Engineer, Jacobs Associates BUILDING information modelling (BIM) is arguably one of th... Read more
BIM change, costs change, schedules change, details and sections change and so on. BIM may also be described by its key features, which include: • Object oriented 3D modelling. • Engineering analysis ... Read more
BIM As can be seen, BIM can be applied anywhere there is information from disparate sources that needs to be analyzed holistically. BIM success stories Now that we’ve looked at the theory, let’s turn ... Read more
Roads Unwinding the long, long trail The history of roads in the UK: Part 6 Hamish Mitchell FCInstCES FRICS MInstRE BEFORE we proceed to consider UK roads in the post-Roman period, it is worth remembe... Read more
Roads After the departure of the Romans, the Saxons used many prehistoric tracks and ridgeways. network roads leading from these inland salt towns (wiches) carried the product over long distances. Exa... Read more
Event Review Keeping pace CES at the Leica GNSS day Abigail Tomkins, Deputy Editor AS an advanced certified Ordnance Survey partner, the new OS headquarters in Southampton provided a fitting home for ... Read more
Profiles Is this a record? Only three chairmen in 128 years. From 1883 until today, leading anti-corrosion product manufacturing specialist Winn and Coales (Denso), has been headed by only three chair... Read more
Classifieds Adjudication Modelling and Software CES Classifieds +44 (0)161 972 3110 sales@cices.org Advanced Inspection Equipment Civil Engineering And Surveying Made Easy With 12d® Model www.12d.co.u... Read more
Classifieds Surveys HARRIS EasyLifter Rugby Ground Info Ltd trading as RGI Surveys The Old Stables 70a Oxford Street RUGBY CV21 3NE Worcester, England T: 01905 763361 MIKE WORBY SURVEY CONSULTANCY Cha... Read more
Where to Buy Ashtech European Headquarters, ZAC de la Fleuriaye BP 60433 44474 Carquefou Cedex France +33 2 28 09 38 00 www.ashtech.com/en Topcon (GB), Head Office Topcon House, Bone Lane, Kennet Side... Read more
SURCO Training The information business of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors SURCO Training is a division of the Chartered Instuon of Civil Engineering Surveyors' trading compan... Read more
Machine Control Service TO ACHIEVE TOTAL ACCURACY EVERY TIME WITH KOREC Measured Solutions Construction | Surveying | Mapping Surveying Mobile GIS The industries KOREC serves are evolving at a rapid p... Read more