CES - February 2014

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Utilities GNSS Letters of Intent BIM February 2014... Read more
February Contents 05. From the CEO 06. ICES regions 10. News 12. Events 12. Social network 13. Training dates 18. Legal Q&A 54. Profiles 56. Classifieds/Where to buy 57. Subscriptions 58. Recruitment ... Read more
Laser Scanning? SCCS have the answer Industry’s Best Performing Ultra-High Speed Laser Scanner Ultra-high speed scanners (up to 1 million points/second) are known for their ultra-fast scan speeds and ... Read more
02 2014 From the CEO 5 F IRST and foremost, I would like to take the opportunity to wish all our readers a very happy and prosperous new year from all the staff at HQ and to thank you for your support... Read more
6 ICES Regions Civil Engineering Surveyor ICES Anglia & Central 11 MAR 14: AGM + Leica HQ tour Leica Geosystems, Milton Keynes MK15 8HT 6.30pm for 7pm Bookings: Serena Ronan +44 (0)161 972 3100 sronan... Read more
02 2014 ICES Regions 7 ICES North West & North Wales Mark Hudson took over the region chair from Peter Randles on 1 January 2014. Mr Hudson is a former chair of ICES Ireland and Northern Ireland. 18 M... Read more
8 Institution News Civil Engineering Surveyor Survey awards for ICES members ICES member Steve Thurgood (above) was named technical collaborator of the year by survey dealership SCCS. The award, made ... Read more
BIM The developing role of the surveyor 25 February 2014, London Featuring David Philp Head of BIM Implementation, Cabinet Office Malcolm Taylor Head of Technical Information, Crossrail Will Hackney B... Read more
10 News Roundup Civil Engineering Surveyor Thames Water win for JV An Aecom, Murphy and Kier joint venture is to rebuild one of London’s largest sewage works facilities. The £ 174m contract from Thame... Read more
02 2014 News Roundup 11 Lincoln Memorial joins CyArk list America’s Lincoln Memorial is to be added to the archive of digital heritage organisation CyArk. The US National Park Service and DJS Associat... Read more
12 Social Network/Events Civil Engineering Surveyor The (CES) social network What miserable weather to kick start the New Year... our sympathies go out to those working on outdoor projects! #construct... Read more
ICES Training Provider Date+Time Course Cost 26-27 FEB 2014 9am-4.30pm Commercial Awareness (2 days)This course provides an introduction to the contractual, legal, financial and other matters that sur... Read more
14 Membership Civil Engineering Surveyor T HE process for joining ICES is straightforward for the right candidate. Designed to allow you to prove your competence with reference to your work experience... Read more
02 2014 Membership 15 8. Get somebody with experience to proofread your submission. It needs to be written and presented to a high standard.Remember — all of your submission needs to be specifically r... Read more
16 Membership Civil Engineering Surveyor Y OU may be reading the above title because as a member of the institution you receive your journal every month and here you are, dutifully flipping through th... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
18 Legal Q&A Civil Engineering Surveyor C onsultants are frequently brought into pre-contract discussions between an employer and contractor regarding works to be carried out. Discussion turns to whet... Read more
02 2014 Interview 19 How has your career led you here?By taking advantage of opportunities as they arise. When faced with an opportunity,instead of asking why, you should always ask; why not? You get ... Read more
20 Interview Civil Engineering Surveyor Was civil engineering always your first choice?Did I have a burning desire to be a civil engineer from the age of four? No. I was good at science and maths. I l... Read more
02 2014 Interview 21 presidents. I don’t think any organisation has got it completely right yet. There isn’t a clear role for past presidents. They have lots of experience, they’ve done the job for a ... Read more
22 Transport Civil Engineering Surveyor T HE year 2010 was a milestone in the inexorable growth of global population. For the first time, more people were living in urban areas than in the countryside... Read more
02 2014 Transport 23 new policy measures, yet empirical evidence and objective advice on them remain limited. Secondly, they may have a decreasing influence on travel patterns as individual initiative... Read more
24 Transport Civil Engineering Surveyor make a further announcement linking funding to the preparation of such plans. Its guidance makes particular reference to practice in the UK, which has 40 years’... Read more
02 2014 BIM 25 T HE Midfield Terminal Building (MTB) of Abu Dhabi Airport is a £ 1.8b, 700,000m2 development, providing a terminal building with passenger and cargo facilities,duty-free shops and rest... Read more
26 BIM Civil Engineering Surveyor Pre-award preparations The client invited five major international joint venture (JV) consortia to bid for the construction contract. The JV of Consolidated Construct... Read more
02 2014 BIM 27 A bold initiative was taken to start developing the 3D BIM platform eight months before the project was even awarded.Integration with other EDMs and procurement systems Reports Reports ... Read more
28 BIM Civil Engineering Surveyor cost, time, quality, material management, progress and others. CCC had recognised this many years prior, and had developed an in-house business-oriented 3D based appl... Read more
02 2014 BIM 29 • Strong quantification engine for capturing and managing the project scope (material take-off).Current status The project has now been running for one year and will continue for anothe... Read more
When you hear the word hybrid, power does not typically come to mind. Not so with Topcon Hybrid Positioning technology. It gives you added power to complete the most demanding measurement jobs so you ... Read more
02 2014 GPS 31 T HE Global Positioning System (GPS) touches practically all facets of modern civilian life and has become an integral part of many essential services. To name a few, GPS provides an in... Read more
32 GPS Civil Engineering Surveyor than L1 C/A-code. Each signal is transmitted at 511,500 bits per second (bps); however, they are multiplexed to form a 1,023,000 bps signal. The US Commerce Departmen... Read more
02 2014 GPS 33 messages are of the highest utility to the GPS world community.Space segment update The space segment consists of the GPS satellites that orbit the Earth. This constellation of satellit... Read more
34 Remote Sensing Civil Engineering Surveyor G LOBALLY, flooding causes half of all deaths due to natural hazards, and one-third of all economic losses. In Europe alone, there were 100 major floods be... Read more
02 2014 Remote Sensing 35 Figure 2: System flow diagram and flood extent products.where water velocities are higher. The flood extent can be used to calibrate a computer model of flood inundation, by ... Read more
36 Remote Sensing Civil Engineering Surveyor catchments. Half of the world’s rivers contain no river gauges, and the number of gauges that exist is actually falling. Many floodplains in the developed ... Read more
02 2014 Remote Sensing 37 References 1 Mason DC, Davenport IJ, Neal JC, Schumann GJ-P and Bates PD (2012) ‘Near real-time flood detection in urban and rural areas using high resolution Synthetic Apert... Read more
The Richard Carter Prize Geospatial Engineer 2014 Nomination Procedures Open to members and non-members of ICES The closing date for nominations is 30 June 2014 Visit the website for full details www.... Read more
02 2014 Reservoirs 39 T HE recent heavy rain and flooding across the country has reiterated the importance of managing the UK’s water courses and supply network in a way that minimises the risk of flo... Read more
40 Reservoirs Civil Engineering Surveyor It was imperative that Haslingden Grane treatment works could operate consistently at full capacity by this date which was dependent on Ogden reservoir operati... Read more
02 2014 Reservoirs 41 Managing embankment stability While work at Holden Wood reservoir was less time critical from an operational perspective because the asset is not linked to the water supply infra... Read more
42 Letters of Intent Civil Engineering Surveyor L etters of intent are used throughout the global construction industry. A recent study1 of over 200 similar contractual documents from all over the wor... Read more
02 2014 Letters of Intent 43 enter into a formal contract with the recipient at some point in the future, then it would not be a contract. That sort of letter is not an offer to do anything.One simple... Read more
ICES Dinner 2014 Chateau Impney, Droitwich Spa 6.45pm, 19 September 2014 Tickets: £ 75.00*Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Chateau Impney, one of the finest, most authentic e... Read more
02 2014 Military History 45 W E will continue our look at the Bristol Channel fortifications by examining those on Steep Holm,making mention of what existed at Lavernock Point and, although not specif... Read more
46 Military History Civil Engineering Surveyor Artillery and Trinity House objected to this proposal as they had personnel stationed there. After negotiations, the corporation decided to lease those p... Read more
02 2014 GNSS 47 T HE BeiDou satellite navigation system will not achieve global reach until 2020, according to the latest projections of the China National Space Administration. New results from Austr... Read more
48 GNSS Civil Engineering Surveyor One of the surprising results is that it is possible to generate survey-level observations without lengthy site observation. It is even possible to do instantaneous ... Read more
02 2014 Pipelines 49 D ESIGNED to reduce the level of water abstraction required at Speen water treatment works in Berkshire, Thames Water’s £ 10m project to construct a new 19.2km pipeline between Ti... Read more
50 Pipelines Civil Engineering Surveyor Complex crossing The route of the pipeline was plotted through as much open countryside as possible as this provided the quickest and most economical installati... Read more
02 2014 BIM 51 G IVEN the sustained economic challenges being experienced across the building sector, every organisation is looking for better value from building projects. For a cash-strapped governm... Read more
52 BIM Civil Engineering Surveyor also encompasses information management as much as information modelling. It enables a contractor to feed design information into project planning tools and resolve p... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway,Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’walki... Read more
54 Advertorial/Profiles Civil Engineering Surveyor R ENOWNED as the world leader in Gabion retaining structures for over 130 years,Maccaferri provides innovative solutions and products to the construc... Read more
Approved Development Schemes Recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees Add value to employment packages Ensure employees develop their roles quickly and efficiently Preferred route to get em... Read more
56 Classifieds Civil Engineering Surveyor Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Monitoring Surveys Mapping, Software & Data Surveys Suppliers Site Repo... Read more
02 2014 Where to Buy 57 Suppliers survey accessories NavCom Technology 20780 Madrona Avenue Torrance, CA 90503 USA +1 (310) 381-2000 www.navcomtech.com Nikon-Trimble Co 16-2, Minamikamata 2-chome,... Read more
58 Recruitment Civil Engineering Surveyor Engineering Surveyor (REF SVY2014010801)The successful candidate must be able to demonstrate: • Good knowledge and understanding of varied surveying technique... Read more
BUSINESS 2014 BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE LONDON 􀃥 UK 28 – 29 MAY A brand new geospatial event for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivering of geospatial information.Incorpor... Read more
Leica Nova MS50 – World` s First MultiStation You only get a moment to make the right decision. So ultimate performance and absolute reliability are critical. Our new Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation comb... Read more