CES - December 2013

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Positioning Transport Fiji Alliancing December-January 2014... Read more
Laser Scanning? SCCS have the answer Industry’s Best Performing Ultra-High Speed Laser Scanner Ultra-high speed scanners (up to 1 million points/second) are known for their ultra-fast scan speeds and ... Read more
Dec-Jan Contents 05. President’s column 06. ICES regions 08. News 12. Training dates 13. Social network 15. Legal Q&A 48. Events 53. Profiles 51. Classifieds/Where to buy 52. Subscriptions 53. Recruit... Read more
BIM The developing role of the surveyor 25 February 2014, London Featuring David Philp Head of BIM Implementation, Cabinet Office Malcolm Taylor Head of Technical Information, Crossrail Will Hackney B... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀏􀀶􀀵􀀬􀀹􀀜􀀵􀀴􀀪􀀁􀀬􀀷􀀦􀀱􀀫􀀭􀀉􀀴􀀡Reaching out Reputation Our reputation is international and our fastest growth area is undoubtedly now overseas and we are very proud and plea... Read more
􀀘􀀠􀀦􀀤􀀩􀀷􀀞􀀵􀀰􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶ICES Anglia & Central 11 MAR 14: AGM Location TBC ICES Hong Kong On 9 August, region representatives Miranda Lui and Jacob... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀠􀀦􀀤􀀩􀀷􀀞􀀵􀀰􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀬􀀗30 JAN 14: Practical Guidance on the FIDIC Suite of Contracts Eversheds, Newcastle upon Tyne, 6pm Bookings: Serena Ronan +44 (0)161 972 3100 sronan@cices.... Read more
􀀈􀀠􀀴􀀬􀀪􀀹􀀪􀀭􀀪􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀷􀀝􀀵􀀚􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶Win for Dublin by night Ben Dundas-Gray, a graphic design student from Cirencester, has won a photography competit... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀠􀀴􀀬􀀪􀀹􀀪􀀭􀀪􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀷􀀝􀀵􀀚􀀬􀀑Changes to members only area The institution’s member’s only area on the website has recently undergone some changes and members will need to set ... Read more
􀀸􀀲􀀝􀀵􀀚􀀬􀀷􀀞􀀱􀀭􀀴􀀜􀀭􀀔􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶Barrier modelling A high-resolution, 3D map of the entire Barrier Reef has been created to measure responses to manmade ... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀝􀀵􀀚􀀬􀀷􀀞􀀱􀀭􀀴􀀜􀀭􀀔􀀸􀀸Art and engineering celebrate new canal link A new major sculpture marks the gateway to a canal extension linking the Forth and Clyde Canal to the North... Read more
Courses take place in a modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment.The suite has excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks a... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀩􀀱􀀢􀀹􀀥􀀫􀀷􀀝􀀵􀀪􀀚􀀱􀀶􀀌􀀒􀀇􀀥􀀪􀀵􀀫􀀨􀀸􀀣The (CES) social network We have taken another few steps forward to become chartered @CharteredICES. Any comments on how to become ICE... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀇􀀵􀀰􀀥􀀫􀀷􀀄􀀂􀀟􀀸􀀡T HERE is no short answer. A designer may be subject to a duty to warn another (i.e. the employer or the contractor) of a failing in performance or a method o... Read more
􀀸􀀘􀀞􀀱􀀥􀀜􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶A world-leading project is currently underway in Fiji to bring about a sustained improvement in the national roading network for the c... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀞􀀱􀀥􀀜􀀬􀀸􀀗and contractors working in Fiji. This has an ongoing benefit for the individual,communities and economy as it means the country will become more self-sufficient and, ... Read more
We live in a world of ever increasing design complexity. With a portfolio of industry leading proven technology, Leica Geosystems solutions will help turn these designs into reality.Whether you are c... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀓􀀠􀀛􀀸􀀑I N the September edition of Civil Engineering Surveyor Alasdair Snadden wrote an interesting article looking at how building information modelling can be used in the dis... Read more
􀀳􀀲􀀓􀀠􀀛􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶up data for replace-and-use purposes) is part and parcel of the regular project management stage boundary sign-off, then this process woul... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀓􀀠􀀛􀀳􀀸training New Construction Law Courses Contact: Joanne Gray ICES Training +44 (0)161 972 3110 jgray@cices.org www.surco.uk.com/training-suite.php Courses cost £ 195 per da... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀟􀀫􀀫􀀹􀀥􀀴􀀢􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀣I T is unlikely to have escaped your attention that the UK is planning to build a new high speed railway line between London and Birmingham, with later phas... Read more
􀀳􀀯􀀟􀀫􀀫􀀹􀀥􀀴􀀢􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶Anyone for NEC?Ms West confirmed to the Birmingham conference that the likely form of contract for use on the various HS2 pa... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀟􀀫􀀫􀀹􀀥􀀴􀀢􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀳􀀡unanimous basis. There is an emphasis on answers and finding a quick solution, rather than apportioning blame and incurring costs or, more likely, on reachi... Read more
􀀳􀀘􀀕􀀶􀀥􀀴􀀬􀀔􀀱􀀶􀀪􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶T HE possibility that the UK should develop an integrated transport strategy has been discussed for many decades. What does de... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀕􀀶􀀥􀀴􀀬􀀔􀀱􀀶􀀪􀀳􀀗caused an explosion in commercial and private demand, together with a cultural attitude that a high level of quality of journeys is to be expected in a develo... Read more
THE NEW GEOSPATIAL EVENT LAUNCHED IN LONDON FOR 2014 BUSINESS DESIGN CENTRE • 28–29 MAY 2014 GEO Business, is a brand new geospatial event for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing a... Read more
RECENT PROJECT EXAMPLES Reporting on the successes and challenges of geospatial projects undertaken across a broad spectrum of industries including:construction, civil engineering,infrastructure, deve... Read more
Accreditation of degrees and diplomas by ICES is a mark of assurance that the programmes meet the standards set by industry; producing graduates with enough knowledge and background to become professi... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀖􀀝􀀩􀀩􀀣􀀸T HE L-band experimental (LEX)signal is a unique signal transmitted by the Japanese regional Quasi-Zenith satellite system (QZSS). The intentions of the LEX signal are ... Read more
􀀣􀀳􀀖􀀝􀀩􀀩􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶The LEX message signal structure is made up of a total of 2,000 bits; a 49-bit header, a 1695-bit data section, and a 256-bit Reed-Solom... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀖􀀝􀀩􀀩􀀣􀀣free via the Internet. There are also a number of commercial services offered by private companies such as Trimble and OmniSTAR, providing similar corrections either vi... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀙􀀱􀀶􀀌􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀊􀀮􀀵􀀶􀀬􀀵􀀥􀀬􀀣􀀡H AVING been veritably swamped with an email from an adoring fan after my first article in the June issue of CES, desperately begging for a sequ... Read more
􀀣􀀘􀀙􀀱􀀶􀀌􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀊􀀮􀀵􀀶􀀬􀀵􀀥􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶nasty small creatures inhabiting the swamp — apart from bigger creatures, such as the saltwater crocodile. Not m... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀙􀀱􀀶􀀌􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀊􀀮􀀵􀀶􀀬􀀵􀀥􀀬􀀣􀀗Sanitation day In Rivers State, and I understood throughout the country, the first Saturday of each month was ‘sanitation day’ when there was a ... Read more
Approved Development Schemes Recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees Add value to employment packages Ensure employees develop their roles quickly and efficiently Preferred route to get em... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀟􀀶􀀎􀀹􀀪􀀶􀀥􀀪􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀣􀀑T HERE has always been debate as to whether in full and final resolution of disputes it was better to have an arbitration clause in subcontracts or not. U... Read more
􀀯􀀲􀀟􀀶􀀎􀀹􀀪􀀶􀀥􀀪􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶successful, less than half my costs would be recoverable, or find an expert who was prepared to compile the report and pro... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀏􀀱􀀫􀀹􀀪􀀹􀀢􀀬􀀯􀀸O NE of the fascinating things about civil engineering is, what exactly is it? The traditional Treadgold definition has now fallen into disuse.Formerly, a civil... Read more
􀀯􀀳􀀏􀀱􀀫􀀹􀀪􀀹􀀢􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶easily to hand, and which were relatively less laborious to manually load with fuel,intuitively took into account ergonomic fact... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀛􀀹􀀫􀀹􀀪􀀥􀀶􀀨􀀷􀀋􀀹􀀬􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀨􀀯􀀣L ET us continue our examination of the forts by looking at the fort on the island of Steep Holm which, as we are aware, forms part of the chain... Read more
􀀯􀀯􀀛􀀹􀀫􀀹􀀪􀀥􀀶􀀨􀀷􀀋􀀹􀀬􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀨􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶gun mounting used with fixed fortress artillery. The gun mounting is concealed in an emplacement pit and only th... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀛􀀹􀀫􀀹􀀪􀀥􀀶􀀨􀀷􀀋􀀹􀀬􀀪􀀱􀀶􀀨􀀯􀀡be located under the Elder bushes on the right hand side of the path. Tombstone Battery was named because the engineers preparing the site found... Read more
Continuing Professional Development The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: Professional Development Coordinator Chartered Institution of ... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀐􀀠􀀖􀀯􀀗T HE Fédération Internationale des Géomètres Young Surveyors Network (FIG YSN) is a membership body that fosters engagement and networking amongst young surveying profess... Read more
􀀯􀀈􀀐􀀠􀀖􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶The conference 160 delegates from more than 30 countries gathered to hear the keynote presentation on energy, sustainability and climate c... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀕􀀩􀀟􀀷􀀐􀀱􀀢􀀭􀀬􀀯􀀑O N a beautiful sunny October morning, members of The Survey Association met at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, for our annual discussion group meeting. In ... Read more
􀀡􀀲􀀕􀀩􀀟􀀷􀀐􀀱􀀢􀀭􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶One area which survey companies have not exploited is overseas markets. Only 10% of companies reported an increase in overseas... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀦􀀫􀀥􀀬􀀬􀀹􀀆􀀹􀀵􀀜􀀬􀀒􀀙􀀍􀀵􀀶􀀵􀀷􀀪􀀱􀀷􀀓􀀭􀀨􀀡􀀸Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Monitoring Mapping, Software & Data Surve... Read more
􀀡􀀳􀀙􀀍􀀵􀀶􀀵􀀷􀀪􀀱􀀷􀀓􀀭􀀨􀀒􀀩􀀭􀀎􀀬􀀢􀀶􀀹􀀔􀀪􀀹􀀱􀀴􀀬􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶Suppliers survey accessories NavCom Technology 20780 Madrona Avenue Torrance, CA 90503 USA ... Read more
􀀸􀀳􀀧􀀲􀀸􀀷􀀳􀀲􀀸􀀯􀀏􀀶􀀱􀀆􀀹􀀫􀀵􀀬􀀒􀀞􀀵􀀢􀀶􀀭􀀹􀀪􀀉􀀵􀀴􀀪􀀡􀀣Winn & Coales International celebrated its 130th anniversary with a visit on 16 October by HRH The Duke of York. Also in attendance were... Read more
􀀡􀀯􀀞􀀵􀀢􀀶􀀭􀀹􀀪􀀉􀀵􀀴􀀪􀀦􀀹􀀮􀀹􀀫􀀷􀀤􀀴􀀰􀀹􀀴􀀵􀀵􀀶􀀹􀀴􀀰􀀷􀀩􀀭􀀶􀀮􀀵􀀨􀀱􀀶Based in Newport and predominantly servicing the local market,Azimuth Land Surveys is a well established company producing... Read more
THE OFFICIAL TRAINING COMPANY OF THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS A New Era: Introduction to BIM Training to guide you through the BIM cycle · Developed collaboratively with BRE · Expert deliver... Read more