CES - November 2013

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Ben Kacyra Cost Control Estimating Transport November 2013... Read more
Come and experience our new UK Headquarters In response to the company ’ s growth Leica Geosystems Ltd is expanding to a new flagship facility which will be our new UK and EMEA Headquarters.You are in... Read more
November Contents 05. From the CEO 06. ICES regions 07. Events 08. Training dates 10. Social network 12. News 19. Legal Q&A 55. Profiles 56. Classifieds/Where to buy 57. Subscriptions 58. Recruitment ... Read more
11 2013 From the CEO 5 I am pleased to announce that the institution has been re-approved as a professional affiliate of the Engineering Council. This is great news and could not have come at a better... Read more
6 ICES Regions Civil Engineering Surveyor ICES Anglia & Central ICES A&C thanks Jean-Clause Sartenaer, project director at SITA UK, for his presentation and site visit last month at the Suffolk energy... Read more
11 2013 ICES Regions/Events 7 19 NOV 13: Committee meeting ICES HQ, Sale, 6pm for 6.30pm Bookings: Serena Ronan +44 (0)161 972 3100 sronan@cices.org www.cices.org/north-west-north-wales 26 NOV 13: C... Read more
Courses take place in a modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment.The suite has excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway, Metrolink and airport networks a... Read more
11 2013 Institution News 9 New ADS for Storm Geomatics Storm Geomatics has launched an ICES approved development scheme for its staff.The employee owned survey company specialises in the capture of la... Read more
10 Institution News/Social Network Civil Engineering Surveyor ICES paper on BIM and asset management ICES has released a joint paper with the Institution of Civil Engineers and the Institute of Asset ... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
12 News Roundup Civil Engineering Surveyor OS delves deep into world of Minecraft Ordnance Survey has created a new world for the Minecraft video game. Over 224,000km2 of Great Britain have been conve... Read more
11 2013 News Roundup 13 Google arrives in the Galapagos Google’s Street View has arrived in the Galapagos Islands. The backpack Trekker camera system was used to add an area with no streets to Street ... Read more
14 Institution Dinner Civil Engineering Surveyor S PEED, speed and more speed was the theme for this year’s institution dinner, held at the famous Brooklands Museum in Surrey. For those of you who are... Read more
11 2013 Institution Dinner 15 BIM approach is not a choice but a necessity and it’s having an immediate affect on today’s surveyor. One message was extremely clear, forget that by 2015 BIM’s use will ... Read more
16 Meet the Membership Civil Engineering Surveyor What encouraged you to join the construction industry?I left school in the 1970s and, like many of my peers, I only really started to focus on what I ... Read more
11 2013 Meet the Membership 17 technical manager, technical director and now managing director. Steering the company through the deepest recession in modern times has been, without a doubt,the greates... Read more
BUSINESS 2014 LONDON 􀃥􎔠 UK 28 – 29 MAY www.geobusinessshow.com Organised by:In collaboration with:A brand new geospatial event for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and deliver... Read more
11 2013 Legal Notebook 19 C OLLATERAL warranties are an integral feature of any design and build construction package but what are they and what is a consultant signing up to when it enters into a col... Read more
Laser Scanning? SCCS have the answer Industry’s Best Performing Ultra-High Speed Laser Scanner Ultra-high speed scanners (up to 1 million points/second) are known for their ultra-fast scan speeds and ... Read more
11 2013 Ben Kacyra 21 A better way How the founding father of laser scanning turned heritage protector Abigail Tomkins, Deputy Editor, meets Ben Kacyra Ben Kacyra talks past,present and future H OW do... Read more
22 Ben Kacyra Civil Engineering Surveyor Over 100 heritage sites have been scanned since the launch of CyArk in 2003, now you want 500 in five years, can you handle the pace?Technology has been develo... Read more
Leica Geosystems HDS UK & Ireland User Symposium 4th December 2013 Hexagon House Celebrating Innovation in 3D Laser Scanning > Conference > Awards > Networking EVENT INVITATION Leica Geosystems Ltd He... Read more
24 Ben Kacyra Civil Engineering Surveyor I am anxious for the day when it will be safe enough for us to go to Ninevah and scan. Archive imagery from 1990 of ancient Ninevah, in modern day Iraq. It was... Read more
11 2013 Ben Kacyra 25 You mentioned you did the first scan in 1995,what was it of?A pipe! We focused on what industry would need the scanner most, and what industry would have the resources to acquire... Read more
26 Ben Kacyra Civil Engineering Surveyor I came to the US as an immigrant in my early 20s, and I found myself penniless and starving, but I was in a country with people who helped me to do what I’m do... Read more
11 2013 Transport 27 F ORECASTING is unavoidable but difficult. So the least we should do is to hang on to economic, social and demographic fundamentals. The first of these is population. Ageing and l... Read more
28 Transport Civil Engineering Surveyor Meanwhile, funding for local roads and local transport is horribly confused.Incentives are obscure. Accountability is opaque or non-existent. The highly-central... Read more
11 2013 Transport 29 The revolution in communications and geographic positioning is beginning to be exploited by motor insurance companies to enable them to match individual risk to premium. This is a... Read more
BIM The developing role of the surveyor 25 February 2014, London Featuring David Philp Head of BIM Implementation, Cabinet Office Malcolm Taylor Chief Technical Information Manager, Crossrail Will Hac... Read more
11 2013 Estimating 31 B UILDING information modelling has been a buzz word in the construction industry for the past few years,perhaps encouraging us through the tough times of the recession and showi... Read more
32 Estimating Civil Engineering Surveyor cost consultant is able to use BIM software’s quantification functions to establish quantities and from these produce an approximate estimate, very much in the... Read more
11 2013 Cost Control 33 T HE starting point for defining the responsibilities and liabilities of a third-party certifier lies in its terms of engagement, read in conjunction with the construction or e... Read more
34 Cost Control Civil Engineering Surveyor The potential for dispute over payment Inherent problems can and do arise in the exercise of these decision-making functions.The success of a project can sti... Read more
11 2013 Cost Control 35 project manager is deemed to have accepted the contractor’s proposal if it has not rejected it within a specified timeframe.For instance, in condition 61.4, if the project mana... Read more
36 Cost Control Civil Engineering Surveyor Economic Development and Construction Act 2009). The timeframes and issue of payment and pay-less notices (albeit they may be called differently in the vario... Read more
11 2013 Military History 37 H AVING examined the background of how and why the forts were conceived and the story behind their armament, let us now consider the construction of the forts themselves, c... Read more
38 Military History Civil Engineering Surveyor surveyors were sent out to find suitable sites for the construction of the defences. As a result of legal representation, the War Department sent a lette... Read more
11 2013 Military History 39 Bleadon quarries and hauled to the site by horse and cart; 20 loopholes were provided from which carbines could be fired in defence of the post. The buildings had flat roof... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
11 2013 Asset Management 41 I NFRASTRUCTURE has been referred to as the user interface between society and the planet. Our daily interactions with the environment are mediated in some way by services ... Read more
42 Asset Management Civil Engineering Surveyor reacting to unexpected change. Moreover,effective change management is required to effectively and proactively leverage change to the benefit of the owne... Read more
11 2013 Asset Management 43 interdependencies range from technical, commercial, and contractual to safety and regulatory. Requirements can change at any phase of the infrastructure lifecycle. Imagine ... Read more
No Christmas Card Appeal Please call Kate Marsh on 020 8742 0717, email kmarsh@crash.org.uk or visit www.crash.org.uk FREE CRASH animated Christmas e-card with your company logo. With your help CRASH... Read more
11 2013 Asset Management 45 asset information is presented in a form, scope and format relevant to the context of each role and its requirements for information. Some may require information to be sea... Read more
46 Software Civil Engineering Surveyor T HERE is a growing trend among the top contractors to be more selective about the types of projects they tender for, to ensure they focus on contracts which gen... Read more
11 2013 Software 47 Construction is notoriously difficult to predict, especially with a possible change of administration in 2015 causing more uncertainty.• Cash received to date including the retenti... Read more
At SPAR Europe, you’ll learn about new 3D tools and techniques to drive efficiency, improve workflows, reduce project timelines, improve safety and mitigate project risk. Learn how to maximize opportu... Read more
11 2013 Cash Flow 49 C ASH FLOW is the life blood of the industry1. It is of great importance that clients, developers and employers know both the quantum and the timing payoff of the payments which t... Read more
50 Cash Flow Civil Engineering Surveyor mechanisms currently written into the contracts being operated. The use of milestone payments is increasingly common, this should be reviewed as well as apprais... Read more
11 2013 FIG 51 W HEN I heard that the International Federation of Surveyors was holding its 2013 working week in Nigeria, I was excited and promptly submitted my abstract. Though living and working in... Read more
52 FIG Civil Engineering Surveyor Geodesy and geospatial infrastructure In the national geodesy and geospatial infrastructure sessions Aune Rummukainen presented on land uplift and its effects in Finl... Read more
11 2013 Advertorial 53 without the hassle of setting up and maintaining servers and software.Building on the success of the Focus3D, the new Focus3D X 330 surpasses previous models in functionality an... Read more
54 Advertorial Civil Engineering Surveyor Now, with the third generation of high speed scanners, data capture has never been quicker or more accurate. ABA is making the zero risk dividend a reality: •... Read more
11 2013 Advertorial/Profiles 55 C HARTERED land surveyors such as Severn Partnership utilise laser scanning on a wide range of projects from civil engineering to railway safety projects. The technolog... Read more
56 Classifieds Civil Engineering Surveyor Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Mobile Mapping Mapping (Underground)Monitoring Software, Mapping & Data... Read more
11 2013 Where to Buy 57 Suppliers survey accessories Hilti (Gt Britain) 1 Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1BY, UK +44 (0)800 886 100 +44 (0)161 886 1000 Gb-measuring@hilti.com www.hilti.co.uk ... Read more
58 Recruitment Civil Engineering Surveyor Job vacancies for skilled surveyors and CAD technicians Kingsland Surveyors, based in Leatherhead, Surrey is a well established and progressive survey company... Read more
www.topcon.eu grafit-werbeagentur.de IP-S2: Capture geo-referenced 360 degree images and point clouds with any car in your fleet HIGH-SPEED MOBILE MAPPING... Read more