CES - Geospatial Engineering 2013

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GEOSPATIAL ENGINEERING Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors 2013... Read more
Leica Nova MS50 workshops Discover pioneering solutions to increase your profitability producing 􀀁 Learn how our innovative hardware & software solutions integrate seamlessly with your current workf... Read more
Geospatial Engineering Contents 05. Sustaining infrastructure A B Cleveland Jr, Bentley 14. Dimension surveys in Haiti Katie Gabbett, Murphy Surveys 16. The mobile future Dr Graham Hunter, 3D Laser Ma... Read more
The Trimble ® R10 GNSS System is the first of its kind. Trimble ’ s HD-GNSS processing engine – vastly reduced convergence times that, in turn, reduce your occupation time when collecting high posit... Read more
2013 Infrastructure 5 T HERE is an expanding spectrum of critical global issues in which the world’s infrastructure has an important role to play. These issues include CO2 emissions,climate change, th... Read more
6 Infrastructure Geospatial Engineering Natural Step, a non-profit research,education and advisory organisation.Formed in 1988, it uses a science-based framework to help individuals,organisations, and... Read more
2013 Infrastructure 7 for flood insurance in areas susceptible to flooding), it is infrastructure that will provide the means of meeting the human needs in terms of safety, security and adapting to ch... Read more
8 Infrastructure Geospatial Engineering planet’s ecosystem, that is a measure over time of whether the situation is getting better or worse. It also is a good relative measure of the impact of differe... Read more
2013 Infrastructure 9 regardless of where those projects exist.Responding to the sustainability imperatives for the world’s infrastructure requires a sufficient pool of well-educated, motivated, and g... Read more
10 Infrastructure Geospatial Engineering increasingly rapid pace of change —political, environmental, technological,social — many infrastructure assets will undoubtedly need to be adapted or re-purpos... Read more
2013 Infrastructure 11 the ecological footprint is to eliminate the footprint from material production and transportation, construction, debris and waste removal associated with new construction by ex... Read more
12 Infrastructure Geospatial Engineering • Tools for increased productivity. This refers to expanding the use of existing information technology tools for all phases of the infrastructure asset lifecy... Read more
Approved Development Schemes Recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees Add value to employment packages Ensure employees develop their roles quickly and efficiently Preferred route to get em... Read more
14 Dimension Surveys Geospatial Engineering THE headquarters of the Caribbean’s largest telecommunications company and Haiti’s largest employer, Digicel, was one of the only buildings left standing an... Read more
2013 Dimension Surveys 15 Due to the remote location, it was essential that the survey data was complete and correct before the surveyors left the site. This was achieved by sending the data to Murphy... Read more
16 Laser Scanning Geospatial Engineering S INCE 1995, when the first commercial airborne LiDAR (light detection and ranging) system came onto the market, there has been a trend towards mobile laser sc... Read more
2013 Laser Scanning 17 An overview of an office scanned with the ZEB1 (top) and a more detailed view (bottom). The general operating principle behind the handheld scanner can be understood by consider... Read more
18 Laser Scanning Geospatial Engineering 400g. In addition to the handheld hardware, a data acquisition computer and small battery (sufficient for a full day of operation)can be stored in a wearable u... Read more
2013 Laser Scanning 19 buildings before significant events and detecting change, and building maps for fire fighters (DHS, Astrium) and responders.Other applications include crime scene mapping, roads... Read more
20 Data Collection Geospatial Engineering T HE processing capability available on today’s smart phones has almost doubled over the past few years.For example, the Apple 3GS iPhone uses a 600Mhz CPU 25... Read more
2013 Data Collection 21 based traffic and navigation app available on iPhone and Android. It utilises information gathered from its large user base to provide alerts on accidents, road hazards and tra... Read more
22 Data Collection Geospatial Engineering performed in order to correct or mitigate the error in the observables which translate to a positioning error. In seeking to use the smart phone as a surveyin... Read more
2013 Data Collection 23 appropriately. It will not be suitable for all applications, for example in the setting out for road construction where centimetre level accuracy is required. However for many ... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
2013 Asset Management 25 I SLE OF ANGLESEY County Council (Cyngor Sir Ynys Môn)is benefiting from visualised asset management software. The North Wales authority has a mix of urban and rural A, B, C a... Read more
26 Asset Management Geospatial Engineering which was out of date and incomplete. The council has gone on to use machine-based traffic speed condition surveys (SCANNER).Engineers and highways inspector... Read more
28 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Total Stations Manufacturer 2LS Leica Geosystems Instrument CYGNUS BUILDER 200 SET BUILDER 300 SET BUILDER 400 SET BUILDER 500 SET iCON Robot 50 TS02... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 29 Total Stations Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument Viva TS12P Viva TS11 Viva TS11i Viva TS15M Viva TS15A Viva TS15G Viva TS15P Viva TS15i Nova TM50 Nova TM50i Ang... Read more
30 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Total Stations Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Nikon Instrument Nova TS50i Nova MS50 NPL-322 NIVO 2M NIVO 3M NIVO 5M NIVO 1C NIVO 2C NIVO 3C NIVO 5C An... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 31 Total Stations Manufacturer Nikon Sokkia Spectra Precision Instrument DTM-322 CX Series FX Series DX Series SX Series NET05AX NET1AX FOCUS 30 FOCUS 6 (2")FOCUS 6 (5")A... Read more
TRAINING MENTORING COMPETENCIES APPRAISAL FEEDBACK Competencies Commercial management and geospatial competencies The ICES competencies are essential for membership and help demonstrate you are a qual... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 33 Total Stations Manufacturer Spectra Precision Topcon Instrument FOCUS 8 (2")FOCUS 8 (5")ES Series OS Series DS Series PS-A Series IS-3 Series QS-3M MS05AX MS1AX Angula... Read more
34 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Total Stations Manufacturer Trimble Instrument M3 - 2 M3 - 3 M3 - 5 S3 S3 S6 S6 S6 S8 S8 Angular accuracy MSE (")2 3 5 2 5 2 3 5 0.5 1 Distance measu... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 35 Total Stations MultiStations Manufacturer Trimble Instrument S8 VX SPS 930 SPS 730 SPS 730 Angular accuracy MSE (")2 1 1 2 3 Distance measurement to one prism Distance... Read more
Accreditation of degrees and diplomas by ICES is a mark of assurance that the programmes meet the standards set by industry; producing graduates with enough knowledge and background to become professi... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 37 GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Carlson Javad Instrument Surveyor+ Supervisor+TRIUMPH-VS TRIUMPH-NT TRIUMPH-1 TRIUMPH-4X Alpha Delta Sigma TR-G2T TR-G3T TRE-G2T GNSS satel... Read more
38 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Javad Leica Geosystems Instrument TRE-G3T TRE-G3TAJT DUO-G2 DUO-G2D DUO-G3D Quattro-G3D Zeno 5 Zeno 10 Zeno 15 Zeno CS25 ... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 39 GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument Uno 15 iCG60 Vehicle iCG60 Base iCG60 Network iCG60 Performance iCG60 Advanced GS08 plus GS10 Single Freq GS10 ... Read more
40 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument GS12 GS14 Single Freq GS14 Performance GS14 Professional GS15 Single Freq GS15 Basic GS15 Per... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 41 GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Navcom Sokkia Spectra Precision Instrument GMX902GG GMX902GNSS+GM10 SF-3040 GRX1 GRX2 ProMark 800 ProFlex 800 EPOCH 50 Pro... Read more
42 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Topcon Trimble Instrument GR-5 Digital UHF GR-5 Satel Hiper II Hiper SR Hiper V GRS-1 V Tesla RTK R10 R8 GNSS R7 GNSS R6 ... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 43 GNSS Receivers Manufacturer Trimble Instrument R4 GPS GeoExplorer XR R3 SPS985 SPS 852 SPS 751 SPS 882 SPS 781 Geoexplorer 6000 Geo XH Geoexplorer 6000 Geo XT Pathfind... Read more
Maptek Maptek 11-13 NOVEMBER 2013 | PASSENGER TERMINAL AMSTERDAM (PTA) | AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS 3D technologies. New Technologies & Data Fusion Civil Infrastructure Land & Natural Resou... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 45 Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanners Manufacturer Faro I-Site Leica Geosystems Riegl Instrument Focus 3D-20 I-Site 8810 I-Site 8400 I-Site 8200 ScanStation C10 ScanStation P2... Read more
46 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Terrestrial 3D Laser Scanners Manufacturer Riegl Topcon Trimble Z+F Instrument VZ-4000 VZ-6000 GLS-1500 TX5 VX FX CX 5006 EX Imager 5010 5006h Profil... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 47 Electronic Levels Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Sokkia Topcon Trimble Instrument DNA03 DNA10 Sprinter 50 Sprinter 150M Sprinter 250M SDL30 SDL50 SDL1X SDL1X Std DL-502... Read more
Continuing Professional Development The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact: Professional Development Coordinator Chartered Institution of ... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 49 Manufacturer Carlson Leica Geosystems Instrument Qmini CarlsonMINI Surveyor Surveyor+Surpervisor Mesa CS10 CS15 Dedicated/open (d/o)o o o o o d d Keyboard/Screen Alpha... Read more
50 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Sokkia Instrument CS25 CS25 LRBT iCON CC50 iCON CC60 iCON CC61 LRBT SHC250 SHC2500 SHC25A Dedicated/open (d/o)o o o o o... Read more
2013 Equipment Specifications 51 Manufacturer Sokkia Spectra Precision Topcon Instrument SHC236 Mesa ProMark 120 DC MM10 DC T41 FC-250 FC-2500 FC-2600 Dedicated/open (d/o)o o o o d/o o o o Keyboard/Sc... Read more
52 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Manufacturer Topcon Trimble Instrument FC-25A FC-236 Tesla GRS-1 TSC3 TCU Slate Trimble Tablet Dedicated/open (d/o)o o o o d/o d/o d/o o Keyboard/Scr... Read more
Chartered Institution of CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYORS Technical Membership www.cices.org Demonstrate your competence and professionalism as a Technical Member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engi... Read more
54 Equipment Specifications Geospatial Engineering Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument DISTO D2 DISTO D210 DISTO X310 DISTO D3ABT DISTO D5 DISTO D510 DISTO D8 3D Disto + Contoller Accuracy standa... Read more
SOFTWARE... Read more
56 Software Geospatial Engineering Applications in CADD Dr John Strodachs, 21 Britannia Street, Shepshed,Leicestershire LE12 9AE, UK +44 (0)1509 504501 enquiries@appsincadd.co.uk www.appsincadd.co.uk ... Read more
2013 Software 57 overlap comparisons, wriggle surveys, lift and slue analysis, formation computation and adjustment and integration with Amberg trolleys and Scanlaser machine control. Streamlined rive... Read more
58 Software Geospatial Engineering PDS Line is an aid to prepare road marking drawings in accordance with TSRGD 2002.Markings are applied using a simple interface giving accurate, well presented drawi... Read more
2013 Software 59 powerful software application enables users to take advantage of rich, large 3D point cloud files created by 3D laser scanners, directly within their CAD application. CloudWorx provid... Read more
60 Software Geospatial Engineering industry to a new level of capability,reducing cost, timescale and project risk on projects of all sizes. Integrating 3D design models with high-definition laser sur... Read more
2013 Software 61 extraction from UAV surveys and sampling of very large datasets. £ 500 a year. LSS Elite is in use across a wide range of industries. A comprehensive range of advanced volume options,... Read more
62 Software Geospatial Engineering and mechanical total stations, and even manually. Data can be combined seamlessly and processed through the office software without hassle. Survey Pro is available i... Read more
2013 Software 63 from laser scanners and photogrammetric projects using calibrated digital cameras to create a customised deliverable. The software combines a clean user interface and advanced mathema... Read more
64 Software Geospatial Engineering coastal features etc. The HYDROpro NavEdit option integrates seamlessly with HYDROpro Navigation. With it, the user can graphically filter and edit depth and tide da... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
66 Where to Buy Geospatial Engineering Suppliers survey accessories Hilti (Gt Britain) 1 Trafford Wharf Road, Manchester M17 1BY, UK +44 (0)800 886 100 +44 (0)161 886 1000 Gb-measuring@hilti.com w... Read more
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