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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors June 2013 Mapping Dispute Boards Photogrammetry Project Management... Read more
See article on pp31-33 14 Chartered Institution of CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYORS Dominion House, Sibson Road,Sale, Cheshire M33 7PP United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)161 972 3100 Fax: +44 (0)161 972 3118 Email... Read more
ICES Regions 4 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com ICES Anglia & Central Chair: John Elven +44 (0)7958 102334 john.elven@btinternet.com Secretary: Tim Brennan +44 (0)1295 814417 tim.brennan@msurv.co.uk... Read more
Regional CPD Events Do you want to provide CPD opportunities for members in your region?Are you thinking of organising events, but have little time or support?Do you want to increase the level of serv... Read more
ICES Regions 6 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com North West & North Wales 18 June 2013: Committee meeting, ICES HQ, 6pm for 6.30pm 26 June 2013: NEC problems exposed, ICES HQ, 6pm for 6.30pm Book with Se... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 7 Institution News Nominations open for Council of Management The institution is now seeking nominations from members and fellows (MCInstCES and FCInstCES) to join its coun... Read more
Institution News/News Roundup 8 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com Engineering Council survey The Engineering Council is carrying out a survey of its registered engineers and technicians to gauge the leve... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 9 News Roundup Procurement to blame for Balfour blip?Balfour Beatty has blamed procurement for its £ 50m shortfall in UK construction profits. A statement from the contract... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 11 News Roundup US Navy LiDAR programme BAE Systems is to develop an airborne LiDAR system for the US Navy and Marines.The system, part of the Coastal Battlefield Reconnais... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway,Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’walki... Read more
Training Diary Provider Date+Time Course Cost 20 JUN 2013 15 AUG 2013 9.00am – 4.30pm Commercial Awareness (1 Day)This course provides an introduction to the contractual, legal, financial and other ma... Read more
Engineering Council 14 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com The birth of a profession Jon Prichard CEng FICE FInstRE, CEO, Engineering Council Following April’s announcement that ICES is to work with the In... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 15 Engineering Council One of the key changes from this previous regime was the introduction of a common requirement for initial professional training and an enduring commi... Read more
Engineering Council 16 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com • Raising standards; in a sector where businesses can gain a competitive advantage or where there are known to be problems with compliance with th... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 17 Event Review of approach could help reduce costs across the country. To this end it has produced a standard suite of contracts, known as the local highway maintenance co... Read more
Event Review 18 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com main option C, instead of FIDIC. There seems to be a growing belief that big projects benefit from the principles engendered by NEC3. After lunch dele... Read more
􀁴􀀪􀁎􀁑􀁐􀁓􀁕􀁂􀁏􀁅􀁆􀁙􀁑􀁐􀁓􀁕􀁇􀁓􀁐􀁎􀀭􀀢􀀴􀀐􀀭􀀢􀀻􀀐􀀱􀀵􀀴􀁂􀁏􀁅􀀦􀀴􀀳􀀪􀁇􀁐􀁓􀁎􀁂􀁕􀁔􀁴􀀴􀁆􀁍􀁆􀁄􀁕􀀍􀁆􀁅􀁊􀁕􀀍􀁅􀁆􀁍􀁆􀁕􀁆􀀍􀁈􀁓􀁐􀁖􀁑􀁂􀁏􀁅􀁊􀁔􀁐􀁍􀁂􀁕􀁆􀁅􀁂􀁕􀁂􀁖􀁔􀁊􀁏􀁈􀁉􀁐􀁓􀁊􀁛􀁐􀁏􀁕􀁂􀁍􀀍... Read more
Events 20 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com Jeremiah Dixon: Scientist, Surveyor and Stargazer 27 April-6 October 2013: Barnard Castle, UK www.thebowesmuseum.org.uk Hexagon 2013 3-6 June 2013: Las Vegas, ... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 21 Legal Q&A A Yes. If drafted correctly, net contribution clauses in professional appointments or collateral warranties can limit the liability of a consultant for losses ... Read more
SfM 22 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HE ancient town of Amara West sits on the west bank of the Nile in northern Sudan, less than 100 miles from the Egyptian border. Between 1500BC and 1070BC this ... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 23 SfM in turn allows the position of the matched points to be plotted in space. In many ways SfM is an ideal technique for recording archaeology. SfM does not require e... Read more
SfM 24 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com sun, giving two full days of diffuse light, but also making it hard to see in the stinging sand, and penetrating every piece of delicate equipment. A set of image... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 25 SfM floors of the rooms presented a particular challenge. There ended up being between roughly 200 and 500 photographs taken for each room,which over the three weeks ... Read more
SfM/Social Network 26 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com georeferenced in Cloud Compare using the ground control points,and became the basis for all subsequent pointclouds. For each room the images taken ... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 27 HS2 H AILED as one of Britain’s largest and most ambitious projects since the UK’s motorway network was built in 1950, High Speed Two aims to bring the UK’s existing Vic... Read more
Working Overseas 28 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com Confessions of a contracts manager in Nigeria Michael Hawkyard FRICS FCIOB FCIArb, Michael Hawkyard & Co that were working)and my driver stayed tight... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 29 Working Overseas communicate with the rest of the world; both being unreliable. This was a global operation with kit coming from as far west as the Gulf of Mexico and as... Read more
Working Overseas 30 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com company, NITEL, did not send out reminders for its accounts to be paid. It simply pulled the plug. Getting reconnected was not as simple as paying th... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 31 Photogrammetry A LTHOUGH work in remote sensing and cartography usually falls within the Earth’s ambit, the same techniques can be applied to images of the lunar surface... Read more
Photogrammetry 32 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com These missions have become turning points in the understanding and study of the Moon. Some of them offer an accessible repository and free access to th... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 33 Photogrammetry References Yan B, Wang R, Gan F and Wang Z (2010) Minerals mapping of the lunar surface with Clementine UVVIS/NIR data based on spectra unmixing method an... Read more
Dispute Boards 34 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com discuss all matters openly. The DB must ensure everyone has their say; frankly, but politely, and can do its best to find any hidden agendas. It is pre... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 35 Dispute Boards of the matter and manage the situation. Having listened to each side’s point of view, the DB may be able to suggest a way forward. That may mean two peopl... Read more
Dispute Boards 36 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com straight away. This has to be based on fairness and impartiality, and should be based on courtesy and professionalism. The appointment as a DB member i... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 37 Mobile Mapping M OBILE data collection systems have developed rapidly over the last ten years. Spatial accuracy has improved through advances in sensors,GNSS and inertia... Read more
Mobile Mapping 38 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com The technology The earthmine system uses the MARS collection system (based on the camera system currently used in the Mars explorer Curiosity) to colle... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 39 Project Management T HE engineering and construction contract (ECC) of the third edition of the New Engineering Contract (NEC3) is one of the most modern construction co... Read more
Project Management 40 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com In the HM Treasury infrastructure cost review (most infrastructure is civil engineering) the implementation plan states: The document also pointed ... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 41 Project Management design, ensures that the project and the employer comply with all legislation, and aims to foresee and provide for any difficulties that may arise dur... Read more
Project Management 42 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com 7.If a single design and construct contract for the project is envisaged the role of the employer's designers will be restricted. A performance spe... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
Project Management 44 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com incomplete and inaccurate information being provided for bidding purposes (and subsequently for contract purposes). When deciding on how to split u... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 45 Project Management employer within the works information for a particular contract. If the works information contains only a performance specification and states the con... Read more
Climate Modelling 46 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com G LOBALLY for the past five years, the world has been witnessing an unprecedented climate change, ranging from drought to abnormal flooding. In 2012... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 47 Climate Modelling perspective, regional or local information is derived by first determining a statistical model which relates large-scale climate variables (or predicto... Read more
Climate Modelling 48 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com Working with meteorological data The data obtained from NIMET were daily minimum temperature, maximum temperature, and rainfall for the four differe... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 49 Climate Modelling the future. Droughts, floods and storms are likely to increase in both frequency and intensity. Nigeria will experience extreme events including:• Soci... Read more
Chartered Institution of CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYORS Technical Membership www.cices.org Demonstrate your competence and professionalism as a Technical Member of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engi... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 51 Advertorial/Profiles Denso anti-corrosion and sealing specialist products manufacturer,Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd is proud to announce that it has now achieved the intern... Read more
Classifieds 52 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com Underground Mapping Software, Mapping and Data CES Classifieds +44 (0)161 972 3110 sales@cices.org Equipment Mobile Mapping Surveys Monitoring Classifie... Read more
www.cices.org CES June 2013 53 Where to Buy Subscriptions Suppliers Ashtech European Headquarters, ZAC de la Fleuriaye BP 60433 44474 Carquefou Cedex France +33 2 28 09 38 00 www.ashtech.com/en Ordn... Read more
Recruitment 54 CES June 2013 www.surco.uk.com As part of our continued expansion,Bridgeway Consulting is seeking to recruit for the following positions:Engineering Surveyors Survey Technicians (Assist... Read more
grafit-werbeagentur.de www.topnetlive.com - RTK and DGNSS corrections services -- Live online rover tracking status - - Live network status and monitoring -- Reporting tools and mobile Apps - +++ SURV... Read more