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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors May 2013 Air Transport Expert Witness London Gateway Highways Asset Management... Read more
See article on pp36-38 18 Chartered Institution of CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYORS Dominion House, Sibson Road,Sale, Cheshire M33 7PP United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)161 972 3100 Fax: +44 (0)161 972 3118 Email... Read more
􀀁 21 breakfast roadshows across the UK & Ireland 􀀁 14th - 31st May 2013 Change is coming Fusion Roadshow Breakfast Briefing Register today: www.ukfusionroadshow.com fusion@leica-geosystems.com +44 (... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 5 President’s Foreword Making history A NOTHER milestone was passed on Tuesday 16 April, when the governing council of the Institution of Civil Engineers approved a resoluti... Read more
Institution News 6 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com ICE to support registration of civil engineering surveyors In a move which recognises the role of civil engineering surveyors in all stages of construc... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 7 Institution News Welcome Tom Tom Johnson has joined ICES HQ as a business administration apprentice. He is working within the professional development and membership depar... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway,Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’walki... Read more
Training Diary Provider Date+Time Course Cost 08 MAY 2013 9.30am – 4.30pm Digital Marketing (1 Day)In this digital age every company needs to understand how to exploit digital marketing tools to impro... Read more
ICES Regions 10 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com ICES Anglia & Central Chair: John Elven +44 (0)7958 102334 john.elven@btinternet.com Secretary: Tim Brennan +44 (0)1295 814417 tim.brennan@msurv.co.uk... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 11 ICES Regions Scotland 21 November 2013: James Attwood Annual Lecture 2013, Inverness The Institution of Civil Engineers will be hosting this annual lecture for the Contin... Read more
Regional CPD Events Do you want to provide CPD opportunities for members in your region?Are you thinking of organising events, but have little time or support?Do you want to increase the level of serv... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 13 News Roundup Acorn grows at Alder Hey Financial close has been achieved on the redevelopment of Liverpool’s Alder Hey children’s hospital. The Acorn consortium,comprising... Read more
News Roundup 14 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com Bertha arrives The world’s largest tunnel boring machine,Bertha, arrived in Seattle last month to begin work on the Alaskan Way viaduct replacement projec... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
Social Network 16 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com The (CES) social network Just finished #networkGNSS course at #NewcastleUni,excellent staff and great content. Recommend it to all surveyors @chrisjames... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 17 Legal Q&A A Yes… but it will depend very much on the circumstances of the dispute. Blyth & Blyth (B&B), consulting engineers,turned to the Human Rights Convention when... Read more
Remediation 18 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HE European Union has made much effort to encourage the integration of transport modes and a key contributor to this is the use of intermodal facilities ... Read more
WHAT DO YOU NEED?Scanning Leica P20 GPS Leica GS08plus Total Stations Leica TS15 Monitoring Leica TM30 GeoMos Rail Solutions Amberg GRP Tunnel Solutions Amberg TMS Scanner Processing Bentley Pointools... Read more
Remediation 20 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com large organo-chlorine chemical works, a superphosphate works, saw mills and wood works, a satinite works, transfer stations, oil blending operations and la... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 21 Remediation and has been comprehensive and wide ranging. EAME’s technical team has been involved with:• Multiple rounds of soil and groundwater site investigation.• Surfa... Read more
Remediation 22 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com • This cap broke the human pathway pollutant linkage and prevented rainwater infiltration and further groundwater contamination.• The adjustment of levels ... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 23 Processing Once the extent of the carvings was identified, the team deployed the measuring and point location tools to accurately plot the carvings to the Ordnance Survey... Read more
Air 24 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com I N December 2003, the Labour government published its aviation white paper, ,which provided a strategic framework for the development of aviation capacity in the ... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 25 Air makes it vulnerable to huge disruption from small incidents. Even on revised forecasts, Gatwick is expected to be full by the 2020s and Stansted is forecast to reach ... Read more
Air 26 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com well established short-haul network. The lengthy transfer times necessitated by Heathwick would also only be feasible if a high speed rail link was developed,which... Read more
Announcing IBC Legal’s 13th annual residential Downing College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK - Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th September 2013 Comprehensive coverage of today’s key international cons... Read more
Procurement 28 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HE UK government recently published a draft best practice guide to the delivery of large-scale infrastructure projects, which it says will enable public ... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 29 Procurement projects need to recognise their own skills gaps and implement ‘improvement programmes’before adopting alternative procurement models. One size does not fit ... Read more
Asset Management 30 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com A SSET MANAGEMENT is a relatively new idea for highways departments, and like any good idea, it comes with a snag in terms of time and money if you lo... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 31 Asset Management into the Horizons program giving rapid access to visualisations for every 10m sub-section of the network, including rutting depth,intensity, texture dept... Read more
Asset Management 32 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com Events information afterwards. There are so many opportunities to realise value across a broad spectrum of an authority’s activities and they should b... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 33 Expert Witness T HE construction industry is a complicated place. It generates many interfaces amongst numerous technical disciplines at various locations (at least split... Read more
Expert Witness 34 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com 7 The expert witness therefore needs to give advice to those instructing them. This is where problems can arise for an expert witness in getting the bal... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 35 London Gateway A S a result of a massive offshore operation, that included a dredger sucking up sand and silt from the Thames riverbed, a newly formed piece of England ha... Read more
London Gateway 36 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com network for RTK corrections. The Trimble VRS is used for all of the project’s high-accuracy work including control, checking and verifying other contrac... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 37 London Gateway software and adjusted to fit an Ordnance Survey grid. The end result was a huge boost to the search for the tank bases, with the new drawing proving to be ... Read more
ICES Dinner 2013 Brooklands Museum 6.45pm, 20 September 2013 Tickets: £ 75.00*Includes guided tour of the museum Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Brooklands, the birthplace of British motorsport and... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 39 Professional Engineer Assigned certifiers An assigned certifier (professionals such as chartered engineers, building surveyors or registered architects), will be appointe... Read more
Professional Engineer 40 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com Register of building control activities Building control authorities will be required to enter on a statutory register of building control activi... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 41 TSA Focus A T the first TSA meeting I attended in about 1981 the main topic of conversation was the low fees being charged by some companies in the industry. Move forward... Read more
Contaminated Land 42 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com S OLIDIFICATION and stabilisation (S/S) are two separate processes that are often used together as a remediation technique to reduce the mobility of ... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
Contaminated Land 44 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com Celtic has recently had the opportunity to investigate another of its early S/S remediation sites having been commissioned by the landowner to undert... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 45 Contaminated Land recovery operations and the apparent immediate mobility of these oils when cutting the sampling during preparation for petrographic analysis suggests th... Read more
Classifieds 46 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com Underground Mapping Software, Mapping and Data CES Classifieds +44 (0)161 972 3110 sales@cices.org Equipment Mobile Mapping Surveys Monitoring Constructi... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 47 Where to Buy Subscriptions Suppliers Ashtech European Headquarters, ZAC de la Fleuriaye BP 60433 44474 Carquefou Cedex France +33 2 28 09 38 00 www.ashtech.com/en Ordna... Read more
48 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HREE YEARS after achieving its first Queen’s Award for Enterprise for international trade in 2010,London based specialist anti-corrosion,waterproofing and sealing pr... Read more
www.cices.org CES May 2013 49 Profiles Recruitment Vital Energi is currently carrying out biomass, combined heat and power (CHP) and multi-utility infrastructure works at the University of York’s new ... Read more
Recruitment 50 CES May 2013 www.surco.uk.com W ith continued investment in the Topcon GB business we’re on the lookout for some enthusiastic additions to our team. opening and positioning part along t... Read more
􀀁Sir John Armitt, Chairman, Olympic Delivery Authority 􀀁James Golden, member of the ICE CPD Review Panel, Director, Barrister,􀀁Daniel Atkinson, Barrister Advocate, Adjudicator, Arbitrator, Media... Read more