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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors April 2013 BIM Sinkholes Reconstructing Iraq Project Management... Read more
ICES Dinner 2013 Brooklands Museum 6.45pm, 20 September 2013 Tickets: £ 75.00*Includes guided tour of the museum Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Brooklands, the birthplace of British motorsport and... Read more
Image © Constantin Deaconescu 17 Chartered Institution of CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYORS Dominion House, Sibson Road,Sale, Cheshire M33 7PP United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)161 972 3100 Fax: +44 (0)161 972 311... Read more
Regional CPD Events Do you want to provide CPD opportunities for members in your region?Are you thinking of organising events, but have little time or support?Do you want to increase the level of serv... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 5 Inside Out A T the time of writing, president Alan Barrow, past president Ken Hall, membership and professional development manager Paul Brown, professional development ... Read more
ICES Regions 6 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com ICES Anglia & Central Chair: John Elven +44 (0)7958 102334 john.elven@btinternet.com Secretary: Tim Brennan +44 (0)1295 814417 tim.brennan@msurv.co.u... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 7 ICES Regions South East 11 April 2013: Geocache event, Greenwich This will be a repeat of the 2012 event, featuring the same questions and tasks. The event is limited to... Read more
Event Review 8 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com O N 26 February, the institution held its inuagural BIM conference. Hosted by ICES South East, at East Wintergarden, Canary Wharf in London, over 120 del... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 9 Institution News CIC launches BIM Protocol The Construction Industry Council has released its BIM Protocol for use on all common construction contracts. The protocol was... Read more
Events 10 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com Carlson 30th Anniversary User Conference 7-10 April 2013: Cincinnati, USA www.carlsonsw.com GNSS and Network RTK training 9-11 April 2013: Newcastle, UK www.n... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 11 News Roundup Ecology at the V&A An ecology survey has been carried out at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. The survey forms part of the initial stages of a proposed... Read more
News Roundup 12 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com An awesome delta A satellite image of the Ganges Delta,crossing Bangladesh and India, has received widespread fame due to its appearance on an album cov... Read more
ICES Training Diary Provider Date+Time Course Cost 09 APR 2013 08 MAY 2013 9.30am – 4.30pm Digital Marketing (1 Day)In this digital age every company needs to understand how to exploit digital marketi... Read more
Meet the reps The institution has an established network of overseas members who act as ICES representatives for their countries of work. Acting as a point of contact for institution information, netw... Read more
Sultanate of Oman How long have you been in Oman? 3 years Best thing? The work/life balance; the natural beauty of the country and the people; it is a fast-developing country providing many opportunit... Read more
Social Network 16 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com The (CES) social network More requests from more clients for independent impartial procurement advice and training on whether to use NEC3 or a JCT con... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 17 Iraq I RAQ has been ravaged by war, armed conflict and international isolation for over 30 years and whilst the troubles of the country have notably reduced since the U... Read more
Iraq 18 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com Iraqi environmental concerns Chronic environmental problems, such as releases of oil, discharges of untreated effluent to soil and surface waters, spillages and... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 19 Iraq sampling, a terrestrial ecology survey, an archaeology survey and the collection and analysis of socio-economic data. We have recently been appointed to underta... Read more
Iraq 20 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com Export On a more practical level, exporting samples is problematic as there are no monitoring certification scheme or UK accreditation service accredited labora... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 21 Legal Q&A A In the ordinary case, the duty of care owed by an architect or engineer when providing professional services is one of reasonable skill and care. This duty ... Read more
FIDIC 22 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com C LAIMS are often said to be inevitable in construction contracts. In this, our twelfth article, we examine the claim provisions within FIDIC and their applica... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 23 FIDIC Book requires that either party shall give notice of its dissatisfaction within 28 days after the employer’s representative has made a determination in accordance... Read more
Fusion Roadshow Breakfast Briefing Scotland 􀀁 Tuesday 14th May Edinburgh Napier University 􀀁 Wednesday 15th May Thistle Aberdeen Altens 􀀁 Thursday 16th May Drumossie Hotel, Inverness Northern Engla... Read more
Change is coming South East 􀀁 Tuesday 14th May Mercedes Benz World, Weybridge 􀀁 Wednesday 15th May Brands Hatch, Kent 􀀁 Thursday 16th May Ordnance Survey, Southampton 􀀁 Friday 24th May Science Mus... Read more
LiDAR 26 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com S ITUATED in southwestern Illinois, principally within the Monroe, Randolph and St Clair counties, the Illinois sinkhole plain contains the highest concentrati... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 27 LiDAR sinkhole. Because sinkholes serve as a direct conduit to the underlying bedrock aquifer in the region, there is a high potential for groundwater contamination wit... Read more
LiDAR 28 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com LiDAR point cloud was used to create digital terrain model (DTM) and shaded relief hillshade model data for several USGS 7.5-minute topographic quadrangles.ISG... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 29 LiDAR • Class 4 = Medium vegetation.• Class 5 = High vegetation.• Class 6 = Building.• Class 7 = Low point (noise).• Class 8 = Model key-point (mass point).• Class 9 = ... Read more
Project Management 30 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HIS series of articles attempts to answer the question at its head; what is construction project management? The simple answer is, of course, wh... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 31 Project Management What is required? The over-arching requirement of the project manager is set out in the guidance notes: Taking a narrow view of the first part of thi... Read more
Project Management 32 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com An examination of the management procedures prescribed within NEC3 reveals that the project manager is required to take action(s) and/or make deci... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 33 Project Management defined as all the work necessary prior to the commencement of construction, then the project manager will be required to advise and deal with a far ... Read more
Project Management 34 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com NEC3 is intended to provide a modern method for project managers to work collaboratively with employers, designers, and contractors. It is our opi... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 35 Education Global navigation satellite systems are playing an increasingly vital role in our lives. Agriculture, weather forecasting, aviation, road and maritime route p... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Surgery Calendar 2013 8 April 1pm-5pm Sheffield 16 April 10am-4pm Bournemouth 22 April 1pm-5pm London 30 April 10am-4pm Sale 28 May 10am-4pm Sale 17 June 1... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 37 BIM BIM, in line with the government’s requirement that level 2 BIM (at least) is used on all centrally procured public projects by 2016.A protocol for the masses?Its a... Read more
BIM 38 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com defined. A model may not benefit from the provisions of the protocol if it is not clearly defined in the appendices.Skill and care The protocol requires models t... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 39 PBA The structure of the bank account agreement and bank mandate are designed to provide all parties with the surety and confidence that they will be paid on time.A pro... Read more
PBA 40 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com funds to enable interest to be earned on the balance within the account. The second account would also be governed by the bank account agreement and bank mandate... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 41 Freedom UCTA The main focus of the 1977 (UCTA) is contractual provisions and notices seeking to exclude liability (in contract and/or tort). Potentially this means UCTA... Read more
Freedom 42 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com Provision is made in the act for what constitutes writing (s.107(1-6)). At the parliamentary debate stage, the draft bill was heavily criticised for being va... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 43 Freedom UTCCR. Notwithstanding the 1996 and 2009 act provides for statutory adjudication in prescribed circumstances,the court found18 an express term in a contract pro... Read more
Profiles 44 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com Advertorial F OR over a hundred years, gabions have been a feature of the UK’s industrial landscape. These simple,stone filled wire baskets have been used b... Read more
www.cices.org CES April 2013 45 Classifieds Mapping (Underground)Mapping and Data APEX DRII LL IING SERVIICES LTD Sturmi Way Village Farm Industrial Estate Pyle CF33 6BZ Tel: 01656 749149 Fax: 0... Read more
Classifieds 46 CES April 2013 www.surco.uk.com Surveys Suppliers Large and small-scale topographic surveys • Installation of survey and engineering control • Site surveys • Boundary demarcation • Mapp... Read more
􀀁events.neccontract.com/ugseminar2013 NEC USERS’ GROUP ANNUAL SEMINAR 2013 24 APRIL I LONDON The biggest event in the NEC calendar for key industry news, professional networking and insight into NEC... Read more