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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors February 2013 PF2 Roads Utilities Privilege... Read more
- RTK and DGNSS corrections se services ervices - - Live online rover tracking g st status atus - - Live network status and monitoring moni toring - - Reporting tools and mobile e Apps A -... Read more
CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR Scan the QR code to launch the ebook of CES Utility clients need to manage their transition to new frameworks, services and roles. See the article on pp33-36. Image ©Sindala... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Belong here Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries? Join the chartered professional body that specialises in th... Read more
Inside Out Getting active It’s often worthwhile stepping back and asking yourself what are you trying to get out of being a member of a professional body? Why are you thinking about joining a professi... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Surgery Calendar 2013 5 February 1pm-5pm London 26 February 10am-4pm Newcastle 26 February 10am-4pm Sale 11 March 1pm-5pm West Midlands Bookable 30-minute ... Read more
ICES Regions South West & South Wales Lobster talk Robbie Allen, MD of Lobster Pictures and inventor of the Lobster Pot camera and Lobster Vision software, gave an enthusiastic and interactive technic... Read more
ICES Regions Eastern & Midlands Monitoring Mount Etna The region celebrated the year end with its annual Christmas lecture entitled ‘Monitoring Mount Etna’, hosted by Nottingham Trent University. Prio... Read more
ICES Regions Hong Kong ICES CEO visit to Hong Kong On 20 November 2012 ICES/BKSURCO hosted a dinner to celebrate the ICES framework agreement with the Chongqing Municipal Engineering Society signing c... Read more
Social Network The (CES) social network Geocaching in Greenwich Well done @metoffice Addressing the Daily Mail ‘crazy climate change obsession’ article bit.ly/ZLnQBj 11 April 2013 3pm-5pm @edparsons G... Read more
Institution News ICES BIM conference this month The institution is set to hold its inaugural conference on building information modelling later this month. The half-day conference, BIM — What will it ... Read more
News Roundup Satellite testing Six full operational capability (FOC) satellites for the Galileo navigation system are being assembled and prepared for testing in Germany. The FOC phase will include de... Read more
News Roundup In brief: Coastway and Subsurface Laser Scanning have joined the Geoscience Ireland consortium of private companies, Geological Survey of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and university resear... Read more
News Roundup The top of the world; in gigapixel glory TAKEN as part of the GlacierWorks project to document changes to the Himalayan glaciers, this image of This image of Mount Everest has a resolutio... Read more
News Roundup Events Carlson Middle East Geo and Civil Conference 3-5 February 2013: Doha, Qatar kzdenko@carlsonsw.com Ocean Business & Offshore Survey 13 9-11 April 2013: Southampton, UK www.oceanbusi... Read more
ICES Training Suite ICES can provide your company with a professional, spacious, modern, and friendly environment to satisfy your training and meeting requirements. Anyone hiring the suite has the add... Read more
Training Diary Provider Date+Time Course Cost 5-6 FEB 2013 An Introduction to Working with Cadcorp SIS 7.1 (2 Day) An Introduction to Working with Cadcorp SIS 7.1 provides the basics for everyday use ... Read more
Letter to the Editor BIM — Where does rail fit in? Following publication of my series on BIM, I have been asked several questions, some of which concerning how BIM will impact upon the railways. Askin... Read more
BIM – what will it mean to you? 26 February 2013, London Line-up Registration and coffee 1.30pm Alan Barrow, President, Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors 2pm Welcome David Philp, He... Read more
BIM Is BIM bigger than Latham? Information flow, management and modelling: Part 3 Ivan Hurst MCInstCES, Ivan Hurst Consulting LET US first consider some of the weight per metre and so on. So, when you... Read more
BIM pass it to the next tier down to do its thing, until the last designer has to make do with fitting its element around all of the previous, as best it can without any view to efficiency of producti... Read more
BIM Designing for operability Similarly, another step forward and we add the operators and maintainers to the collaboration, right from the outset of the design concept, and we have both improved effi... Read more
Wind The wind cries Mary Trudi Craggs, Partner, Dundas & Wilson PROPOSED wind farm greater area of concern for objectors, particularly in relation to cumulative impacts. That objections based on noise... Read more
Wind Because noise is technical, objections are often considered through an inquiry process rather than a more informal hearing session. Some objectors may commission their own noise assessments to su... Read more
Wind element of scaremongering by some, given the apparent lack of robust medical evidence to support any claims that wind farms cause health problems. Unless the developer can comply with the limits ... Read more
Measurement How measurement technology benefits F1 Andrew Tagg, UK Regional Manager, FARO Technologies, and Alex Smith, Head of Quality, McLaren Racing IN such a fast-moving business — around 90% of t... Read more
Measurement Clockwise from top left: The Edge Arm, a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 car during a pit stop, scanning the surface of a pattern with the arm, at the pit, a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes race ca... Read more
Utility Surveying What’s the difference between the human body and buried utilities? Mike Page MIRM BEng(Hons), SHEQ Manager, Subscan Technology THROUGH the wonders of scientific exploration, we fully... Read more
Utility Surveying greatest. However, GPR has limitations in moist and/or clay soils and soils with high electrical conductivity where penetration is often only a few centimetres. As with the human bod... Read more
Utility Surveying with their specific project and so proceed in blissful ignorance, believing that the survey they commissioned has provided that magical x-ray of the ground. It is important that they... Read more
Utility Surveying Current membership of the UMA includes: University of Birmingham Institution of Civil Engineers Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Pipeline Industries Guild United ... Read more
Approved Development Schemes Recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees Add value to employment packages Ensure employees develop their roles quickly and efficiently Preferred route to get em... Read more
Procurement Procurement in regulated utilities Simon Rawlinson, Head of Strategic Research, and Mike Nugent, Partner, EC Harris THE commencement of procurement of capital Cost efficiency and the wider... Read more
Procurement purchasing and scheduling. However, with major plant also requiring upgrades or equipment replacement, there remains potential for high complexity and risk in maintenance works. By contras... Read more
Procurement Clients also have different levels of direct involvement in delivery via direct labour organisations (DLO). The key elements that the client should ideally own include: - Owning and articu... Read more
Procurement arrangements and payment mechanisms can be varied to suit the desired risk transfer. The key benefit of the system integrator approach is the allocation of key management roles to the supp... Read more
History of Roads Unwinding the long, long trail The history of roads in the UK: Part 15 Hamish Mitchell FCInstCES FRICS MInstRE AS we arrive at the end of this series planning. Modernising existing ro... Read more
History of Roads Right: The author’s RCU tie produced to mark the demise of the Road Construction Units in 1981. It was always questionable if the sun was setting on the RCUs or rising over a new futu... Read more
Privilege Privilege What it means, and when to use it Jeremy Winter FCInstCES, Partner, Baker & McKenzie PRIVILEGE is defined in the Civil Procedure Rules as: to counsel and counsel’s opinions, drafts... Read more
Privilege/Bookshelf Communications between an employer and its advisers, a well-known firm of construction claims consultants, were not protected by legal professional privilege. Professionally qualif... Read more
Letter from America roundabout as we know it were called traffic circles and rotaries. These were generally much larger in area and entrance onto the circle was often traffic-light controlled. Higher ... Read more
Letter from America entrenched party political dogma has again taken precedence over what is best for the people. This has resulted in an inability to strike a long term balanced grand bargain for not... Read more
PF2 PFI to PF2 The king is dead, long live the king Chris Hallam FCInstCES, Partner, and Jon Hart, Partner, Pinsent Masons LLP WE'VE heard lots in recent months and years about how the Committee and t... Read more
PF2 One suspects that Hollywood producers will not be queuing up for the movie rights to this sequel. considered to be a more cost effective and flexible arrangement (and is certainly more politically... Read more
TSA Focus Another year bites the dust Rory Stanbridge FCInstCES MRICS FRSPSoc, Secretary General, The Survey Association GNSS was commissioned in 2011 and the results were announced at our AGM held at... Read more
Profiles Engineering and coating contractors are applying Winn & Coales (Denso)’s Denso Steelcoat system to protect four pipebridges for the Environment Agency. The function of the pipebridges is to t... Read more
Classifieds Construction Claims Equipment Mapping and Data Modelling and Software Mapping and Surveying Mobile Mapping Mapping (Underground) Monitoring CES Classifieds +44 (0)161 972 3110 sales@cices.... Read more
Classifieds Surveys samsett Surveys & Engineering Ltd 3D laser scanning • Topographical surveys • Measured building surveys • Monitoring • Primary and secondary control networks • Volumetric surveys a... Read more
Recruitment Regional Account Managers Due to the continued success of Topcon Surveying and Monitoring solutions throughout the UK, we are looking to expand our sales team to help manage this increasin... Read more
Autonomous monitoring around the clock Trimble S8 Total Station and Trimble 4D Control™ software Monitoring is one of the fastest growing disciplines in surveying and getting started couldn’t be easie... Read more
intelligent CONstruction Enhance your performance Whether you construct buildings, roads, bridges or tunnels, you benefi t from intelligent CONstruction. Leica iCON is more than a new product line or ... Read more