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October2011LaserScanningOffshoreContractsSurveyinginMauritiusConstructionActChangesCIVILENGINEERINGSURVEYORTheJournaloftheCharteredInstitutionofCivilEngineeringSurveyors... Read more
Autodesk BIM. Removing the barriers to better business.autodesk.co.uk/bimBecause the better the insight, thebetter theoutcome.Today’s projects are ambitious and complex. Which is why Autodesk®BIMhelps... Read more
Dreamjob:SurveyinginParadise.“YougathertheideathatMauritiuswascreatedfirst,andthenheaven;andthatheavenwascopiedafterMauritius.”MarkTwain1896.Articleonpp26-30.18CharteredInstitutionofCIVILENGINEERINGSU... Read more
“God rest ye, merry gentlemen...”No Christmas Card Appeal©MarkMaloneyHave you thought about your company’s Christmas cards yet? It can be a bit of a chore – especiallyifyou’ve left it until the last m... Read more
www.cices.orgCESOctober20115President’sColumnASTHESUMMERnowappearstohavefinished,andthemajorityoftheworkingpopulationlookstohaveconcludeditsholidays,itdoesappearthatthepresidentialdutiesarepickingupas... Read more
RegionNews6CESOctober2011www.surco.uk.comICESAnglia&CentralChair:KevinBlatch􀀀+44(0)7866575373Kevinb@edgeconsult.co.ukSecretary:TimBrennan􀀀+44(0)1295814417tim.brennan@msurv.co.ukICESwww.cices.org/ang... Read more
RegionalCPDEventsDo you want to provide CPD opportunities for members in your region?Are you thinking of organising events, but have little time or support?Do you want to increase the level of service... Read more
RegionNews8CESOctober2011www.surco.uk.comSouthEastOngoing-31December2012:LMFLondonMappingFestivalisaseriesofmappingevents.Tokeepuptodate,registerfortheeNewsletteratwww.londonmappingfestival.org/newsle... Read more
www.cices.orgCESOctober20119InternationalAffairsTHEinstitutionhasanumberofcommitteesandworkinggroupswhoseroleistounderstandandaddresstheissueswithwhichithasbeentasked.OneofthesegroupsistheICESInternat... Read more
InstitutionNews10CESOctober2011www.surco.uk.comICESatJCTlaunchICESfellowDavidKytefromtheCommercialManagementPracticesCommitteeattendedaparliamentaryreceptiontolaunchtherevisedJointContractsTribunalsui... Read more
www.cices.orgCESOctober201111NewsRoundupSurveyIrelandSevensurveysforfloodassessmentworkaretobeawardedbyIreland’sOfficeofPublicWorks.Thesurveysformpartofthenewcatchment-basedfloodriskassessmentandmanag... Read more
NewsRoundup12CESOctober2011www.surco.uk.comInbrief:3DLaserMappinghassuppliedaRieglVZ-400laserscannertoMHPGeomatics.ThescannerwillbeusedaspartofamultimillionRandupgradeprojectfortheSouthAfricanNational... Read more
www.cices.orgCESOctober201113SocialNetworkEventsThe(CES)socialnetworkJustfoundoutI'vewonalargeproject(TopographicalSurvey)foralocalcountycouncil,shouldkeepmegoingforafewweeks@UsklandsurveyOurSAcontrac... Read more
MembershipApplicationandUpgradeWorkshopsAreyouthinkingofupgradingyourmembership?Doyouknowanyoneinterestedinapplyingformembership?Doyouwantyouremployeestodeveloptheirprofessionalskills?Ifyouansweryesto... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201115BookshelfINSTITUTIONSare made up ofpersonalities. As much as they’d like to bemarked by their achievements over theyears in furthering standards and publicperception of ... Read more
TSA Focus16CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comTHEopening of the new football season coincideswith the commencement of a new column fromThe Survey Association (TSA), which I hope willbecome a permanent fi... Read more
Water Trends18CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comBRAZIL, Russia, India and China (BRIC) nowaccount for more than half of the world'spopulation. The Chinese water market hasbeen expanding for years and 27... Read more
Fees:£95plusVATperdelegate.ForfurtherinformationpleasecontactNiccolaDoddon+44(0)1619723112orndodd@cices.orgSURCOTrainingoffersaflexibletrainingcalendarandpubliccoursesareoffereddependentupondemand.Pub... Read more
CAD and GIS20CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comTHE WORLDSof CAD and GIS are coming closer together,there is no doubt. When we move into 3D GIS, theintelligence we gain from the building informationmodel... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201121Laser ScanningLASER SCANNERSare at the heart of a paradigm shift asEuropean scientists start adding an immersive dimension tosports broadcasting and photo-sharing. Immer... Read more
LaserScanning22CESOctober2011www.surco.uk.comwillaccuratelyandautomaticallyblendtheaudiofromdifferentmicrophonesinordertosuittheviewer’schosencamerashot.FascinatErepresentsaparadigmshiftwheredirectors... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201123Construction ActASreaders will know by now, the 1996 HousingGrants, Construction and Regeneration Act(HGCRA) is being amended by the LocalDemocracy, Economic Development... Read more
Construction Act24CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comand high value claims. Those who predicted that the HGCRAwould lead to more formal disputes, earlier in the process, havebeen proved right. Throw into... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201125Construction Actcorrected decision to each of the parties to the contract.(4) Any correction of a decision forms part of the decision."Again, it may be thought that ther... Read more
Surveying26CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comThe evolution of landsurveying in MauritiusAbdool R Hasan Miyan, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering, University of Mauritius,and Muhammad Zuver Cassam, Land Su... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201127SurveyingLater on, angular measurements were carried out bymechanical theodolites. The Wild T0, T1 and T2theodolites were preferred in Mauritius during the mid1960s. Dur... Read more
Surveying28CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comFrench and British administrations amongstothers. Descubes used the British imperialsystem and the scale of 1 inch to 1 statutemile. The main difficulties ar... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201129Surveyingrequired to reach the seabed. Nowadays, bathymetric surveys are required for harbourdesign, coastal defences, beach nourishing, artificial beach and flood analy... Read more
Surveying30CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comConclusion and recommendationsThe gap between traditional systems and modern techniques ismost undoubtedly widening. Mechanical equipment has quicklybecome o... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201131FIDICFIRST, a brief introduction followed byan overview of various forms.• The White Book; as previously noted,as well as contracts between anemployer and contractor, FI... Read more
FIDIC32CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comengineers and contractors some consistency informat, leading to fewer ad-hoc and poorly thoughtthrough amendments.Those faced with a Pink Book will have often be... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201133FIDIC• An independent audit body is jointly appointed forthe duration of the OPS to monitor the performanceof the contractor and employer. Whilst having nopower, the par... Read more
Photogrammetry34CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comIN MARCH 2011, the public sector mappingagreement for England and Wales came into effect.Previous to this, the mapping services agreement(MSA) was intro... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201135Photogrammetryhelping pupils to understand the environment around their schools andimprove their spatial awareness. Pushing the boundaries?Off the shelf data, such as ... Read more
Photogrammetry36CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comentire stock. The company then works with the individual housingassociation to offer advice on funding options and procurement, aswell as management of ... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201137PartneringEXPERIENCED PRACTITIONERSin the construction industrywill readily acknowledge that projects often give rise todisputes. Traditionally, such disputes arise wher... Read more
Partnering38CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comaccommodate multi-party disputes, being something that can onlybe achieved in arbitration by consent of all relevant parties to thedispute under each contra... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201139Partneringprovides for a series of steps to resolve disputes that escalate interms of the level of formality they encompass. In this regard, thereis a similarity with th... Read more
Partnering40CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comIt should be remembered here that the charter was not intended toform part of the contract. There is some academic debate as to the meaning of the judge'swo... Read more
TRAINING MENTORING COMPETENCIES APPRAISAL FEEDBACKCompetenciesNew general competenciesNew geospatial competenciesThe ICES competencies are essential for membership and help demonstrateyou are a qualif... Read more
Oil and Gas Contracts42CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comLOGIC(Leading Oil and Gas IndustryCompetitiveness) publishes a number ofstandard forms and terms for use inmarine construction contracts within t... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201143Oil and Gas Contractsthe employer where the employer has preventedcompliance. This analysis appears to be consistent with BPExploration Operating Company Ltd v Dolphin D... Read more
Management Systems44CES October 2011www.surco.uk.commodels that represent expert descriptions. Sound heuristics andalgorithms then ensure a working expert system. Data structuresA key component in the... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201145Management SystemsThe results are generated with error information, statistics andgraphic drawing of profiles for each level run in the network. Bythese techniques, surv... Read more
Advertorial46CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comSURVEY SOLUTIONS SCOTLANDand Balfour Beatty arecertainly ahead of the pack when it comes to BIM (buildinginformation modelling) knowledge and expertise. Ju... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201147AdvertorialThis demonstrated the communication of a model created in BIM software, based on data captured by laser scanning, onto a device to be usedfor layout in the fi... Read more
Classifieds48CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comModelling and SoftwareSurveysLarge and small-scale topographic surveys• Installation of survey and engineeringcontrol • Site surveys • Boundarydemarcation ... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201149ClassifiedsWhere to BuyTrainingUnderground MappingWeed Control£43(UK) £48(Europe)£53(Rest of the World)CIVILENGINEERINGSURVEYORThe Journal of the Chartered Institution ... Read more
Profiles/Recruitment50CES October 2011www.surco.uk.comGeocelhas launched a new ultra-fast curing sealant for floormovement joints. Geocel 260 is apouring grade, two-componentpolyurethane based sealant... Read more
www.cices.orgCES October 201151RecruitmentALL GRADES of Utility Surveyor/Cable TracerGuildford + South EastTECHNICS GROUP Ltdis the market leader in subsurface utilitymapping with an enviable reputati... Read more
TO UTILISE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGYWITH KORECThe industries KOREC serves are evolving at a rapid pace. We continue to meet new challenges with innovative solutions and new technologies in:• BIM•... Read more