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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors July/August 2011 Hydrographics Dispute Resolution Construction Strategy Subsurface Modelling... Read more
CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The careful reconstruction of Delft. The Dutch city undergoes major transformation as a central railway is moved underground. See article on pp38-40. Image ©MWH 22 32 Disput... Read more
Graduate Membership Student membership with ICES is only free for the duration of an ICES accredited degree, so what happens next? ICES is offering 7 months FREE graduate membership until March 2012 T... Read more
President’s Column Hard act to follow I was also fortunate to attend the launch of the CIC’s good practice guide; Client leadership on health and safety. It is aimed at construction industry professio... Read more
ICES Regions Ireland & Northern Ireland ICES and CIArb Golf Day Another successful annual golf day was enjoyed by the Chartered Institution of Arbitrators’ Irish Branch and ICES I&NI at Greystones Gol... Read more
Regional CPD Events Need a helping hand? Do you want to provide CPD opportunities for members in your region? Are you thinking of organising events, but have little time or support? Do you want to inc... Read more
ICES Regions North West & North Wales HS2 Event Professor Andrew McNaughton addressed over 40 members of the region and their guests at an event hosted by Pinsent Masons in aid of the Construction You... Read more
Institution News ICES applauds the Chilean rescue The institution has awarded certificates of commendation to two members of the team that was responsible for rescuing the trapped Chilean miners last ... Read more
Institution News Young achievers wanted The Construction Youth Trust has launched the Duke of Gloucester’s Young Achievers Scheme. The awards aim to recognise the success of “exceptional young profess... Read more
Institution News Nominations open for Council of Management The institution is now seeking nominations from members (MCInstCES and FCInstCES) to join its council of management. No previous experience ... Read more
Institution News New president for RICS The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors has unveiled its new president, with See Lian Ong replacing the outgoing Robert Peto AGI Geocommunity 21-22 Septemb... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Workshops Workshop Calendar 2011 9 August 3.30pm Durham 13 September 3.30pm Milton Keynes 17 October 3.30pm Sale 19 October 3.30pm Leeds 22 November 3.30pm Plymouth ... Read more
News Roundup Corrosion tests for Angola’s oil platforms Large scale metallography inspection tests have been completed at BP’s Greater Plutonio offshore oil production platform in Angola. The work inc... Read more
News Roundup Happy birthday OS On 21 June, Ordnance Survey celebrated its 220nd birthday. The occasion was marked by the dedication of the mapping body’s memorial to the 123 staff killed in the two wo... Read more
News Roundup Landfill waste to halve? The Strategic Forum for Construction has called for a 50% cut in construction waste going to landfill by 2012. The forum has published a waste action plan, which ... Read more
CES News New portal for CES The institution’s information business SURCO has launched an online portal for Civil Engineering Surveyor. The portal stores the eBook editions of CES and all annual supple... Read more
Meet the Membership Desert highway Name: Ivan Warnes Occupation: Commercial manager in building and civil engineering contracting Age: 51 ICES grade: Fellow Job title: Commercial director Employer: Mu... Read more
Meet the Membership ...and another one; the King Abdulaziz Center for Knowledge and Culture in Dhahran. Much coveted free time is spent exploring the deserts around Dubai. We now have a well establish... Read more
FIG FIG in Morocco The 2011 working week Commission 6 (engineering survey) • Deformation monitoring. • Land deformation. • Laser scanning and photogrammetry. Commission 7 (cadastre and land management... Read more
FIG A student’s perspective Even if you have not arranged to meet anyone, it is more than likely you will spot an earlier acquaintance. On one afternoon I was recognised as a student and invited to si... Read more
Construction Strategy Is the government’s blueprint up to the task? Delivering 20% cost savings needs a radical plan Simon Rawlinson, Head of Strategic Research, with Graham Kean, Head of Public, EC H... Read more
Construction Strategy Initiatives such as the development of standard processes and the introduction of strategic alignment agreements with suppliers demonstrate a willingness to address some of the l... Read more
Offshore Monitoring The value of environmental monitoring in offshore renewable energy developments Don Bryan, Manager for Marine Systems, and Graham Howe, International Business Development for Renew... Read more
Offshore Monitoring From left to right: (i) A WatchMate meteorological ocean buoy gathers wave energy data, (ii) annual service maintenance of a 3m meteorological ocean buoy, and (iii) the WindSentine... Read more
Offshore Monitoring The WindSentinel offshore wind assessment buoy. The ±20m range gate probe depth allows for real-world measurements from 30m to 150m. For users who are within a cell phone coverage ... Read more
Offshore Monitoring essential details for offshore developers. Wave and sea surface temperature data are collected, processed and logged on the buoy and then transmitted to a base station where develo... Read more
SURCO Training The information business of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors ustrial Marketplace • Commercial Awareness • Identifying and Evaluating Change and the Importance of... Read more
Hydrographics New challenges with bathymetric surveys; crocodiles and hippos Matthew French CMarTech FCInstCES FRICS FRGS FIMarEST FCMI MRIN MNI, Managing Director, Fathoms WHEN the government of Keny... Read more
Hydrographics had to be designed from scratch; despite the need to compare previous results with present ones. A smaller boat was provided for the survey of the two smaller reservoirs. A certain amoun... Read more
Hydrographics Clockwise from top left: (i) A crocodile at the river bank, (ii) the main survey boat, (iii) the survey terrain, (iv) tree stump and spectator in the reservoir, (v) the secondary survey ... Read more
Dispute Boards Dispute boards Nicholas Gould, Partner, Fenwick Elliott LLP, and Immediate Past-President, Dispute Resolution Board Foundation Region 2 (Rest of the World) DISPUTE BOARDS are an innovat... Read more
Dispute Boards In 1999, FIDIC introduced the concept of a dispute review expert — basically a single-person dispute board. • Dispute adjudication board: The DAB’s decision is to be implemented immedia... Read more
Dispute Boards of the ICC rules are set out above. The most widely used rules for a DAB are those produced by FIDIC, and they are considered further on. The FIDIC DAB The introduction, in the 1970s, o... Read more
Dispute Boards The benefits of a dispute board The key benefit of a dispute board is the early resolution of disputes, or even mere differences, as they arise during the course of the works. This effe... Read more
Dispute Boards dispute board will be in place from the beginning and therefore be able to become familiar with the project and the documentation. of the dispute board provides an opportunity for a rat... Read more
Online Bookshop Q: Where can I get the new FIDIC Contracts: Law and Practice? A: The ICES online bookshop The ICES Online Bookshop has been developed in partnership with RICS Books - Retail Services, ... Read more
Subsurface Modelling Going underground in Delft Tjeerd Koopmans, Senior Geologist, and Harry van den Oever, Operations Manager, MWH FAMOUS for its blue earthenware equipment. This is because it would ... Read more
Subsurface Modelling Creating a unique web viewer The next stage of the project involved creating a completely new tool called the GeoViewer. All the known data was combined in a three layer 3D subsur... Read more
Subsurface Modelling The GeoViewer enabled users to click on the map and get a virtual borehole description back from the server. Small updates and innovative improvements are constantly being develop... Read more
Roads Unwinding the long, long trail The history of roads in the UK: Part 7 Hamish Mitchell FCInstCES FRICS MInstRE IN 1066 a new regime, as every schoolchild knows boundaries — it was instead an ease... Read more
Roads and are referred to in Cornish as forth eglos or freglos in the shortened form. These paths were marked by granite wayside crosses, of which over a hundred remain today. A religious piety existe... Read more
Roads members were unable to attend. In 1353 Edward III, dismayed at the state of the London street between Temple Bar and Westminster, ordered it to be paved. As a result, in 1356, the city authoriti... Read more
Materials What’s on the hit list? New guide on the selection of construction materials Jarleth Heneghan, Partner, and Cassandra Byrne, Senior Associate, William Fry Solicitors CLIENTS and material Ind... Read more
Materials long term, the costs implications of green material specifications are likely to meet resistance in these financially challenged times. Nevertheless, end users are insisting on the specifica... Read more
Subsea Assets Using intelligence to protect oil, gas and telecommunication assets deep in the oceans Martin Connelly and Daniel Hughes, Astrium Geo-Information Services One of the rigs that takes adva... Read more
Subsea Assets Some of the damage that can be caused by ships dropping anchor over undersea cables. One such incident affected 70% of Nigeria’s bandwidth. Need for more active protection So, whether it... Read more
Subsea Assets Astrium GEO-Information launched its AssetMonitor service in April 2010, with particular attention from pipeline and cable operators in busy harbour locations and shipping lanes such as ... Read more
Partnering Standard forms of partnering contracts The ultimate contractual commitment? Part 5 Partneriing Team ICES partnering team THIS is the fifth in a series of articles being published in CES com... Read more
Partnering worked out and incorporated into the individual project agreements as appropriate; bearing in mind that, in any one programme, there may be lots of quite different projects and project agre... Read more
Partnering equivalent of the NEC’s compensation events. Relief events are defined inter alia as being: “5.7.3 the occurrence of any risk referred to in the risk allocation schedule to the extent that ... Read more
Utility Mapping Surveying within the UK’s carriageways Craig Simmonds FCInstCES, Technical Director, Technics Group MAPPING utilities on busy roads often proves to be troublesome at the best of times.... Read more
Advertorial Sound velocity profiling from a moving vessel Apartnership between a and money when surveying. Traditionally performed profiles using SVPs or XBTs are the excepted method, but stopping or ... Read more
Advertorial/Profiles Maccaferri retaining walls hide the Glencorse water treatment works in Pentland Hills GEOTECHNICAL specialist reinforcement were placed and overlain in 1.0m lifts with mechanicall... Read more
Profiles Winn & Coales (Denso) has announced that its Denso SeaShield marine pile protection systems have now been effectively working in some of the most harsh and demanding environments on the plane... Read more
Classifieds Adjudication Modelling and Software rockmate technical services ltd dXmQ a low cost, high quality, easy to use software contours… cross sections… volumes… photogrammetry... 3D views... Adv... Read more
Classifieds Surveys Rugby Ground Info Ltd trading as CES Classifieds +44 (0)161 972 3110 RGI Surveys The Old Stables 70a Oxford Street RUGBY CV21 3NE MIKE WORBY SURVEY CONSULTANCY Chartered Land/Engin... Read more
Where to Buy Topcon (GB), Head Office Topcon House, Bone Lane, Kennet Side, Newbury RG14 5PX +44 (0)1635 551120 info@topcon.co.uk www.topcon.co.uk Ashtech European Headquarters, ZAC de la Fleuriaye BP... Read more
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Leica Viva TS15 Your vision of the Fastest Imaging Total Station ... let us s inspire you Leica Viva TS15 – doesn’t T get Quicker t It doesn’ g Leica Viva TS15 adds an advanced image imag sensor to th... Read more