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Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors YEARBOOK & DIRECTORY OF MEMBERS Incorporating the Annual Report 2014... Read more
Leica ScanStation P20 􀀁 industry's le Be more p Sc s leading scanner e productive with the a canner e ion tion,accuracy angular me range measuremen Using an innova speed scan da Leica Scan... Read more
Yearbook & Directory of Members is printed using PEFC-certified paper as part of the institution’s commitment to promote sustainable forest management. Printed by Buxton Press Limited, Palace Road, Bu... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀈􀀳􀀶􀀨􀀦􀀘􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀃􀀨􀀲􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀎􀀴􀀳􀀘􀀜A year for growth Alan Barrow, President W ELCOME to a new year and a new Yearbook. My wish is that the optimism continues into the new year and that ... Read more
􀀛􀀈􀀳􀀶􀀨􀀦􀀘􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀃􀀨􀀲􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀎􀀴􀀳􀀘􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥important than in the formation and operation of building information modelling,as it will be mandated for UK government civil engineering pro... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀈􀀳􀀶􀀨􀀦􀀘􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀃􀀨􀀲􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀎􀀴􀀳􀀘􀀖ensure an even better return on their investment with employees that are at the cutting edge of best practice.Our vision is to grow organically. Our b... Read more
􀀋􀀑􀀳􀀴􀀕􀀲􀀱􀀣􀀶􀀲􀀡􀀏􀀁􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥A bright future Bill Pryke, Chief Executive Officer C onsolidating our position within the civil engineering sector, ensuring we continue to keep focused and ... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀑􀀳􀀴􀀕􀀲􀀱􀀣􀀶􀀲􀀡􀀏􀀁􀀌individual recognition as chartered engineers, incorporated engineers and engineering technicians.At the time of writing, a draft ICES Learning and Development Plan 2... Read more
􀀯􀀫􀀢􀀩􀀴􀀤􀀱􀀲􀀊􀀡􀀏􀀟􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥About ICES The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (ICES) prides itself on its achievement as an internationally renowned centre of excellence ... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀩􀀴􀀤􀀱􀀲􀀊􀀡􀀏􀀟􀀯􀀯Our specialisms ICES governs two distinct areas of civil engineering surveying; commercial management and geospatial engineering. Commercial management Commercial manag... Read more
􀀯􀀮􀀢􀀩􀀴􀀤􀀱􀀲􀀊􀀡􀀏􀀟􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Our structure Council of Management and core committees ICES members cover a wide range of specialisms within construction commercial management and geospatial ... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀩􀀴􀀤􀀱􀀲􀀊􀀡􀀏􀀟􀀯􀀝profession. GEPC works in collaboration with other professional bodies and has a joint Geospatial Engineering Panel with the Institution of Civil Engineers.Education, P... Read more
􀀯􀀭􀀊􀀡􀀏􀀟􀀲􀀂􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀲􀀧􀀴􀀤􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥ICES near you ICES supports the continuing professional development of its members through a network of strategic regions. These regions are located aroun... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀊􀀡􀀏􀀟􀀲􀀂􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀲􀀧􀀴􀀤􀀯􀀜Country representatives ICES country representatives operate in countries where a regional committee is not viable.The role was developed with the objective of ma... Read more
􀀯􀀛􀀡􀀈􀀚􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Continuing professional development Continuing professional development (CPD) is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, together with... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀡􀀈􀀚􀀯􀀖In-company development • Training undertaken as part of an in-company development scheme.• Leading in-house training courses and seminars.• Promotion and appraisal. (Recognition will... Read more
􀀯􀀋􀀅􀀶􀀕􀀩􀀶􀀳􀀨􀀣􀀦􀀞􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Membership Applications and upgrades for membership are welcomed from those who have the appropriate academic qualifications and experience, as well as from app... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀞􀀞􀀳􀀴􀀓􀀶􀀘􀀲􀀚􀀶􀀓􀀶􀀪􀀴􀀞􀀕􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀲􀀟􀀬􀀣􀀶􀀕􀀶􀀨􀀯􀀌Approved development schemes The key benefits of the institution’s approved development schemes (ADS) are that they:• Recruit, motiv... Read more
􀀏􀀐􀀎􀀕􀀕􀀑􀀖􀀒􀀗􀀇􀀔􀀍􀀗􀀒􀀗􀀃􀀖􀀕􀀓􀀗􀀁􀀆􀀔􀀌􀀈􀀅􀀗􀀓􀀗􀀂􀀋􀀗􀀊􀀑􀀉􀀖􀀖􀀄Leighton Contracting (Abu Dhabi) www.hlgroup.com Lagan Construction www.lagan-group.com Morgan Sindall www.morgansindall.com... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀞􀀞􀀳􀀴􀀓􀀶􀀘􀀲􀀚􀀶􀀓􀀶􀀪􀀴􀀞􀀕􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀲􀀟􀀬􀀣􀀶􀀕􀀶􀀨􀀮􀀯Geospatial engineering schemes Amey OWR www.amey.co.uk Atlantic Geomatics www.atlanticgeomatics.co.uk Aspect Land and Hydrographic S... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀬􀀬􀀳􀀶􀀘􀀦􀀱􀀶􀀘􀀲􀀡􀀴􀀤􀀳􀀨􀀶􀀨􀀮􀀝Accredited courses Accreditation of courses by ICES is a mark of assurance that the programmes meet standards set by industry. The accreditation process... Read more
􀀮􀀭􀀢􀀬􀀬􀀳􀀶􀀘􀀦􀀱􀀶􀀘􀀲􀀡􀀴􀀤􀀳􀀨􀀶􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Commercial management apprenticeships College of West Anglia (UK)Commercial Management Apprenticeship Programme www.cwa.ac.uk Commercial managem... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀬􀀬􀀳􀀶􀀘􀀦􀀱􀀶􀀘􀀲􀀡􀀴􀀤􀀳􀀨􀀶􀀨􀀮􀀜MSc Environmental Management & Earth Observation PGDip/MSc Positioning & Navigation Technology www.nottingham.ac.uk/ngi University of Nottingham (Malays... Read more
􀀮􀀛􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Core committees and panels: Annual reports Commercial Management Practices Committee At one level commercial managers are responsible for measuring and ... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀮􀀖Contracts & Dispute Resolution Panel In April 2013, Michael Rowlinson’s three-year tenure as chairman came to a close. I would like to thank Michael for the har... Read more
􀀮􀀋􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Education, Professional Development & Membership Committee 2013 has been another eventful and progressive year, with a number of major projects in hand ... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀮􀀌Finance & General Purposes Committee In 2012 the institution took further measures to limit the financial risks to which we are exposed, and I am pleased to rep... Read more
􀀝􀀫􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Geospatial Engineering Practices Committee This time last year Bill Pryke, our CEO, agreed to meet with me to discuss and work through the GEPC strategi... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀝􀀯the engineering surveyor plays within BIM and the life-cycle of a built asset. The signing of our memorandum of understanding between ICES and the Royal Institu... Read more
􀀝􀀮􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥ICES Network After the several successful geocaching events held since 2011 a similar event at Newcastle University was deemed ideal. However, a less we... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀢􀀰􀀰􀀤􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀞􀀴􀀳􀀱􀀨􀀝􀀝International Affairs Committee IAC strives to adapt to the needs of the international community of commercial managers and geospatial engineers. The growth out... Read more
􀀝􀀭􀀉􀀶􀀵􀀪􀀱􀀣􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀟􀀵􀀗􀀶􀀱􀀒􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥H&S developments in 2013 And what can we expect in 2014?Jan Burgess, Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna I T has been another year of change in health and sa... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀉􀀶􀀵􀀪􀀱􀀣􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀟􀀵􀀗􀀶􀀱􀀒􀀝􀀜the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 implemented on 1 October 2013. The changes remove the existing right of an employee to rely solely on a breach of healt... Read more
􀀝􀀛􀀉􀀶􀀵􀀪􀀱􀀣􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀟􀀵􀀗􀀶􀀱􀀒􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥it. Particular concerns have been raised by some, who consider that fear of civil claims drives compliance of health and safety,rather than fear of en... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀉􀀶􀀵􀀪􀀱􀀣􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀟􀀵􀀗􀀶􀀱􀀒􀀝􀀖how interpretation will be approached.Albeit there has been a great deal of work in reducing burdensome regulation in the field of health and safety over the ... Read more
􀀝􀀋􀀉􀀶􀀵􀀪􀀱􀀣􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀟􀀵􀀗􀀶􀀱􀀒􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥sentenced following the death of a worker who fell from height on its building site project in 2008. The construction company was fined (including cos... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀐􀀵􀀎􀀝􀀌Case law developments Steven Williams FCInstCES, Associate Director, Turner & Townsend Contract Services W HEN the question of a legal roundup of 2013 was suggested,the first reactio... Read more
􀀭􀀫􀀐􀀵􀀎􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥and will take all reasonable action as is necessary for the efficient transmission of information and instructions and to enable the trust or, as the case may be, any benefic... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀐􀀵􀀎􀀭􀀯Collateral warranties The Joint Contracts Tribunal defines a collateral warranty as follows:“Collateral warranties are used as a supporting document to a primary contract where an ag... Read more
􀀭􀀮􀀐􀀵􀀎􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥unusual grounds of breaches of natural justice and lack of jurisdiction that rendered the decision unenforceable. Furthermore,Blyth & Blyth argued that to enforce the adjudic... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀐􀀵􀀎􀀭􀀝Commencement The contract relating to Westfield Civil Engineering Ltd v Buckingham Group Contracting Ltd provided for an adjudicator’s decision to be final and binding unless a chall... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway,Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’walki... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀐􀀦􀀍􀀣􀀱􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀨􀀶􀀲􀀡􀀪􀀤􀀩􀀭􀀜When east met west John Battersby FCInstCES, Deputy Chairman, Lighthouse Club Hong Kong I T was probably not in the minds of Edward Ward and his colleagues wh... Read more
􀀭􀀛􀀐􀀦􀀍􀀣􀀱􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀨􀀶􀀲􀀡􀀪􀀤􀀩􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥and civil engineering industries. The club chose as its motto aliis cum humanitate, or consideration for others, and a benevolent fund was set up in t... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀐􀀦􀀍􀀣􀀱􀀣􀀴􀀤􀀨􀀶􀀲􀀡􀀪􀀤􀀩􀀭􀀖paid out to eligible victims of injury on construction sites. From a modest beginning, the branch has grown incredibly quickly and now has over 900 members. D... Read more
􀀭􀀋􀀇􀀢􀀆􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥High density 3D point cloud of the Matterhorn senseFly T HE MATTERHORN –known as the most beautiful mountain in the world –is one of the highest peaks in the Pennine Alps and... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀇􀀢􀀆􀀭􀀌2,200 images within just a few hours. In co-operation with Pix4D and through eBee’s image processing software (Postflight Terra 3D-EB), a high-definition 3D point-cloud was created c... Read more
􀀜􀀫􀀇􀀢􀀆􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Team 1 on top of the Matterhorn.Team 2 preparing three eBee mapping drones just above the Hornlihütte.Ultralight technology and 3D flight planning The small weight and trans... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀇􀀢􀀆􀀜􀀯One of the flights by team 2.Hand launching the eBee off the Matterhorn.up to the summit of the Matterhorn. The eBee was launched at the summit, climbing up to a maximum altitude of ... Read more
􀀜􀀮􀀇􀀢􀀆􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥automatically calculated by eBee's ground control software, eMotion 2, based on SRTM data.Challenges The main challenges –successfully overcome –were to demonstrate the mappi... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀅􀀶􀀵􀀨􀀤􀀳􀀶􀀕􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀜􀀝Brick by brick Jeff Winke for Topcon I T stands at 112ft and 11.75in tall,establishing a new world record for a tower constructed with interlocking plastic bricks, ak... Read more
􀀜􀀭􀀅􀀶􀀵􀀨􀀤􀀳􀀶􀀕􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥well as companies and organisations in the community all contributing to the brick drive. After months of work in classrooms across the district and a few day... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀅􀀶􀀵􀀨􀀤􀀳􀀶􀀕􀀶􀀰􀀱􀀜􀀜students’ co-operative efforts had established a new world record for the tallest structure built from interlocking plastic bricks.Jeff Winke, Business and Constructi... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀡􀀴􀀪􀀪􀀵􀀱􀀶􀀳􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀄􀀵􀀳􀀳􀀵􀀰􀀱􀀦􀀶􀀨􀀜􀀖Collateral damage Chris Hallam FCInstCES, Partner, Pinsent Masons W HAT is a collateral warranty? In essence, it’s a contract between a party invo... Read more
􀀜􀀋􀀡􀀴􀀪􀀪􀀵􀀱􀀶􀀳􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀄􀀵􀀳􀀳􀀵􀀰􀀱􀀦􀀶􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥collateral warranties are rare beasts, and disputes that make it into a court room are rarer still. But, like buses, you wait for a decisi... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀡􀀴􀀪􀀪􀀵􀀱􀀶􀀳􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀄􀀵􀀳􀀳􀀵􀀰􀀱􀀦􀀶􀀨􀀜􀀌It said that the collateral warranty had been executed before practical completion, which meant that in reality — as well as a matter of legal int... Read more
􀀛􀀫􀀡􀀴􀀪􀀪􀀵􀀱􀀶􀀳􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀄􀀵􀀳􀀳􀀵􀀰􀀱􀀦􀀶􀀨􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥multiple liabilities in respect of the same breach/loss by reason of entering into multiple collateral warranties. It’s a pretty common fe... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀨􀀦􀀬􀀲􀀟􀀤􀀳􀀓􀀶􀀒􀀦􀀰􀀍􀀛􀀯Can modern forensic science uncover fresh clues about the assassination of JFK?Leica Geosystems W HAT really happened in Dealey Plaza in the West End di... Read more
􀀛􀀮􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀨􀀦􀀬􀀲􀀟􀀤􀀳􀀓􀀶􀀒􀀦􀀰􀀍􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥the deflection of the projectile. Software tools are then used to create a line segment for the original trajectory and any secondary trajectori... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀨􀀦􀀬􀀲􀀟􀀤􀀳􀀓􀀶􀀒􀀦􀀰􀀍􀀛􀀝shooting is said to have taken place. The use of laser scanning, along with other high tech equipment such as Doppler radar and high speed videography, ... Read more
􀀛􀀭􀀑􀀴􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀨􀀦􀀬􀀲􀀟􀀤􀀳􀀓􀀶􀀒􀀦􀀰􀀍􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Without question, the ability to use 3D laser scanning has had a tremendous impact on crime scene investigations. The next step is to combine th... Read more
􀀛􀀛􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Imperial/fps units Metric/SI units... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀛􀀖Conversion factors Standard wire gauge and metric equivalent Paper sizes... Read more
􀀛􀀋􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥Mensuration Plane surfaces Solids... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀛􀀌Trigonometry... Read more
􀀖􀀫􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀖􀀯Area rules... Read more
􀀖􀀮􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥... Read more
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􀀖􀀭􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀧􀀶􀀵􀀳􀀩􀀴􀀴􀀥... Read more
􀀮􀀫􀀯􀀭􀀔􀀶􀀬􀀣􀀰􀀦􀀬􀀵􀀪􀀲􀀙􀀲􀀠􀀶􀀗􀀶􀀳􀀶􀀰􀀬􀀶􀀲􀀚􀀵􀀱􀀵􀀖􀀜Weights of construction materials... Read more
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