CES - July/August 2013

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors Archaeology UAV Dixon Hydrography July-August 2013... Read more
3D control GPS, mmGPS,total station 2D control laser, sonic and slope 3D control single-, dual GPS,total station 2D control single-, dual laser and slope Best control.3D control with mmGPS total stati... Read more
July/August 2013 Contents 05. President’s column 06. ICES regions 09. News 15. Training dates 16. Legal Q&A 41. Social network 42. Events 55. Classifieds 56. Where to buy 57. Profiles 58. Recruitment ... Read more
ICES Dinner 2013 Brooklands Museum 6.45pm, 20 September 2013 Tickets: £ 75.00*Includes guided tour of the museum Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Brooklands, the birthplace of British motorsport and... Read more
07/08 2013 President’s Column 5 The Cheshire Cat S O, why do I look like the Cheshire Cat? Simply, it is the response we have had from our fellows and members who took part in a recent survey. As you ... Read more
6 ICES Regions Civil Engineering Surveyor ICES Hong Kong ICES HK thanks Simon Chee from the Hong Kong Construction Arbitration Centre for his talk on the transition from expert to expert witness. Than... Read more
07/08 2013 ICES Regions 7 06 NOV 13: NEC protecting your entitlement ICES HQ, Sale, 6pm for 6.30pm Bookings: Serena Ronan +44 (0)161 972 3100 sronan@cices.org www.cices.org/north-west-north-wales Gar... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
07/08 2013 Institution News 9 Institution accounts The institution accounts for 2012-2013 are now available to all members. Copies can be requested from ICES HQ or downloaded from the Members’ Only se... Read more
10 Institution News Civil Engineering Surveyor Photo win for Terry ICES member Terry Higginson has won first prize in a photo competition run by the Institution of Civil Engineers’ East England branch... Read more
12 News Roundup Civil Engineering Surveyor Big win in Hong Kong Gammon Construction has won a HK$8.66b (£ 720m) contract on Hong Kong’s Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link. In what will be Gammon’s largest eve... Read more
07/08 2013 News Roundup 13 A weighty arrival at Grimsby Associated British Ports’ £ 26m Grimsby River terminal development has reached a milestone with the arrival of a large reinforced concrete float... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway,Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’walki... Read more
Training Diary Provider Date+Time Course Cost 01 AUG 2013 19 SEP 2013 9.00am – 4.30pm Delay, Disruption and Extensions of Time (1 Day)This course aims to promote an understanding of the provisions for... Read more
16 Legal Q&A Civil Engineering Surveyor W HERE consultants or other parties are sued for professional negligence, the sums involved are frequently large. Not surprisingly,claimants are often keen to f... Read more
07/08 2013 Archaeology 17 The Crossrail archaeology programme Jay Carver, Lead Archaeologist, Crossrail Crossrail’s lead archaeologist on the varied and significant challenges and finds as part of the... Read more
18 Archaeology Civil Engineering Surveyor washed into an ancient river bed were discovered as the excavation works for the portal were monitored by our archaeologist. The infilling of the channel has ... Read more
07/08 2013 Archaeology 19 historians and current researchers monitoring modern outbreaks of plague,thought to be caused by the bacteria yersinia pestis. Research will be undertaken to identify if the ... Read more
20 Archaeology Civil Engineering Surveyor and 17th centuries, This was a time of momentous change in religious and political affairs (dissolution of the monasteries, the rise of Protestantism and free... Read more
07/08 2013 Hydrographics 21 T HE Irish Office of Public Works (OPW) is currently undertaking the National Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM)Programme which is central to a long-ter... Read more
22 Hydrographics Civil Engineering Surveyor The project covers an area of almost 54,000km2, and consists of over 37,300 river sections,totalling 4,190km in length.challenging environmental conditions,... Read more
07/08 2013 Jeremiah Dixon 23 J EREMIAH DIXON, who would become immortalised in the name of the famous American border between Maryland and Pennsylvania, the Mason-Dixon Line, was in fact of English bi... Read more
24 Jeremiah Dixon Civil Engineering Surveyor Dixon were among those selected. The objective was to use several simultaneous observations to get as wide a baseline for comparison as possible, so that t... Read more
07/08 2013 Jeremiah Dixon 25 ownership of Maryland then passed through several further generations of the Calvert family until, in 1751, it was inherited by Frederick Calvert, the 6th Baron Baltimore.... Read more
26 Jeremiah Dixon Civil Engineering Surveyor However I got up as did my horse after some time and I led him by the Meeting House,(the Friends pouring out) very serene, as if all had been well.”He does... Read more
07/08 2013 Jeremiah Dixon 27 remarkably close to the present calculation of 92,955,000 miles. Though he lived another 10 years this proved to be, as far as we know, the last of Jeremiah Dixon’s advent... Read more
28 Letter from America Civil Engineering Surveyor R EADERS may remember the 1 August 2007 catastrophic collapse of a complete span of the Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis carrying the eight lan... Read more
07/08 2013 Letter from America 29 This unique technology is a tied arch of concrete and steel contained in a composite shell that optimises the structural performance of each material in the compositi... Read more
30 Omissions Civil Engineering Surveyor T HE temptation of omitting work from underperforming contractors and subcontractors to terminate the contract may be strong, however extreme caution must be ta... Read more
07/08 2013 Omissions 31 charged to PPB’s account. Abbey relied partly on the following:"Abbey Developments Limited reserve the right to renegotiate rates or suspend the contract and retender the works... Read more
32 Interoperability Civil Engineering Surveyor S USTAINING our society and our environment requires infrastructure.While infrastructure often becomes permanent, every infrastructure project is tempora... Read more
07/08 2013 Interoperability 33 that requires the user to have little or no knowledge of the unique characteristics of those units.”To put it in layman’s terms; all of the software used on the project ... Read more
34 Interoperability Civil Engineering Surveyor Point-to-point interfaces When file export/import options don’t exist or are inadequate, developing specialised point-to-point software interfaces is oft... Read more
07/08 2013 Interoperability 35 environment must be able to operate and provide value in its own right independent of the interoperability strategy and its specific configuration. In the presence of an... Read more
36 Interoperability Civil Engineering Surveyor • Decompose the individual components into a lower-level of detail as required by the destination application or user. For example, a single object in a ... Read more
07/08 2013 Photogrammetry 37 M UCH of current land,engineering and cadastral survey work using GNSS and total station is often labour intensive, sometimes involves surveyors working in hazardous envir... Read more
38 Photogrammetry Civil Engineering Surveyor 24MP precision of its Sony Nex-7 camera was another deciding factor along with its very clever safety feature of a remotely deployable parachute landing op... Read more
07/08 2013 Photogrammetry 39 Pre-flight planning The nine ground control markers were theoretically positioned so that they were equidistantly distributed throughout the site to ensure an even distrib... Read more
40 Photogrammetry Civil Engineering Surveyor downloaded into Geosite office 5.1 and exported to AutoCADlt 2013 as two separate files.We downloaded 1,601 photographs from the Bramor RPAS along with the... Read more
07/08 2013 Photogrammetry 41 but when it does it will almost fully replace current methods of engineering surveying. The accuracy that can be achieved by RPAS photogrammetry is within 1:200 scales acc... Read more
42 Events Civil Engineering Surveyor Jeremiah Dixon: Scientist, Surveyor and Stargazer until 6 October 2013: Barnard Castle, UK www.thebowesmuseum.org.uk Cambridge Conference 2013 Bringing Geographic ... Read more
07/08 2013 Ecology 43 T HE great crested newt (Triturus cristatus) was back in the news recently creating headaches for the latest developers that crossed its path. This time it’s Network Rail who has... Read more
44 Ecology Civil Engineering Surveyor within the development or (as with the two examples above) re-house them. This process isn’t straightforward. First you have to know if you have any newts (and yo... Read more
07/08 2013 Dam Monitoring 45 C ABRIL DAM is the highest concrete arch dam in Portugal at a height of 132m. However, since the first filling of the reservoir in 1953,horizontal cracks started to appear... Read more
46 Dam Monitoring Civil Engineering Surveyor The main elements of this optoelectronic sensor are a light source, an optical system (comprising a prism, lens and reflective surfaces), an oil deposit an... Read more
07/08 2013 Dam Monitoring 47 was observed that cracks would occur again in the same area. A swelling process has been recently detected.The inclination measurement was done with the inclinometer place... Read more
48 Dam Monitoring Civil Engineering Surveyor include the instants of sunrise and sunset.The values recorded included inclination components, temperatures both inside and outside the gallery, the reser... Read more
07/08 2013 Dam Monitoring 49 (linear dependence), two terms (cosine and sine), which reflect a harmonic temporal variation within a 24-hour period and also two terms, which represent an identical vari... Read more
50 Dam Monitoring Civil Engineering Surveyor the outside temperature and the reservoir level. The variation in the tangential direction has, in these two days, a progressive component, which translate... Read more
07/08 2013 Surveying Antiquity 51 I T’S 5.30am in the lobby of a downtown Delhi hotel. Outside the darkness of night has not departed.Inside, two former chairs of the Royal Institution of Chartered Su... Read more
52 Surveying Antiquity Civil Engineering Surveyor We take our photos, lovingly caress this great piece of surveying history, determine how it was read and try to imagine the working routine; how many ... Read more
07/08 2013 TSA Focus 53 I have been trying to work out how to weave the word surveyor into the title of this Pete Seeger song, but have so far failed. Any suggestions? I will therefore stick with the ... Read more
54 Roadshows Civil Engineering Surveyor C HANGE is coming, proclaimed the adverts. You should know, you’ll have had to wrestle your way through one to get to April’s edition of this journal. In May,ch... Read more
07/08 2013 Classifieds 55 Open technology and standards-based solutions for sharing spatial data www.cadcorp.com Equipment Mobile Mapping Mapping (Underground)Monitoring Software, Mapping & Data Surve... Read more
56 Where to Buy Civil Engineering Surveyor Suppliers survey accessories Ashtech ZAC de la Fleuriaye, BP 60433 44474, Carquefou Cedex, France +33 2 28 09 38 00 www.ashtech.com/en Handheld UK & Irelan... Read more
07/08 2013 Profiles 57 Gary Fletcher (Surfacing) Ltd of Dronfield, Derbyshire, has recently completed a refurbishment contract at the rural Hope Railway Station.Following trenching work on the raised ... Read more
58 Recruitment Civil Engineering Surveyor Associate Director – Geoma cs As part of our continued growth we are looking to appoint an Associate Director to head up our successful UK Geomatics Team. Th... Read more
Nothing Comes Close The Trimble ® R10 GNSS System is the first of its kind. Trimble ’ s HD-GNSS processing engine – vastly reduced convergence times that, in turn, reduce your occupation time when c... Read more