CES - March 2013

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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors March 2013 Biomass Ground Conditions Unexploded Ordnance Water Asset Management... Read more
ICES Dinner 2013 Brooklands Museum 6.45pm, 20 September 2013 Tickets: £ 75.00*Includes guided tour of the museum Join ICES president Alan Barrow at Brooklands, the birthplace of British motorsport and... Read more
19 Chartered Institution of CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYORS Dominion House, Sibson Road,Sale, Cheshire M33 7PP United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)161 972 3100 Fax: +44 (0)161 972 3118 Email: cices@cices.org Websi... Read more
Leica ScanStation P20 Be more productive with the industry's leading scanner Leica ScanStation P20 delivers unprecedented ultra-data for all and engineering Using an innovative combination of advance... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 5 President’s Column I N January our institution signed a historic memorandum of understanding with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. I realise that some of yo... Read more
Institution News 6 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com The institution has entered into a historic agreement with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Presidents of both institutions signe... Read more
Accelerated Membership for RICS Fellows and Members Is the focus of your work in the civil engineering or geospatial industries?Join the chartered professional body that specialises in these sectors —... Read more
Institution News 8 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com Happy birthday to our digital portal The online portal of ICES publications is celebrating its second birthday this month. Since March 2011, when the... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 9 Institution News A new joint initiative between the UK government and the private sector has launched a scheme aimed at increasing business growth for SMEs in England.Gr... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Surgeries Are you thinking of upgrading your membership?Do you know anyone interested in applying for membership?Do you want your employees to develop their professi... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 11 ICES Regions ICES Anglia & Central Chair: Kevin Blatch +44 (0)7866 575373 Kevinb@edgeconsult.co.uk Secretary: Tim Brennan +44 (0)1295 814417 tim.brennan@msurv.co.uk... Read more
ICES Regions 12 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com South East 21 March 2013: AGM, Canary Wharf Boardroom, Level 30, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AB 6.30pm for 7pm Pre-registration for sec... Read more
COLD WINDS.SLIPPERY SOLES.30 METERS DROP.WE’RE TOTALLY COMFORTABLE IN PLACES LIKE THIS. No matter where you’re working, the all-new Trimble R10 GNSS receiver makes collecting measurements faster and e... Read more
News Roundup 14 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com Patching up Glendoe A geophysical survey has been undertaken at the Glendoe hydro-electric station in Scotland,following damage caused by a rockfall. Fu... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 15 News Roundup The feasibility of building houses on the moon using a 3D printer is being looked at by the European Space Agency and architects Foster and Partners. A 1.5... Read more
ICES Training Suite A modern and spacious training suite in a friendly and professional environment Excellent transport links to Manchester’s motorway,Metrolink and airport networks Five minutes’walki... Read more
Training Diary Provider Date+Time Course Cost 07 MAR 2013 9.00am – 4.30pm NEC3 Entitlements (1 Day)This covers the structure and workings of the New Engineering Contract and its core clauses. Delegate... Read more
News Roundup 18 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HE Chinese city of Shanghai is set to take the lead in super fast elevators.2014 will see the completion of Shanghai Tower. At 623m, it will be China’... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 19 UXO Contamination S TATISTICS, from both Allied and German records show that an average of 10% of all bombs and 35% of incendiary devices dropped during the war failed ... Read more
UXO Contamination 20 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com on the location (street names, land use) of the bombs and the impact areas. However given the inaccuracy of Second World War records and the fact t... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 21 UXO Contamination employees and the public. This also ensures that there is proportionality between the costs and benefits of risk reduction measures. Why use costly in... Read more
UXO Contamination 22 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com Prior to any intrusive ground works commencing, an accredited explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) engineer should conduct an on-site munitions awaren... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 23 Legal Q&A Q Who is responsible for unforeseen ground conditions under the standard form contracts?Legal Q&A: Ground conditions Jane Fender-Allison, Associate, Dundas & ... Read more
Standards 24 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com A new standard, BS 8576:2013 , is scheduled for publication in April. The standard, which is intended to be used in conjunction with BS 10175:2012 , will p... Read more
Continuing Professional Development The Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors is a registered educational charity.Contact:Professional Development Coordinator Chartered Institution of C... Read more
Biomass Plants 26 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com A T present, many governments in developed countries are looking to alternative sources to diversify their energy production and meet sustainability a... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 27 Biomass Plants the technological expertise for the plant itself required to reach the construction phase is likely to be more complicated. Although some technologies ca... Read more
Biomass Plants 28 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com commitment from key technology suppliers which may in turn limit the opportunity for a wide ranging multi-party tender process, which those used to wo... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 29 Ground Conditions A collapsed section of the U6105, Newton Cross Road, near Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria provided not only a travel headache to local road users, but al... Read more
Asbestos 30 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com I T has been recognised that many site investigation specialists, while insured for investigating and providing advice on contaminants, have specific exclus... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 31 Asbestos Initial risk assessment Planning a site investigation commences with the usual desk study sources of information to help decide what level of risk is associate... Read more
Asbestos 32 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com be updated as appropriate to the potential risk identified. It has been recognised that asbestos-related training in the identification,sampling and managem... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 33 Freedom I T is uncontroversial that many of the principles of modern English contract law have their origins in the workings of the courts in the 18th and 19th centurie... Read more
Freedom 34 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com Unless stated otherwise, the phrase ‘construction contract’ is a generic term used to describe any contract where one person or firm agrees for valuable cons... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 35 Freedom Social Network Does the decision in Steria signify a shift in the courts’ policy of upholding the doctrine of term freedom to increased intervention? I think no... Read more
Regeneration 36 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com T HE Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA) is a statutory agency established in 2006 by the Irish government to redevelop the St Brendan's Hospital grou... Read more
􀀁events.neccontract.com/ugseminar2013 NEC USERS’ GROUP ANNUAL SEMINAR 2013 24 APRIL I LONDON The biggest event in the NEC calendar for key industry news, professional networking and insight into NEC... Read more
Asset Management 38 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com W HEN a customer experiences issues with their water supply whether it’s low pressure, impurities or leakage,invasive work is often required to iden... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 39 Asset Management many have made over the past 12 months around resolving customer issues, it also stated that a much greater focus was needed to embed a Within the repo... Read more
Asset Management 40 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com • Helps smooth accreditation and certification processes.• Controls who sees which documents and when.• Discovers where duplicates have been made.• ... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 41 SuDS S USTAINABLE drainage systems (SuDS) are hailed as a powerful weapon in the battle to build better urban flood resilience. They are engineered to mimic natural dra... Read more
SuDS 42 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com because raising awareness of SuDS’ potential, both among professionals and the wider public, is critical and a number of panellists stressed the ongoing need to... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 43 SuDS Affordability According to recent reports in the national press, a strong lobby by housebuilders and developers concerned about the costs and practicalities of bui... Read more
Classifieds 44 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com Mapping (Underground)Mapping and Data APEX DRII LL IING SERVIICES LTD Sturmi Way Village Farm Industrial Estate Pyle CF33 6BZ Tel: 01656 749149 Fax... Read more
www.cices.org CES March 2013 45 Classifieds Surveys Suppliers Large and small-scale topographic surveys • Installation of survey and engineering control • Site surveys • Boundary demarcation • Mapping... Read more
Profiles 46 CES March 2013 www.surco.uk.com Recruitment Technical Sales Consultant (Scotland)As Trimble’s largest Authorised Distribu on Partner in Scotland we are looking to recruit an addi onal Te... Read more
www.sccssurvey.co.uk... Read more