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Because the better the insight, the better the outcome. Today’s projects are ambitious and complex. Which is why Autodesk® BIM helps to remove the uncertainties that can lead to mistakes, waste and de... Read more
GIS-GPS 19 Using locata to augment GNSS 04 Mapping an Arctic adventure Lukasz Bonenberg MCInstCES and Craig Hancock MCInstCES, University of Nottingham, and Gethin Roberts FCInstCES, University of Not... Read more
GIS Mapping an Arctic adventure Carla Wheeler, Esri Writer WHEN Arctic explorers Fridtjof dangerous fjords and bitter sub-zero temperatures to reach the geographic North Pole, people around the world ... Read more
GIS Left (top): The skiers spent about nine hours a day trekking. Left (bottom): A team member skis north past an ice pressure ridge. Centre: The team closes in on the North Pole. Right (top): Using E... Read more
GIS There were challenges associated with the peculiarities in the projections used to create maps of the polar regions — mapping out an area from the top down rather viewing the globe from left to ri... Read more
GI Management GI management on Northern Ireland’s A5 western transport corridor Marielle O'Lone, Senior GIS Counsultant, Mouchel THE A5 Western Transport Corridor (A5WTC) was one of five Use of GIS It... Read more
GI Management Right: Development of the preferred route. Below right: Geodata management using Esri ArcGIS. to provide a list of fauna found within 500m of a given point. This was provided via a web-b... Read more
GI Management Right: The 3D fly-through video shown at public exhibitions. • Dissemination to project team Initially using Arc Reader, then ArcGIS Server. Mobile data collection EnvIS is a Mouchel-dev... Read more
GI Management Above: Model showing the potential risk to the bat population. Mouchel) and externally (with the DRD Roads Service, contractors, landowners and other stakeholders). The DRD Roads Service... Read more
GI Management • Increased efficiency/cost savings in delivery of services. • Educated senior managers on value of GIS. The A5WTC project succeeded in raising the profile of GIS with staff at all level... Read more
Precision Viticulture Spatially smart wine Testing geospatial technologies for sustainable wine production Fadhillah Norzahari, Kate Fairlie, Adrian White and Mitchell Leach, New South Wales Young Sur... Read more
Precision Viticulture Table 1: Surveying technologies and their applications to PV. Note the focus of this table is on technologies traditionally associated with the geospatial and surveying professio... Read more
Precision Viticulture devices. The most salient feature of ArcPad for our purposes is the ability to customise by: data. There was a need for better accessories to ease its utility in the field (for e... Read more
Precision Viticulture Figure 4: UGV with relevant equipment labelled. Advantages and disadvantages of LiDAR Advantages of LiDAR include the high data accuracy, large area coverage and quick data turna... Read more
Precision Viticulture Figure 5: 2D field of view, showing scan of vines. Fusion of sensor data and calculation of accuracy Although the point cloud generation process has been described in a determini... Read more
Precision Viticulture Table 5: Comparison of aerial and terrestrial LiDAR systems (values are approximate). Aerial LiDAR: Leica ALS50-II Terrestrial LiDAR: SICK LMS151 Sensor Units but reduces the ope... Read more
GNSS Augmentation Using locata to augment GNSS in a kinematic urban environment Alternative sensor and data integration algorithms Lukasz K Bonenberg MCInstCES and Craig M Hancock MCInstCES, IESSG, Un... Read more
GNSS Augmentation Figure 2: Current integration by Locata Corp. GPS (XYZ, QA) Locata (XYZ, QA) KNOWN POINT INITIALISATION Figure 4: Comparison of Locata (yellow) and GPS (blue) PPM signal. IF GPS QA T... Read more
GNSS Augmentation with diagonal matrixes of ambiguity differences Nx producing final observation matrix A (for GPS) and dedicated Matlab software simulator (for locata). The trajectory consisted of 16... Read more
GNSS Augmentation Figure 6: Comparison of GPS only (blue) and LL aided solution (red). Results demonstrate the application of the locata augmentation of GNSS. The static nature of locatalites can also... Read more
Approved Development Schemes Recruit, motivate and retain high calibre employees Add value to employment packages Ensure employees develop their roles quickly and efficiently Preferred route to get em... Read more
GIS Data The evolution of mapping: Data as a service Warren Vick, Director and Founder, Europa Technologies CIVIL engineering projects have a strong web mapping tools allow these maps to be delivered ... Read more
GIS Data An extract of mapping of central London sourced from OS OpenData and available through the viaEuropa Open service. year through viaEuropa, a hosted service capable of delivering pre-rendered ... Read more
GNSS Behind the scenes How GPS is used to map some of the biggest music festival sites Lucy Hamilton, KOREC Group LONG summer days, local strawberries in Using handheld GPS allows the marking out of a... Read more
GNSS Site layout drawing of the Oasis concert at Heaton Park, Manchester in 2009. broadcast vehicles and all of the infrastructure that comes with them, so accuracy in laying out the site was paramoun... Read more
Accredited Courses Accreditation of degrees and diplomas by ICES is a mark of assurance that the programmes meet the standards set by industry; producing graduates with enough knowledge and background... Read more
GNSS RECEIVERS FOR SURVEYORS www.cices.org GIS-GPS 2011 29 Manufacturer Ashtech Carlson SW Javad Instrument ProFlex 500 ProMark 500 ProMark 100 ProMark 200 MobileMapper MobileMapper 10 Surveyor+ GPS T... Read more
GNSS RECEIVERS FOR SURVEYORS 30 GIS-GPS 2011 www.surco.uk.com Manufacturer Javad Leica Geosystems Instrument TR-G2T TRE-G2T TRE-G3T TRE-G3TAJ DUO-G2 DUO-G2D Quattro-G3D Zeno 10 Zeno 15 Zeno GG02plus U... Read more
GNSS RECEIVERS FOR SURVEYORS www.cices.org GIS-GPS 2011 31 Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Instrument NetRover GS09 GS12 Viva - GS10 Viva - GS10 Viva - GS10 Limited Viva - GS10 Performance Viva - GS10 P... Read more
GNSS RECEIVERS FOR SURVEYORS 32 GIS-GPS 2011 www.surco.uk.com Manufacturer Leica Geosystems Sokkia Topcon GR10 Instrument Viva - GS15 GNSS Reference GRX1200+ GRX1200+ GNSS GMX902GG GMX902GNSS+ GRX1 GR... Read more
GNSS RECEIVERS FOR SURVEYORS www.cices.org GIS-GPS 2011 33 Manufacturer Topcon Trimble Instrument Net-G3A* GR3* GR3 Satel* GRS-1 R8 GNSS R7 GNSS R6 GPS R5 GPS R4 GPS 5700 L1 R3 SPS 852 GNSS satellites... Read more
GNSS RECEIVERS FOR SURVEYORS 34 GIS-GPS 2011 www.surco.uk.com Manufacturer Trimble Instrument SPS 751 SPS 882 SPS 781 Geoexplorer Geoexplorer 6000 Geo XT Pathfinder Pro XH Pathfinder Pro XT Pathfinder... Read more
GIS-GPS Software Systems... Read more
Software Systems Ashtech SAS ZAC de la Fleuriaye, BP 60433, 44474 Carquefou Cedex, France +33 228 0938 00 surveysalesemea@ashtech.com www.ashtech.com FAST Survey is a graphical, easy-to-use field soft... Read more
Software Systems stations. It is modular and scalable with advanced solutions for long range, high-accuracy network RTK (SpiderNET) and centralised data distribution. The GNSS Spider business centre p... Read more
Software Systems www.routechart.com Routechart is a web based application that lets you manage, review and analyse spatial data – particularly that collected in tandem with geo-referenced video – acro... Read more
Software Systems MBS Floorplans allows for real-time graphical capture of the elements required for the production of scale drawings of floor plans. Running on handheld computers and tablets, the surv... Read more
Software Systems Pointools View Pro is a point cloud collaboration software for reviewing the largest point cloud models from every 3D laser scanner. Pointools View Pro can open 2D and 3D models and m... Read more
Software Systems spatial station) for transformation into compelling 3D visuals. Trimble RealWorks is ideal for the surveying and geospatial industries. It is powerful enough to support the large data... Read more
Software Systems scans. Extensive mark up and annotation facilities. Extensive measurement tools. Key plans ensure ease of navigation for the user. With LFM Viewer, CAD objects can be loaded in Bubble... Read more
Online Bookshop Q: Where can I get specialist books on geospatial engineering, cartography, GIS, photogrammetry and hydrography? A: The ICES online bookshop The ICES Online Bookshop has been developed... Read more