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CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR The Journal of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors September 2011 Bribery Act PI Insurance Scanning Mulu Caves Changes to the Construction Act... Read more
CIVIL ENGINEERING SURVEYOR A field map sketch of the Paradise Cave survey, Mulu, Malaysia. Article on pp 23-27. Credit Kevin Dixon. 17 28 The lost art of measuring 40 Avoiding future heartache Mind ga... Read more
No Christmas Card Appeal “God rest ye, merry gentlemen...”© Mark Maloney This year we need your help more than ever to build a future for homeless people. Please support our 2011 No Christmas Card App... Read more
President’s Column Interact and engage FOLLOWING on from a month of economic It is apparent from the membership of the institution that the tough economic conditions we are experiencing at present are... Read more
Regional CPD Events Need a helping hand? Do you want to provide CPD opportunities for members in your region? Are you thinking of organising events, but have little time or support? Do you want to inc... Read more
ICES Regions Hong Kong Engineering survey working group ICES HK members will be aware of the incident on the Central-Wan Chai Bypass, which made the headlines in local newspapers. The papers alleged t... Read more
ICES Regions South East Geocaching in Greenwich Ongoing-31 December 2012: LMF London Mapping Festival is a series of mapping events. To keep up to date, register for the enewsletter at www.londonmappi... Read more
ICES Regions Scotland CPD appeal Have you recently given a presentation to your colleagues and feel it would also benefit ICES members? If so, please contact the ICES Scotland committee at sctcommitte... Read more
Institution News New competencies for ICES membership The institution has released new and updated competencies. The updated competency requirements apply to the general competencies that all applican... Read more
Competencies New general competencies New geospatial competencies The ICES competencies are essential for membership and help demonstrate you are a qualified civil engineering surveyor. Updates includ... Read more
News Roundup Need a contract check up? NEC, the company behind the New Engineering Contract third edition, has launched a HealthCheck service to monitor live projects. The service comprises a half-day... Read more
News Roundup Water authority improves GIS Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water has employed a new GIS management system to cover its increasing network. The Welsh network is set to increase from 18,000km to 36,000km... Read more
News Roundup Islands lead in renewables One of Spain's islands is set to become the world's first powered solely by renewable energy. El Hierro, the smallest and most remote of the Canary Islands in t... Read more
Letters An honour to be honoured On 1 June I was presented with an honorary fellowship and I want to thank the members of council very much for that honour. The institution has been, and I hope will c... Read more
LMF The London Mapping Festival Fiona Cocks, Lead Coordinator, LMF Steering Group, and Eric Zeeven, Chairman, ICES Geospatial Engineering Practices Committee EARLIER THIS YEAR, ICES signed up as one o... Read more
Negotiation Mind games A brief look into human behavioural aspects of commercial negotiations Ian Smith MCInstCES, Executive Director, Hill International MUCH has been written about negotiation skills... Read more
Negotiation small favours are performed, then the credit balance of the bank account will increase. As with most bank accounts, both deposits and withdrawals can be made. This is where the principle o... Read more
FIDIC The rainbow suite The 1999 FIDIC contracts: Part 1 Paul Battrick FRICS MCIArb, Managing Director (International), and Phil Duggan, Operational Director (International), Driver Consult This is th... Read more
FIDIC As we shall see, the document is not only used but is abused. All in all, a very complete document that should require few amendments. However, as we shall see in a later article, the document i... Read more
FIDIC The 1999 Green Book first edition The final contract to be issued in 1999 was the Green Book or Short Form of Contract. This contract recognised a need for a much simpler and shorter contract to... Read more
Laser Scanning Surveying and exploring the underworld of Mulu Kevin Dixon FRGS, Geospatial3D WHEN THE INTERNET seems to have all the answers and the earth is standard cave survey kit consisted of a Le... Read more
Laser Scanning been processed. The raw data from the late 1970s and early 1980s — nearly 100km of survey — has mostly been lost. Despite these historical and technical difficulties, one of the world's... Read more
Laser Scanning Clockwise from top: Racer snake waiting for swifts. Photo ©Kevin Dixon. Hugh St Lawrence admires some unusual Speleothems. Photo ©Matt Kirby. A cave swift finds a warm perch on the head... Read more
Laser Scanning When available, the third and sometimes fourth team members could be used to scout ahead, rig vertical drops and set up survey stations to speed up the survey. Surveying was usually don... Read more
Laser Scanning were used to rig a safety line. The GPS antenna was strapped to the top of a pole and then passed from person to person out to the end of the bridge and tied on to the top of the tree f... Read more
Quantity Surveying The lost art of measuring Andrew Raymer FCInstCES, Head of Commercial, Oger Abu Dhabi OVER the last two decades, the role of the traditional quantity surveyor has fundamentally shif... Read more
Quantity Surveying additional value by understanding how to benefit from tolerances in particular roadwork projects. The flip side is cost control and ensuring that the operations team is aware of the... Read more
Bribery Act A compliance headache? The Bribery Act in practice Chris Hallam, Partner, and Neil McInnes, Senior Associate and Barrister, Pinsent Masons IT took a while to arrive but the Bribery Act 201... Read more
Bribery Act • If there is evidence that all such payments are being recorded by the company. • If there is evidence that proper action (collective or otherwise) is being taken to inform the appropriat... Read more
Education Investing in people for growth Mike Burnett FICE FIHT, Group Acquisition Director, Eurovia PLACEMENT schemes for students in as graduates by giving them responsibility for projects and shari... Read more
Education enhanced time management skills and maturity which can affect their attitude to study and a better understanding of the topics they are learning. A tangible benefit and fiscal incentive is t... Read more
GIS Does GIS have a place within the world of surveying? Helen Kendall, Account Manager, Landmark Information Group OVER the past number of years, digital mapping technology has transformed, with many... Read more
GIS Surveyors have proved to be at the forefront of technological fashion in one area; the tablet device. Now being marketed by Apple and Blackberry as the item to have, it is the lightweight option w... Read more
Construction Act Worth the wait? The Local Democracy, Economic Development and Construction Act 2009: Part 1 ICES HGCRA Team This series of articles sets out to look at adjudication and payment, how t... Read more
Construction Act amendment to those provisions, which means that we will still need to rely on the courts to interpret and establish the application of the exclusions to s.105(2) of the HGCRA. The que... Read more
Construction Act working group recognised that, as it was parliament’s intention to create a dispute resolution process that would be quick and cost effective, it could never have intended there to be... Read more
Insurance Passing the buck The need for PI cover in hard times Kieren Windsor, Lockton Companies LLP defence. Ultimately, the question is one of having control of your own finances — insurance protect... Read more
OFT Investigation Avoiding future heartache The OFT and the construction industry Rebecca Owen-Howes, Senior Associate, and Sam Szlezinger, Partner, SNR Denton UK IN May 2011, the Competition Appeals ... Read more
OFT Investigation Sector and date of the Breach of competition rules Impact of breach Penalty OFT decision Construction recruitment (2009) Recruitment agencies agreed to boycott Reduced the choice con... Read more
Roads Unwinding the long, long trail The history of roads in the UK: Part 8 Hamish Mitchell FCInstCES FRICS MInstRE OUR journey now arrives in what is known in history as the post medieval period, whi... Read more
Roads community. In addition to inspecting the roads, they were also required to inspect the bridges and had authority to acquire stone from quarries and dig gravel without paying for it for use in ro... Read more
Insurance Risk insurance for specific construction programmes Peter Warburton, Director, Bridge Insurance Brokers NEW technologies and building three main partners; Dutch firm Nacap, Merseyside-based ... Read more
Partnering Standard forms of partnering contracts The ultimate contractual commitment? Part 6 Partneriing Team ICES Partnering Team This is the sixth in a series of articles being published in CES com... Read more
Partnering Specialists are either identified in the project partnering agreement, or chosen as a result of a business case put forward by the constructor, or selected as the result of competitive tend... Read more
Partnering mitigation/avoidance of the effects of such matters. By encouraging the use of foresight, and therefore proactive management of such matters, the mechanism prevents reactive management, whi... Read more
Partnering At clause 4.2 it is expressly stated that the supplier is responsible for delivery of the services and confirms that it would be responsible, as to the purchaser, for any of the services wh... Read more
Contract Software Bridging the gap ERP meets EPM to support complex infrastructure projects Paul Bamforth, Managing Director, Asta Development HUGE, logistically challenging projects require increasin... Read more
Contract Software financial systems, but NMCNomenca knew early on it would need to integrate fully and decided to link STW’s SAP to its own project management system. A collaborative approach can brin... Read more
Classifieds Site Investigation Surveying and Mapping Advanced Inspection Equipment APEX DRIILLIING SERVIICES LTD Sturmi Way Village Farm Industrial Estate Pyle CF33 6BZ Tel: 01656 749149 Fax: 01656 74... Read more
Classifieds Training Underground Mapping Weed Control Training Courses KNOTWEED ERADICATION —— Specialist Weed Control & Consultants —— Professional customised training courses for your staff: • Land ... Read more
Profiles BASF, the world’s leading chemical company, has officially reopened its Swinton site after a multimillion pound investment in new facilities to transform the production plant. The redeveloped... Read more
Leica Geosystems Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer of survey instruments for use in the construction and civil engineering industries. Due to continued expansion, an opportunity exists for a... Read more
Membership Application and Upgrade Workshops Workshop Calendar 2011 13 September 3.30pm Milton Keynes 17 October 3.30pm Sale 19 October 3.30pm Leeds 22 November 3.30pm Plymouth 6 December 3.30pm Londo... Read more